Call for Solidarity

Call for Solidarity with Scientists in Milan affected by Animal Rights Extremism

On April 20, 2013 a group of animal rights extremists invaded laboratories at the University of Milan, illegally removed about 100 animals and destroyed numerous highly valuable research projects. The attack was covered in national and international media.

We, the signatories, call for solidarity and support for the affected researchers and

  • ask society to trust in our scientists and raise any concerns about what we do – and how we do it - in an open, transparent dialogue, based on mutual candor and respect;
  • call upon the media to provide fair, balanced and fact-based coverage on biomedical research issues, acknowledging that science is intrinsically complex, yet an essential basis for all knowledge-based economies;
  • ask moderate animal welfare organizations to distance themselves from any acts of extremism, while using legitimate platforms and individual dialogue to raise their legitimate concerns;
  • call upon police, law enforcement agencies and policy makers to apply a "zero-tolerance" strategy towards any acts of animal rights extremism;
  • ask everyone who is concerned about progress in the area of neuroscience to submit proposals to on how the financial damage of our Milan colleagues can be alleviated


Total signers: 5697

Sonal . India
Mr Witold ?Akowski Poland
Ms Elena ?Uk Poland
Dr Miguel Abal Spain
Dr Federico Abbiati Italy
Dr Alaa Abdine United States
Mrs Dominique Abdon France
Dr Klas Abelson Denmark
Dr Edoardo Abeni Italy
Mr Haider Abid Iraq
Mr Alessandro Abis Italy
Prof Hugues Abriel Switzerland
Carlos Abrunheiro Portugal
Dr Anne Abysique France
Ms Dil?Ad Aç?Kal?N Turkey
Prof Carlos Acuña Spain
Dr Blakely Adair United States
Ms Magdalene Adamczyk Switzerland
Dr Jaime Adame Mexico
Ms Eleonora Adami Italy
Dr Dieter Adamiker Austria
Dr Eleni Adamopoulou Germany
Prof Daniel Adams Italy
Dr Daniele Addis Germany
Dr Ian Addison United Kingdom
Ms Lisa Adelfinger Switzerland
Mr Philip Adeniyi Nigeria
Dr Marilyn Ader United States
Dr Marius Ader Germany
Mrs Ada Adriano Italy
Prof Ueli Aebi Switzerland
Ms Sarah-Ann Aelvoet Belgium
Ms Liesbeth Aerts Belgium
Ms Tatiana Afrikanova Belgium
Dr Yalda Afshar United States
Mr A Aggarwal Austria
Ms Nupur Aggarwal India
Mr Luca Agostinelli Italy
Ms Claudia Agostini Italy
Dr Aderbal Aguiar Brazil
Dr Juan Aguilar Spain
Mr Roberto Aguirre Chile
Prof Adriano Aguzzi Switzerland
Ms Ricarda Ahlert Germany
Prof Ulf Ahlgren Sweden
Ms Sarah Ahmadi Austria
Ms Sarah Ahmadi Austria
Mr Arnab Ahmed Australia
Martin Aicher Germany
Raffaella Aiello Italy
Mrs Raffaella Aiello Italy
Mrs Chrystelle Aillaud France
Ms Kristina Airich Switzerland
Dr Raeka Aiyar Germany
Prof Eyup Akarsu Turkey
Mr Mikail Akbulut Turkey
Dr Ozlem Akilli Ozturk Germany
Dr Ewa Aladowicz United Kingdom
Dr Stéphanie Alaux-Cantin France
Dr Marcello Albanesi France
Dr Paola Alberici Italy
Ms Francesca Alberti Italy
Ms Llucia Alberti Spain
Mr Sebastian Albrecht Germany
Prof Urs Albrecht Switzerland
Prof Myriam Alcalay Italy
Dr Gisele Alcaraz France
Mr Andrea Aleardi Italy
Mrs Olinda Alegria - Prevot France
Dr Natalia Alenina Germany
Dr Mariarosaria Aletta Italy
Ms Demyanova Alexandra Russian Federation
Ms Gomis Alexandra Spain
Dr Jerry Alexandratos United States
Dr Panagiotis Alexiou United States
Mr Gabriele Alfarano Italy
Claudio Alfieri Germany
Prof Roberta Alfieri Italy
Mr Ivano Alfonsi Italy
Ms Maria Alger United Kingdom
Prof Luis F Alguacil Spain
Dr Hamad Alhameli United Arab Emirates
Prof Pietro Alifamo Italy
Mrs Dalila Ali-Hadji France
Prof Alessandro Aliverti Italy
Ms Leblanc Alix France
Mr Furkan Alkan Switzerland
Dr Valerie Allamand France
Dr Ant Allan United Kingdom
Dr Peter Allegrini Switzerland
Jessica Allen United Kingdom
Ms Rachel Allen United States
Mr Wolfgang Allhoff Austria
Mr Federico Alloatti Argentina
Dr David Allred United States
Mr Derek Allsopp United Kingdom
Ms Escobar Alma Mexico
Mr Carlos Almado Brazil
Mr Ribal Al-Mawla France
Prof Roberto Almeida Brazil
Dr Péter Álmos Hungary
Francesca Aloisio United States
Dr Patrick Aloy Spain
Mr Muzaffer Ege Alper Singapore
Ms Maysoon Alsagob Saudi Arabia
Mr Alexander Alsén Sweden
Dr Berta Alsina Spain
Dr Toni Alsop New Zealand
Dr Mediha Esra Altuntop Turkey
Mr Marius Costel Alupei Romania
Dr Cynthia Alvarado United States
Edgardo O. Alvarez Argentina
Dr Francisco J. Alvarez Spain
Dr Lucia Alvarez Argentina
Mr Damian Alvarez Piqueras Spain
Mr Erlend Alvestad Belgium
Dr Leanne Alworth United States
Dr Mario Amacker Switzerland
Mr Kiyoshi Aman United States
Dr Martina Amanzio Italy
Dr Irene Amata Italy
Mr Andrea Marco Amati Switzerland
Prof Paolo Amati Italy
Mr Simone Amati
Mr Thanuja Ambegoda Sri Lanka
Jessi Ambrose United States
Alessandro Ambrosino Italy
Ms Laura Ambrosio Argentina
Prof Niklaus Ammann Switzerland
Prof Rosario Ammendola Italy
