Surplus Animals

Have you been involved in discussions about surplus animals in biomedical research and/or want the most relevant information summarized in a flyer?  

As the topic of surplus animals is getting increasing attention by politicians, lawmakers and the interested lay public, Animal Research Tomorrow (ART) has prepared a flyer summarizing the most important facts to support you in understanding and explaining the issues concerning surplus animals in simple fact-based terms. Feel free to download the flyer in your preferred language. Currently the flyer on surplus animals is available in English, German, French and Italian. Note that you must acknowledge ART and that content cannot be altered or commercialised. If you wish the flyer translated in another language or have any requests concerning its use, then please get in touch with ART by email at contact@animalresearchtomorrow.org.

ART is an NGO with a small budget and welcomes financial donations from individuals and institutions by either (1) joining ART as a member or by (2) making a voluntary donation to support the publication of additional flyers on topics relevant to animal research or by contacting ART at contact@animalresearchtomorrow.org.


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