To mark the 10th anniversary of the Basel Declaration Animal Research Tomorrow is organizing a conference
Animal Research
2020 and Beyond
November 13, 2020
Digital Conference
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Animal Research Tomorrow is an international grassroots NGO promoting ethically responsible and open animal research.


Animal Research Tomorrow continues what the Basel Declaration Society started. We are an international grassroots NGO of biomedical and animal welfare researchers dedicated to promoting ethically responsible and open animal research as outlined in the Basel Declaration. After a successful decade as Basel Declaration Society, our organization has transformed into Animal Research Tomorrow. As such, we promote openness and fact-based scientific arguments in the international public debate on the necessity and value of animal research for both human and animal health and welfare.

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Animal Research Tomorrow and its supporters stand for

  • ethical treatment of animals in research
  • reliable, reproducible, and relevant animal experimentation
  • proactive and fact-based interactive dialog with society
  • increased transparency, accountability, and trust through open science


Animal Research Tomorrow is a diverse group of dedicated people from across the globe.