Prof James Amos-Landgraf United States
Dr Lucile Amrouche France
Dr Bogdan Amuzescu Romania
Mr Schauwecker Anatol Switzerland
Dr Silvia Ancona Italy
Mr Craig Anderson Australia
Mr David Anderson Spain
John Anderson Switzerland
Ms Alessia Andò Italy
Mr Eric André France
Mr Angel Felix Andreescu Italy
Dr Patrizia Andreozzi Italy
Dr Daniela Andres Switzerland
Ms Erin Andrews United Kingdom
Dr Helene Andrews-Polymenis United States
Dr Guillaume Andrey Switzerland
Ms Kathrin Andrich Germany
Dr Annie Andrieux France
Ms Mara Andrione Italy
Ms Lisa Andzinski Germany
Dr Ignacio Anegon France
Ms Damaris Anell Rendon Mexico
Dr Alexandre Anesi Italy
Mr Andrea Anfosso Italy
Mr Andrea Angelini Italy
Mr Simone Angelucci Italy
Ms Engler Anna Switzerland
Mrs Pakula Anna Germany
Ms Conte Anna Lucia Italy
Mr Anil Annamneedi India
Mrs Lagrée Anne-Claire France
Dr Carlo Anne-Sophie Germany
Dr Ray Annie France
Dr Andrea Annoni Italy
Dr Robert Anson United States
Ms Sailaja Antharvedi Goda Poland
Mr Albert Antolin Spain
Dr Marinella Antolini Italy
Prof Stylianos Antonarakis Switzerland
Mr Bruno Antonio Brazil
Dr Walfrido Antuch Switzerland
Mr Andre Antunes Brazil
Mr Zio Anza Italy
Mr Paolo Anzanello Italy
Ms Najat Aourz Belgium
Ms Esther Aparicio France
Mr Julius Apweiler United Kingdom
Dr Rolf Apweiler
Ms Rosa Aragão Peralta Börner Brazil
Ms Christina Arancibia Chile
Dr Ana M Aransay Spain
Prof John Araujo Brazil
Mr Omri Arbiv Canada
Prof Annarosa Arcangeli Italy
Mr Nicolò Ardenghi Italy
Mr Francesco Arena Italy
Prof Marco Arese Italy
Mr Yusuf Bilgehan Arik Netherlands
Ms Elena Ariosto Italy
Mrs Janet Arkell United Kingdom
Prof Yury Arkhipenko Russian Federation
Prof Antonio Armario Spain
Dr Andrea Armaroli Germany
Ms Kaz Armstrong-Ward United Kingdom
Dr Maria Rosa Arnau Spain
Prof Niklas Arnberg Sweden
Ms Kacey Arndt United States
Mr Aaron Arnold United States
Dr Olga Arnold Russian Federation
Mr Michele Arnoldi Italy
Ms Stéphanie Arnoux France
Dr Paolo Arosio Italy
Ms Frida Arrey Germany
Dr Chiara Arrigoni Italy
Ms Feyza Nur Arslan Turkey
Mr Charles-Antoine Arthaud France
Mrs Marina Artykhova Russian Federation
Dr Marco Asa Italy
Mr Dominik Aschauer Austria
Dr Peter Askjaer Spain
Dr M. Adelaide Asnaghi Switzerland
Dr Abdullah Assiri Saudi Arabia
Mr Francesco Asta Italy
Mrs Marie Athina France
Dr Rafaele Attia France
Anna Atzori Italy
Mr Matteo Audano Italy
Dr Ugo Auletta Italy
Ms Pager Aurelie France
Dr Daniele Aurelio Italy
Dr Andrea Autengruber Germany
Dr Matias Autio Singapore
Mrs Olga Averina Russian Federation
Damira Avgustinovich Russian Federation
Mr Ariel Avila Belgium
Ms Daniela Avila Mexico
Mr David Axford United Kingdom
Dr Ari Aycock-Williams United States
Ms Irem Ayhan Turkey
Rene Ayiseh Belgium
Dr Olivier Ayrault France
Mr Juan Manuel Baamonde Chile
Dr Nicolas Babault France
Ms Elisabetta Babini United Kingdom
Dr Umberto Baccarani Italy
Prof Manuela Baccarini Austria
Mr Niccolò Bacchi Italy
Mr Francesco Baccianti Italy
Prof Luigi Badalucco Italy
Tudor Badea United States
Dr Nahuai Badiola Spain
Prof Veerle Baekelandt Belgium
Dr Jonathan Baets Belgium
Mr Yves Baetz Germany
Dr Wolfgang Baeumer United States
Mr Raymundo Baez Mendoza United Kingdom
Dr Claudio Baffi Italy
Dr Sevgi Bagislar Italy
Prof Alessandro Bagno Italy
Prof Bruce Baguley New Zealand
Mr Chris Bailey United States
Dr Jeremy Bailoo United States
Dr Simon Bain Australia
Dr Simon Bain Australia
Dr Wyeth Bair United States
Prof Roy Bakay United States
Prof Curtis Baker Canada
Dr Robert Baker United States
Mr Bjorn Bakker Netherlands
Dr Puiu Balan Belgium
Dr Andrea Balboni Italy
Mr Jacopo Baldassarri Italy
Dr Giorgio Baldi Italy
Dr Melvin Balk United States
Mrs Giulia Ballan Italy
Ms Maeve Ballantyne United Kingdom
Mr Mark Ballantyne United Kingdom
Prof Laura Ballerini Italy
Marc Ballivet Switzerland
Prof Kurt Ballmer-Hofer Switzerland
Robert Baltz United States
Dr Kira Balueva Germany
Dr Frantisek Baluska Germany
Mr Sriram Balusu India
Marco Balzarini Italy
Prof Saadia Ba-M'hamed Morocco
Mr Rodrigo Bammann United Kingdom
Mr Nicolò Bancaro Italy
Mr Valerio Banchini Italy
Dr Roberto Bandiera United Kingdom
Ms Joanna Bandola Germany
Ms Marzia Bandoni Italy
Dr Abhishek Banerjee United States
Dr Philippe Baneux United States
Dr Andrea Banfi Switzerland
Prof Luca Banfi Italy
Dr Marie-Louise Bang Italy
Dr Luciano Bani Italy
Dr Paul Banks United Kingdom
Mr Aaron Bannister Canada
Dr Pamela Banta Lavenex Switzerland
Mr Niccolo Banterle Germany
Dr Severine Bar Germany
Mr Leon Baradat United States
Dr Pierre Baraduc France
Ms Gizele Barankevicz Brazil
Dr João Barata Portugal
Dr Joan Barau Brazil
Prof Maria Luisa Barbaccia Italy
Dr Giulia Barbagiovanni Italy
Dr Marco Barbariga Italy
Dr Giovanni Barbaro Italy
Ms Elisa Barbieri Italy
Mr Luca Barbieri Italy
Dr Ottavia Barbieri Italy
Mr Andrea Barbiero Italy
Dr Marianne Barbieux France
Ms Carla Barbosa Brazil
