The 3Rs

3R is an integral part of experimental research in the life sciences. We are committed to advancing the knowledge, the implementation and use of 3R principles as follows.

Key position statement


  • All stakeholders in experimental research must be aware of 3R principles and their current implementation.
  • 3R education needs to improve at all levels. This also includes the authorities/deciding bodies.
  • 3R is not only relevant to researchers, but also to (strategic) decision takers, i.e. to everybody in all relevant organizations.
  • Peer reviewers must be informed better about use, dissemination and quality control of 3R methods.
  • We need to promote the awareness that good science includes today’s standards in reporting, 3R standards, etc.

3R related knowledge:

  • 3R related issues must be an integral part of scientific publications.
  • Methodology with potential impact on the 3R’s must be described in detail. Scientific journals should give sufficient space for description of methodology (e.g. according to ARRIVE-guidelines).
  • Papers should include a “3R section” where 3R methods can be described and (more important) new 3R developments that occurred during current research project.
  • A comprehensive database related to 3R technology is necessary.

Implementation strategies also requiring external input:

  • More research needs to be done in 3R methods, the financial and regulatory support in particular for Refinement has to improve.
  • We are committed to implement more 3R methods in our research but this must include additional funding schemes.
  • We commit to review and to collaborate in the establishment of release guidelines of established and validated methods.
  • We recommend the establishment of key performance indicators for the implementation of 3R principles.

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