ART Awards 2022

Animal Research Tomorrow proudly announces its five inaugural winners of the 2022 ART awards for early career stage 3R researchers and science communicators.

The ART Awards for 3R research projects go to

  1. Patrick Reinhardt for “Improving operant rodent testing in an OpenScience Homecage environment” (3R principle Refine)
  2. Estrela Neto for “Organ-on-a-chip systems are the animal’s best friends” (3R principle Replace).

The ART Awards for Science Communication go to

  1. Charlotte Rosher for “Science on the Walls”.
  2. Francesca Lanzarini for “How animals’ brains work? - a neuroscientific podcast”.
  3. Miguel Gandra for “Digital multimedia content on marine biologging research for scientific and public dissemination”.

Award Ceremony

The virtual ART conference that included the official ART Award ceremony took place on the 21st of June 2022, from 1 pm to 5 pm CET. These activities are part of the Animal Research Tomorrow strategy to build a pan-European network of young researchers and science communicators.

We are impressed by the excellent quality of the majority of all applications submitted and will announce the 2nd call for the ART awards 2023 in July this year. 

The ART awards are part of our efforts to support the career development and networking among early career stage researchers involved in animal and 3R research and science communication in the Life Sciences using innovative approaches. Please follow us on twitter, check for updates on this website and/or sign-up with Animal Research Tomorrow to be informed about our up-coming and new activities.

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