Dr Daniela Barcaroli Italy
Dr Marco Bardus Switzerland
Dr Daniel Bargieri Brazil
Mr Jean-Dominique Baril Canada
Valeria Barili Italy
Mr Simone Bariselli Italy
Dr Elizabeth Barksdale United States
Mrs Judy Barnett United States
Steve Barns United States
Dr Laura Baroncelli Italy
Ms Lucia Baroncelli Italy
Dr Simona Baronchelli Italy
Ms N Barratt United Kingdom
Mrs Amanda Barrett United States
Mr Franklin Barrett United States
Mrs Andréa Barrios Canada
Mr Steven Barrows United States
Prof Peter Barry United States
Dr Sara Bartels Germany
Prof Renata Bartesaghi Italy
Mr Joseph Bartlett Australia
Julia Bartlett United Kingdom
Mr Gorgoglione Bartolomeo United Kingdom
Nenad Bartonicek Croatia
Dr Enrico Baruffini Italy
Dr Rona Barugahare Australia
Ms Anita Barzagli Italy
Mr Lorenzo Bascetta Italy
Ms Sanum Bashir Pakistan
Dr Jelena Basic Austria
Mr Alessio Basile Italy
Ms Paola Basilico Switzerland
Dr Claire Basquin Germany
Dr Patricia Bassereau France
Dr Alessandra Bassi Italy
Mr Andre Bastos Germany
Ms Debaleena Basu India
Mr Chris Batchelor Canada
Dr Brian Bates United States
Mr David Bath Australia
Mr Vladimiro Batocchi Italy
Dr Francesco Battaglia Netherlands
Gabrielle Battaglia United States
Prof Piero Paolo Battaglini Italy
Dr Elena Battaglioli Italy
Dr Lorella Battelli Italy
Mr Riccardo Battelli Italy
Laura Batti Italy
Ms Marica Battista Italy
Dr Chiara Battistini Italy
Dr Andrea Battistoni Italy
Dr August Battles United States
Dr Christoph Bauer Switzerland
Dr Manuel Bauer Switzerland
Mr Moritz Bauer Austria
Dr Thomas Bauer Austria
Dr Simon Baumann United Kingdom
Prof Nicole Baumgarth United States
Dr Ivan Baxter United States
Ms Martha Baydoun France
Ms Agostina Bazet Argentina
Dr Craig Beall United Kingdom
Mr Robert Beattie Canada
Dr Patrick Beauchamp United Kingdom
Dr Georges Beaud France
Mr Alexis Beauvais France
Dr Anne Beauvais France
Mr Simone Becattini Switzerland
Mr Enrico Beccantini Italy
Dr Jerome Becker France
Mrs Katja Becker Germany
Dr Tamara Becker Germany
Gregor Bedenikovic Switzerland
Dr Aaron Beedle United States
Dr Petra Behnen Italy
Mr Daniel Beis Germany
Dr Zakia Belaid-Choucair
Ms Hassiba Beldjoud Netherlands
Dr Juan Belfforte Argentina
Mr Marco Belicchi Italy
Prof M. Antonietta Belisario Italy
Ms Emma Bell United Kingdom
Mr Jared Bell United States
Mr Lewis Bell United Kingdom
Ms Linda T Bell United States
Prof Tommaso Bellini Italy
Dr Claudia Bello Austria
Ms Elodie Belloir France
Mrs Claudia Bellomo Sweden
Dr Elisa Bellomo United Kingdom
Dr Camilla Bellone Switzerland
Ms Ilaria Belluomo France
Mr Fabio Belluschi Italy
Prof Philippe Belmont France
Prof Carlos Belmonte Spain
Dr Matthew Belmonte United Kingdom
Dr Irina Belozertseva Russian Federation
Mr Raymond Belstner United States
Dr Antonio Paolo Beltrami Italy
Prof Carlo Alberto Beltrami Italy
Mr Jesus Beltran Mexico
Dr Suliann Ben Hamed France
Mr Davide Benaglia Italy
Dr Charaf Benarafa Switzerland
Dr Fernando Benavides United States
Dr Jean-Denis Benazet France
Ms Ariane Benedetti Austria
Dr Bruno Benedetti Austria
Dr Fabrizio Benedetti Switzerland
Mr David Benedict United Kingdom
Mr Andrea Beneggi Italy
Prof Fabio Benfenati Italy
Prof Gheorghe Benga Romania
Dr Laurentiu Benga Germany
Dr Luiza Bengtsson Germany
Dr Anna Benini Italy
Dr Dietmar Benke Switzerland
Michael V L Bennett United States
Ms Jessica Benoit United States
Mr Johny Bens Ireland
Dr Mohamed Bentires-Alj Switzerland
Ms Valerie Bentivegna Belgium
Prof Marina Bentivoglio Italy
Mr Marco Benucci United Kingdom
Dr Marion Berard France
Dr Miluscia Berbenni Italy
Ms Valérie Bercier France
Dr Rustam Berdiev Russian Federation
Mr Michael Berg United States
Prof Joseph Berger United States
Mr Michael Berger Germany
Mr Urs Berger United States
Helga Bergholtz Norway
Prof Michael Bergmann Austria
Prof Sven Bergstrom Sweden
Dr Laura Berkowitz United States
Dr Laura Berliocchi Italy
Prof Giovanni Berlucchi Italy
Dr Luis Bermudez France
Prof André Bernard Switzerland
Dr Peers Bernard Belgium
Prof Paolo Bernardi Italy
Prof Günther Bernhardt Germany
Ms Irene Berra Italy
Dr Sarah Berriman Australia
Anna Berrini Italy
Dr Frederic Bertels Switzerland
Dr Thomas Bertelsen Denmark
Ms Federica Berti United Kingdom
Dr Riccardo Bertin Italy
Mr Mattia Bertinelli Italy
Ms Chiara Bertipaglia Germany
Ms Anna Bertoldi Italy
Dr Gloria Bertoli Italy
Dr Antonio Bertolotto Italy
Dr Giuseppe Bertoni Switzerland
Dr Anna Bertram Germany
Ms Maria Bertuzzi Italy
Dr Stefano Bertuzzi Italy
Dr Roberta Besio Italy
Dr Kamel Besseghir Switzerland
Dr Stefano Betta Italy
Dr Barbara Bettegazzi Italy
Dr Lucien Bettendorff Belgium
Mr Federico Betti Italy
Mr Ruggero Bettinardi Italy
Ms Valentina Bettio Italy
Prof Saverio Bettuzzi Italy
Prof Pierre Bey France
Ms Sarah Beyeler Switzerland
Dr Erwan Bezard France
Prof Anastasios Bezerianos Greece
Ms Guncha Bhasin India
Ms Neha Bhatia Germany
Dr Sagar Bhogaraju Germany
Mr Mehdi Bhouri United Kingdom
Ms Tanja Bhuiyan Switzerland
Ms Neha Bhutani India
Prof Giuseppe Biagini Italy
Dr Giuseppe Biamonti Italy
Gea Bianchi Italy
Prof Marzia Bianchi Italy
Dr Riccardo Bianchi Italy
Ms Roberta Bianchi Switzerland
Cristiana Bianco Italy
Ms Elena Bianco Italy
Mr Orlando Bianco Italy
Prof Richard Bianco United States
Prof Richard Bianco United States
Dr Federica Biasion Italy
Dr Andreas Bichl Austria
Prof Thomas Bickle Switzerland
Dr Gabriele Biella Italy
Dr Frank Bienaimé France
Mr Daniel Biggs United Kingdom
Prof Andreas Bikfalvi France
Mr Ilija Bilic Germany
Mr Alessandro Billi Italy
Ms Eleonora Billi Belgium
Gwendolyn Billig Germany
Dr Michel Billig Switzerland
Ms Rebecca Billig Switzerland
Prof George Billman United States
Dr Simona Binda Rossetti Italy
Mr Fabian Bindel Germany
Mr Janos Binder Germany
Mr Alan Bird United Kingdom
Dr Nora Bird United States
Dr Shari Birnbaum United States
Dr Sam Birtwell United Kingdom
Mr Alessio Bisceglia Italy
Dr Ulrike Bischof Germany
Dr Cecily Bishop United States
Dr Alessandra Bisio
Dr Andrea Bisso Italy
Mr Angelo Bitetti Italy
Mrs Myla Bittencourt Brazil
Dr Albane Bizet France
Dr Francesca Bizzaro Italy
Dr Dario Bizzotto Italy
Dr Joely Black United Kingdom
Mr Mark Blacker United Kingdom
Ms Danielle Blackwell United Kingdom
Dr Sandra Blaise-Boisseau France
Mrs Florence Blandel France
Mr Dennis Blankenship United States
Dr Julian Blaser Austria
Ms Lucie Blaszczyk-Gérand France
Ms Florence Blecher United States
Dr Mattias Blennow Sweden
Ms Christiane Bleul Switzerland
Mr Jordan Blondelle France
Dr Joanne Blum United States
Mr Nils Blumenthal Germany
Dr Karin Blumer Switzerland
Mr Evgeny Bobrov Germany
Dr Stefano Boccardo Italy
Dr Francesco Boccellato Germany
Mr Michael Bocek United States
Dr Christoph Bock Austria
Dr Enrica Boda Italy
Dr Christine Boehm United States
Mr Federico Boem Italy
Dr Bart Boerjan Belgium
Dr Auke Boersma Austria
Dr Valentina Boeva France
Mr Steven Boeynaems Belgium
Dr Susanne Bog Germany
Dr Anna Bogdanova Switzerland
Prof Nenad Bogdanovic Sweden
Dr Johannes Bohacek Switzerland
Dr Iwo Bohr United Kingdom
Dr Davide Boido France
Dr Pascal Boireau France
Mr Matteo Boldizzoni Italy
Mr Stefano Bolis Italy
Mr Harrison Bolter United States
Dr Arieh Bomzon Israel
Prof Leopoldo Bon Italy
Mr Walter Bonacci Germany
Dr Annamaria Bonaldi Italy
Dr Marco Bonanno Italy
Dr Dolores Bonaparte Portugal
Ms Paola Bonaventura Italy
Ms Heather Bondi Italy
Dr Anja Bondke Persson Germany
Mr Stefano Bonelli Italy
Monica Bonetti Netherlands
Dr Paola Bonetti Italy
Dr Valentina Bonetto Italy
Dr Valerie Bonfardin Germany
Dr Valerie Bonfardin Germany
Markus Bongard Spain
Ms Serena Bonifati Italy
Mr Federico Boniotti Italy
Dr Xavier Bonnefont France
Dr Mariette Bonnet France
Mr Jonathan Bonneville France
Dr Stefano Bonomi Italy
Dr Guillaume Bony France
Mr Erik Boom Netherlands
Dr Antonia Booth United Kingdom
Mrs Rita Bopp Switzerland
Mr Pablo Bora India
Dr Nicola Bordin Italy
Ms Francesca Borelli Italy
Mr Derek Borgen United States
Nica Borgese Italy
Ms Francesca Borghi Italy
Dr Lorenzo Borghi Switzerland
Mr Jim Borgman United States
Prof Richard Born United States
Dr Peter Boross Netherlands
Dr M Borrens Belgium
Prof Vitaliano Borromeo Italy
Mr T Borst Netherlands
Ms Laura Bortolazzi Italy
Ms Zuzanna Borzymowska Poland
Mr Raphael Bos Switzerland
Dr Kenneth Boschert United States
Mr Stefano Bosisio Italy
Dr Conrado Bosman Netherlands
Mr Matteo Bossi Italy
Ms Veronique Bossut France
Mr Nicholas Bostaph United States
Mr Michael Both Estonia
Prof Serge Bottari France
Mr Matteo Botti Italy
Mr Mirko Bottin Italy
Dr Jérôme Bouchet France
Dr Elodie Bouchoux France
Ms Stéphanie Bouffard France
Prof Thierry Bougerol France
Mr Christophe Bouillon Luxembourg
Ms Caroline Bouillot France
Dr Frederic Bourgeois United States
Mr Paul Bourgine Switzerland
Mr Peter Bowditch Australia
Dr Ekaterina Boyarchuk France
Mr Bruno Boži? Croatia
Dr Yuri Bozzi Italy
Giulia Bracchi Italy
Prof Luisa Bracci Italy
Dr Barry Bradford United States
Prof Allan Bradley United Kingdom
Dr Rivkah Bradsky United States
Mr Daniel Brady Ireland
Dr Paola Braghetta Italy
Mr Hrvoje Brajcic Croatia
Dr Silvia Brambillasca Italy
Dr Filipe Branco Madeira Belgium
Prof Claudio Brancolini Italy
Dr Federico Brandalise Italy
Mr Mark Brandenburg Netherlands
Prof Alberto Brandi Italy
Dr Marco Brandizi United Kingdom
Dr Heinz Brandstetter Germany
Dr Daniel Brandt Switzerland
Mrs Christiane Brandwein Germany
Dr Claire Bratley United Kingdom
Dr Jan Braun Germany
Prof Richard Braun Switzerland
Prof David Brayden Ireland
Mr Lorenzo Breda Italy
Mr Jean-Claude Bregliano France
Prof Björn Brembs Germany
Dr Peter Bremen United States
Prof Frank Bremmer Germany
Ms Santra Brenna Italy
Ms Karen Brennan Australia
Mr Heiko Brennenstuhl Germany
Mr Martin Breuss Austria
Dr Rossella Breveglieri Italy
Ms Silvia Breviario Italy
Dr Marta Brewinska-Olchowik Poland
Dr Farran Briggs United States
Prof Jimena Brignone Argentina
Dr Thomas Brill Germany
Mr Davide Brillo Italy
Dr Anna Teresa Brini Italy
Prof Melanie Brinkmann Germany
Prof Cathrin Brisken Switzerland
Dr Luis Brito United States
Dr Markus Britschgi Switzerland
Dr William Britz United States
Ms Veronica Brivio United Kingdom
Dr Sarah Bro United States
Mr Ric Broadhurst New Zealand
Dr Frédéric Brocard France
Dr Jacques Brocard France
Mr Michael Broccardo Italy
Mr Antonio Broccolo Italy
Prof Francoise Brochard-Wyart France
Mr David Brocks
Dr David Brody United States
Mr Tom Broeckx Belgium
Dr Maria Broggi Switzerland
Dr Marco Brondi Italy
Dr Michael Brosch Germany
Prof Nils Brose Germany
Ms Francesca Broso Italy
Prof Peter Brouckaert Belgium
Mr Alex Brown Australia
Mr Alexander Brown United Kingdom
Prof Alistair Brown United Kingdom
Dr Amira Brown United States
Mr David Brown Canada
Mr David Brown United Kingdom
Mr Jeff Brown United States
Dr Katherine Brown United Kingdom
Mr Pete Brown United Kingdom
Prof Steven Brown Switzerland
Talitha Brown United Kingdom
Mr Caleb Browne Canada
Dr Paul Browne United Kingdom
Prof Peter Bruckner Germany
Dr Daniel Brüderle Germany
Dr Ines Brueckmann Germany
Dr Thibaut Brugat United Kingdom
Dr Ulrich Brühlmann Switzerland
Mr Giacomo Brun Italy
Prof Reto Brun Switzerland
Dr Silvia Brunelli Italy
Mr David Brunestud Chile
Prof Luigi Brunetti Italy
Dr Emanuela Brunetto Italy
Ms Margherita Bruni Italy
Andrea Brunner Switzerland
Prof Damian Brunner Switzerland
Dr Erich Brunner Switzerland
Mr Bacon Bruno France
Dr Tim Bruns United States
Mr Michael Brunt Canada
Mr Aldo Nicola Brunzo Italy
Mr Michele Bruschi Australia
Dr Emiliano Bruscoli Italy
Dr Joseph Bryant United States
Prof Cecilia Bucci Italy
Prof Thorsten Buch Germany
Ms Elisabeth Buchberger Austria
Mr Benjamin Buchs Switzerland
Mr Thilo Buck Germany
Prof Herbert Budka Switzerland
Dr Elena Buetti Switzerland
Mr Vito Buffa Italy
Dr Annalisa Buffo Italy
Prof Sabino Aurelio Bufo Italy
Dr Philippe Bugnon Switzerland
Prof Marc Bühler Switzerland
Mr David Bühlmann Switzerland
Dr Chi Khanh Bui Viet Nam
Ms Ezgi Bulca Turkey
Mr Flaviano James Bulfari Italy
Mr William Buliziuk Canada
Christopher Bullivant United States
Ms Barbara Buonsanto Italy
Mr Rens Burghardt Netherlands
Mr Jacob Burke United Kingdom
Dr Melissa Burke United Kingdom
Susan Burkowsky United States
Merrie Burnett United States
Dr Richard Burnham United Kingdom
Mr David Burnley Australia
Dr Daniel Burschowsky Norway
Dr Claudia Burzi Italy
Mr Alessandro Buschi Italy
Ms Serena Buscone Italy
Dr Moshe Bushmitz Israel
Mr Giulio Bussadori Italy
Bettina Busse Germany
Dr Christian Busse Germany
Dr Dorothea Busse Germany
Prof Meinrad Busslinger Austria
Prof Monica Butnariu Romania
Prof Monica Butnariu Romania
Mr Riccardo Buttice' Italy
Dr Valentina Buttiglione Italy
Michele Butturini
Catherine Byrne Ireland
Dr Sara Cabodi Italy
Ms Rita Cacace Belgium
Ms Anna Chiara Caccia
Dr Emanuele Caccia Italy
Mr Edoardo Cacciavillani Italy
Prof Francesco Caciagli Italy
Dr Samuel Caddick United Kingdom
Mr Claudio Cadel Switzerland
Dr Doina Caderas Boschetti Switzerland
Mr Lucas Caeiro Argentina
Mr Huiqiang Cai China
Ms Amy Cain Canada
Dr Mario Caironi Italy
Dr Dinis Calado Germany
Dr Martino Calamai Italy
Mr Antonino Calapai Germany
Mr Victor Caldas Netherlands
Rui Caldeira Portugal
Dr Sandra Caldeira
Froylan Calderon De Anda Germany
Dr Laura Caldinelli Italy
Prof Cristina Caligaris Italy
Dr Luis F. Callado Spain
Prof Patrick Callaerts Belgium
Dr Zsuzsanna Callaerts-Vegh Belgium
Mrs Donatella Callegari Italy
Ms Isabella Callera Italy
Jacquie Calnan United States
Mr Giovanni Battista Calvillo Italy
Dr Laura Calvillo Italy
Mr Paolo Camaioni Italy
Mr Thiago Camata Brazil
Anna Camera Italy
Ms Alina Cameron Canada
Ms Liz Cameron Australia
Dr Fabrizio Cameroni Italy
Dr Giuseppe Caminiti Italy
Prof Roberto Caminiti Italy
Dr Stefano Camnasio Italy
Dr Barbara Campanini Italy
Prof Kenneth Campbell United States
Sean Campbell United States
Dr Joan Campbell-Tofte Denmark
Mr Luca Campello Italy
Mr Luca Campobasso Italy
Dr Carolina Canape Italy
Prof Jean-Pierre Canarelli France
Dr Xavier Cañas Spain
Alessandra Canazza Italy
Mr Cinzia Cancellieri Italy
Mr Stefano Candela Italy
Mr Tito Candelli France
Dr Francesca Canella Italy
Giacomo Canesin Sweden
Dr Nicola Canessa Italy
Giacomo\ Canevari Italy
Alberto Cangiano Italy
Enrico Cannavo Germany
Dr Gabriella Cannito Italy
Mr Bernard Cannoot Belgium
Mr Alex Canto Spain
Mr Jordi Canto Spain
Mr Roberto Cantoni United Kingdom
Dr Cinzia Cantu Italy
Mrs Chun Cao Switzerland
Mr Daniele Capano Italy
Stephanie Caparelli Argentina
Dr Manuela Capillo Italy
Dr Aurélien Capitan France
Mr Chris Caple Canada
Ms Stefania Capone Italy
Ms Katia Caporiccio Canada
Laura Caporiccio Canada
Prof Daniela Caporossi Italy
Mr Matteo Capozucca Italy
Dr Donatella Capucci Italy
Dr Alfonso Caramazza Italy
Ms Alessia Caramello Italy
Mr Federico Caravani Italy
Luca Cardamone Italy
Mr Luca Cardamone Italy
Ms Ana Cardoso Portugal
Mr Bruno Cardoso Portugal
Ms Daniela Cardozo Australia
Dr Alessandro Carducci Italy
Dr Stephana Carelli Italy
Mr Lawrence Carey United States
Dr Vincenzo Carginale Italy
Prof Francesca Carlomagno Italy
Mr Ayensa Carlos Spain
Prof Carmelo Carlo-Stella Italy
Prof Leif Carlsson Sweden
Dr Larissa Carnevalli Germany
Dr Nicoletta Caronni Italy
Francesca Caroti Italy
Dr Patrizia Carpinelli Italy
Mr Vincent Carpio United States
Mr João Carrapa Portugal
Mr Giovanni Egidio Carrara Italy
Dr Alba Maria Carrea Italy
Mr Marco Carrescia Italy
Ms Laura Carretero France
Prof Maria Teresa Carri Italy
Dr Claudia Carrieri Italy
Mr Matteo Carriglio Italy
Prof Antonella Carsana Italy
Ms Danielle Carson United Kingdom
Mr Ronald Carson United States
Mr Stefano Carta Switzerland
Dr Lance Carter United States
Dr Samuel Cartner United States
Ms Cristina Cartoni Switzerland
Dr Daniela Carulli Italy
Mr Alessandro Casa Italy
Mrs Valentina Casà Italy
Mr Nicolas Casadei Germany
Ms Marta Casado Spain
Mr Loris Casali San Marino
Dr Miguel Casanova France
Dr Simona Casarosa Italy
Dr Daniela Casarrubea Germany
Dr Alessandro Casartelli Italy
Dr Nicolo Caserini Italy
Ms Lisa Caserotti Italy
Ms Luana Casetti Italy
Dr Franco Casibi Italy
Dr Costanza Casiraghi Switzerland
Dr Lucia Casoli Italy
Mr Claudio Casonato Italy
Mrs Natalie Caspari Belgium
Dr Marco Cassano Switzerland
Killian Cassidy United States
Prof Massimo Castagnola Italy
Dr Patrizio Castagnola Italy
Prof Justo Castaño Spain
Dr Daniela Castanotto United States
Ms Lilia Castellanos Mexico
Mr Marco Castelli Italy
Dr Alfredo Castello Germany
Dr Federica Castellucci Italy
Dr Perrine Castets Switzerland
Mr Daniel Castiglione Canada
Mrs Lorena Castiglioni Italy
Dr Valentina Castiglioni Italy
Dr Rocio Castilla Argentina
Dr Ximena Castillo Mexico
Dr Mirco Castoldi Germany
Dr Nicolo Castro Italy
Mr Emanuele Andrea Casu Italy
Prof Tommaso Cataldi Italy
Ms Jessica Caterini Canada
Dr Marco Cattalini Italy
Ermanno Cattaneo New Zealand
Dr Silvia Cattelan Italy
Dr Marco Catto Italy
Dr Matteo Caumo Italy
Prof Carmen Cavada Spain
Mr William Cavaglieri Italy
Dr Andrea Cavalli United Kingdom
Alessia Cavazza United States
Dr Leonardo Cavone Italy
Mr John Joseph Cawley United Kingdom
Mr Bernard Cayron France
Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli Italy
Ms Lavinia Ceccarelli Italy
Dr Marina Ceccarini Italy
Ms Fremond Cécile France
Prof Jan Celichowski Poland
Dr Carlo Cella Italy
Ms Claudia Cella Italy
Prof Silvano Cella Italy
Ms Silvia Cella Italy
Dr Francesca Cencetti Italy
Mr Davide Cendron Italy
Dr Valentina Cenedese Italy
Dr Nuria B. Centeno Spain
Dr Matteo Centola Switzerland
Dr Maria Rosaria Cera Italy
Dr Nicola Ceragioli Italy
Dr Erika Cerasti Italy
Mr Simone Ceratto Italy
Mr Luca Cereda Italy
Dr Elisabetta Ceretti Italy
Mr Mauro Cerizzi Italy
Ms Susan Cerka United States
Ms Alice Cernogoraz Italy
Prof Andreas Cerny Switzerland
Dr Chiara Cerri Italy
Dr Stefania Ceruti Italy
Mr Davide Cervetti Italy
Agata Cesaretti Italy
Ms Ilaria Cesari Italy
Dr Tommaso Cesari Italy
Dr Igor Cesarino Brazil
Marta Cesca Italy
Dr Luca Ceseracciu Italy
Bette Cessna United States
Dr Aziz Cetinsu Switzerland
Dr Elena Cetti Italy
Ms An Ceulemans Belgium
Mr Hakan Ceykan Turkey
Dr Sophie Chabanis-Davdison Germany
Mrs Toubari Chadia France
Mrs Sveta Chakrabarti Switzerland
Mr Ankur Chakravarthy United Kingdom
Dr Ronan Chaligné France
Dr Francis Chaouloff France
Mr Philippe Charles France
Dr Alexandre Charlet France
Dr Nancy Charlier United States
Ms Vanessa Charrier France
Mr Pavel Chateau Latvia
Mr Anindo Chatterjee India
Mayank Chauhan Switzerland
Ms Vivienne Chauhan United Kingdom
Dr Frederic Chavane France
Anna Chavez United States
Mark Chavez United States
Dr Marcelo Chávez Belgium
Dr Marina Chekulaeva Germany
Prof Leonardo Chelazzi Italy
Ms Si Hui Elisa Chen Italy
Mr Simon Chen Germany
Dr Weihua Chen Germany
Xing Chen United Kingdom
Ms Sarika Cherodath India
Dr Julia Chester United States
Ms Savanna Chesworth United States
Fulvio Chiacchiera Italy
Mr Enrico Chiaramonti Italy
Mr Eugenio Chiarella Italy
Ms Sara Chiaretti Italy
Dr Elisabetta Chicca Germany
Greta Chiecca Italy
Dr Vittorio Chiecca Italy
Dr Hsian-Jean Chin Taiwan, Province Of China
Dr Alessandra Maria Adelaide Chiotto Italy
Dr Peter Chipman Canada
Michele Chirichella Italy
Prof Carlo Chizzolini Switzerland
Ms Daniela Chmiest Poland
Mr Wen Bin Chng Switzerland
Mr Xun Yu Choong United Kingdom
Mr Amith Chordia United States
Mr John Choy Switzerland
Ms Fulling Christine Switzerland
Dr Tran Quang Christine France
Dr Foteini Christodoulou Greece
Prof Gerhard Christofori Switzerland
Ms Jihye Chung Korea, Republic Of
Prof Silvia Anna Ciafrè Italy
Mr Jimmy Ciancas Bolivia
Dr Maria Ciaramella Italy
Prof Gianluca Ciardelli Italy
Dr Roberto Ciccoli Italy
Ms Özgün Cicek Germany
Mr Alessandro Cicoria Italy
Mr Paolo Cifani Sweden
Dr Domagoj Cikes Austria
Dr Michele Cilli Italy
Dr Felisa Cilurzo Italy
Prof Filiberto Cimino Italy
Dr Paolo Cinelli Switzerland
Serena Cinelli Italy
Mr Giacomo Cinti Italy
Dr Federica Ciocci Italy
Ms Imma Cioffi Italy
Mr Alessio Cioni Italy
Dr Michela Cioni Italy
Dr Daniel Cirera Salinas Germany
Dr Yari Ciribilli Italy
Mr Branko Cirovic Germany
Dr Paul Cisek Canada
Mr Simone Cittadini Italy
Ms Laura Ciuffreda Italy
Mr Rob Clack United Kingdom
Ms Katrien Claes Belgium
Ms Lise Claes Belgium
Ms Amélie Clairet France
Janice Clanfield Canada
Dr Peter Clarke Switzerland
Mr Stahl Claude France
Ms Cecilia Claudi Italy
Mr Graziani Claudio Italy
Ms Amandine Clauzon France
Mr Kevin Clay Canada
Dr Donna Clemons United States
Dr Camilla Clerici Italy
Dr Patricia Coan United States
Prof Daniela Cocchi Italy
Mr Alessandro Cocco Italy
Mr Martín Codagnone Argentina
Dr Laura Codarri Switzerland
Dr Daniele Codebò Italy
Ms Annachiara Codello Italy
Ms Ana Coelho Portugal
Dr Daniele Coen Italy
Dr Joachim Coenen Germany
Mr Vincent Coger Germany
Dr Tiziana Cogliati United States
Dr Tommaso Cogliati Italy
Prof Marty Cohn United States
Dr William Cohn Switzerland
Dr Catherine Coirault France
Dr Anna Maria Colangelo Italy
Dr Antonino Colanzi Italy
Mr Michelangelo Colavita Italy
Dr Matilde Colella Italy
Dr Michael Coleman United Kingdom
Dr Andrea Coletta Italy
Dr Cécile Colin Belgium
Prof Asuncion Colino Spain
Mr Vincenzo Colla Italy
Katie Collette United States
Ms Alexandra Collin France
Agnese Collino Italy
Jeff Collins United States
Mr Matt Collison United Kingdom
Dr Ginetta Collo Italy
Dr Marina Colombo France
Prof Claudio Colosio Italy
Dr Paolo Coluccio Italy
Mr Stefano Comazzetto Italy
Dr Anna Comel Italy
Dr Mauro Comes Franchini Italy
Dr Barbara Cometti Switzerland
Dr Marcelo A. Comini Uruguay
Dr Antonella Comitato Italy
Prisca Comodi Italy
Mr Igor Comunale Italy
Mrs Mariana Conceicao Portugal
Prof Gianluigi Condorelli Italy
Dr Libby Cone United States
Dr Paola Conforti Italy
Dr Francesca Congiu Italy
Dr Lara Consoloni Italy
Prof Gabriella Consonni Italy
Ms Chris Constabaris Canada
Prof Daniel Constam Switzerland
Dr Gabriela Constantin Italy
Dr Emanuele Conte Denmark
Mr Guillaume Conte France
Ms Nancy Conte Italy
Prof Pellegrino Conte Italy
Ms Francesca Conti Italy
Amy Cook United States
Mr David Cook United States
Cindy Cooke United States
Mr Frank Cools Belgium
Ms Carlotta Cooper United States
Prof Roberto Coppari Switzerland
Dr Alessandra Coppo Italy
Dr Maddalena Coppo Italy
Dr Marcus Corat Brazil
Dr Daniela Corda Italy
Ms Ana Cordeiro Portugal
Ms Ingrid Cordeiro Brazil
Prof Michelangelo Cordenonsi Italy
Dr Lorena Cordero Luxembourg
Ms Cinthya Cordoba Mexico
Dr Francisco Cordoba Switzerland
Mr Vignal Corentin France
Dr Gerard Corinne France
Daniela Cornacchia Italy
Mr Edoardo Cornacchini Italy
Mr Dane Corneil Switzerland
Pieter Cornelissen Netherlands
Dr Nicola Cornella Italy
Dr Marion Cornu Switzerland
Dr Edith Coronado Switzerland
Ms Gabriela Coronel Italy
Prof Paul Coronel Venezuela
Mr Simone Corosaniti Italy
Dr Manuel Corpas
Mr Nádia Correia Portugal
Ms Laura Corrieri United Kingdom
Dr Giovanni Corsetti Italy
Giulia Corsini Italy
Dr Felipe Cortés Ledesma Spain
Ms Alessandra Cortesi Italy
Dr Donato Cosco Italy
Dr Maria Pia Cosma Spain
Dr Fabrizio Cossu Italy
Prof Giuseppe Cossu Italy
Ms Kaue Costa Germany
Mr Pedro Costa Portugal
Mr Matteo Costacurta Italy
Mrs Sabine Costagliola Belgium
Dr Claudio Costantini Italy
Dr Frank Costantini United States
Ms Jennifer Costanza United States
Dr Daniela Cota France
Susanna Cotecchia Italy
Ms Azzurra Cottarelli Italy
Dr Pietro Cottone United States
Dr Patrice Coulon France
Dr Patrice Coulon France
Dr Muriel Coulpier France
Ms Claire Coulter United Kingdom
Mr Ben Coupland United States
Dr Jr Courbard France
Dr Claudia Covaciu Romania
Dr Valentina Covarelli France
Mrs Marcella Covault United States
Sara Covert United States
Ms M.R. Cowan
Mr Jay Cox United States
Dr Meaghan Creed Switzerland
Ms Tiziana Patrizia Cremona Switzerland
Dr Eleonora Cremonini Italy
Mr Fabio Crepaldi Italy
Ms Giulia Crepaldi Italy
Dr Marco Crescenzi Italy
Ms Arianna Crespi Italy
Dr Floriane Cressier Switzerland
Mr Alessandro Crimella Italy
Dr Luca Crippa Italy
Ms Giovanna Crisante Switzerland
Dr Martina Crispo Uruguay
Mr Andrea Cristin Italy
Dr Riccardo Cristofani Italy
Dr Brunella Cristofaro France
Ms Giovanna Critelli Italy
Ms Fabiana Cro Italy
Dr Shane Cronin Ireland
Dr Therese Cronin Ireland
Ms Rachele Crosara Italy
Mr Samuel Croset France
Mr Kevin Cross Australia
Stefania Crotta Italy
Dr Andrew Croxford Switzerland
Prof Jesús Cruces Spain
Dr Marcello Crucianelli Italy
Ms Deana Crumbling United States
Mr Darragh Crummie United Kingdom
Kerensa Crump United States
Mrs Ana Cruz Portugal
Dr Carme Cucarella Spain
Ms Francesca Cucchi Italy
Prof Javier Cudeiro Spain
Mr Ed Cummings United Kingdom
Dr Ludmila Cuninkova Switzerland
Mr Devin Cunningham United States
Mr Fuckoff Cunts United Kingdom
Dr Lowry Curley Belgium
Mr Sebastiano Curreli Italy
Dr Joshua Currie Germany
Dr Graziella Curtale Italy
Mr David Custer United States
Mr René Custers Belgium
Ms Suzana Cvijetic Italy
Ms Joanna Cyrta France
Mr Maciej Czajkowski Germany
Mr Michele Da Broi Italy
Dr Nuno Da Costa Switzerland
Mrs Nadja Daberkow-Nitsche Germany
Mr Leandro D'abronzo United States
Dr Lisa Dacome Italy
Mr Ugur Dag Austria
Ms Daniela D'agostino Italy
Mr Giuseppe D'agostino Italy
Mr Roland Daguerre Italy
Prof Clemens Dahinden Switzerland
Dr Gianni Dal Negro United Kingdom
Dr Gianni Dal Negro United Kingdom
Mr Davide Dal Pos Italy
Zale Dalen Canada
Antonio D'alessio Italy
Dr Yannis Dalezios Greece
Ms Alessandra Dall'agnese United States
Mr Stefano Dalle Vedove Italy
Dr Garry Dallmann United States
Ms Claudia D'alonzo Italy
Mark D'alton Ireland
Prof Giuseppe Damante Italy
Mr Paolo Dametto Italy
Dr Arnaud Damien
Dr Sueli Blanes Damy Brazil
Dr Anna D'angelo Italy
Dr Virginie Dangles-Marie
Mr Cyril Daniel Germany
Prof Haag-Wackernagel Daniel Switzerland
Ms Joanna Danielewicz Poland
Beth Daniell United States
Ms Nancy Daniels United States
Ms Nicky Daniels Belgium
Mr Thomas Dantoft Denmark
Mr Davide D'aquila Italy
Angelene Darbyshire United Kingdom
Ms Valerie Darcey United States
Mr Gary Dargan Australia
Mr Aniruddha Das India
Richa Das India
Dr Amarnath Dasari United States
Mr Debanjan Dasgupta India
Dr Erik Dassi Italy
Dr Kausik Datta United States
Dr Valerie Dauge France
Mr Ayensa David Spain
Jean-Jacques David France
Mr Peter Davidson Australia
Sophia Davidson United Kingdom
Dr Jeff Davies United Kingdom
Ms Laurianne Davignon France
Dr Ian Davis United States
Mr S Davis United Kingdom
Dr Giulia Dazzan Italy
Dr Bruna De Alencar France
Mr Reuben De Almeida Canada
Ms Elena De Amicis Italy
Ms Katleen De B Belgium
Prof Fiorenza De Bernardi Italy
Prof Fiorenza De Bernardi Italy
Mr Walter De Bernardi Italy
Dr Carlos De Cabo De La Vega Spain
Dr Fernando De Castro Spain
Mr Marco De Cesare Italy
Ms Elien De Cock Belgium
Dr Giulia De Conti Italy
Ms Maria Carmen De Cristofano Italy
Mr Luca De Cristofaro Italy
Dr Sara De Faveri Italy
Prof Mario De Felice Italy
Mr Riccardo De Feo Italy
Ms Roberta De Filippis Italy
Ms Carmen De Francesco Italy
Prof Carlo De Giuli Morghen Italy
Ms Claire De Groot Switzerland
Mr Dylan De Haseth Netherlands
Dr Antonella De Jaco Italy
Dr Geert De Jaeger Belgium
Dr Emilio De Juan Spain
Stefano De Julis Italy
Dr Alban De Kerchove Belgium
Dr Melissa De La Garza United States
Dr Thibault De La Motte Rouge France
Prof Ersilia De Lorenzi Italy
Mr David De Louw Netherlands
Mr Giancarlo De Luca Italy
Dr Tommaso De Marchi Italy
Prof Philippe De Moerloose Switzerland
Ms Guendalina De Nadai Italy
Mr Marc De Paep Belgium
Prof Patricia De Paula Brazil
Dr Davide De Pietri Tonelli Italy
Dr Pietro De Poi Italy
Dr Merirose De Pooter Canada
Prof Anik De Ribaupierre Switzerland
Mr Peter De Rijk Belgium
Dr Kristof De Schutter Belgium
Dr Lúcia De Souza Brazil
Dr Maria Fernanda De Souza Costa Silva Brazil
Dr Daniela De Stefano Italy
Luigi De Stefano Italy
Ms Patricia De Vos Belgium
Ms Els De Vriendt Belgium
Dr Guy De Vroey Belgium
Prof Peter De Weerd Belgium
Ms Vicky De Winter Belgium
Dr Harriet De Wit United States
Dr Heather Dean United States
Prof Patrizia Debetto Italy
Ms Nayla Debs France
Ms Laure Decamps France
Dr Thierry Decelle France
Alessandra Decio Italy
Franco Decker Italy
Prof Thomas Decker Austria
Prof Hans Deckmyn Belgium
Ms Sita Deeg United Kingdom
Dr Rossella Defazio Italy
Prof Paola Defilippi Italy
Mr Louis Deforche Belgium
Dr Enrico Defranchi Italy
Ms Elena Degl'innocenti Switzerland
Dr Thomas R. Degregori United States
Mr Florian Degueldre Switzerland
Mr Andrea Deiana Italy
Mr Kaushik Deka India
Dr Ivan Del Barco Spain
Ms Yaiza Del Pozo Martin Spain
Dr Valerio Del Vescovo Italy
Dr Annie Delaunois Belgium
Dr Katia Delaval France
Dr Mariana Delfino Costa Rica
Ms Mayra Noemi Delgado Novoa Italy
Prof José M- Delgado-Garcia Spain
Dr Giulia Della Chiara Italy
Prof Laura Della Corte Italy
Dr Chiara Della Libera Italy
Mr Filippo Della Marina France
Mr Silvio Dell'acqua Italy
Mr Luca Dellamano Italy
Dr Renato Dellamano Italy
Dr Giuseppe Dell'anna United States
Dr Sonia Delle Fratte Italy
Patrizia Dell'era Italy
Dr Marco Delli Zotti Italy
Dr Valeria Dell'ovo United States
Dr Alessio Delogu United Kingdom
Ms Jean Christophe Deloulme France
Dr Thierry Delvienne France
Dr Christine Demeilleirs France
Ms Marlies Demeulenaere Belgium
Mr Philippe Demougin Switzerland
Prof Bruce Demple United States
Mr Andrea Demurtas Italy
Dr Geertrui Denecker Belgium
Dr Alexandru Denes Switzerland
Prof Franco Denes Italy
Mr Calise Denis France
Mr Jean-François Denis Switzerland
Ms Julie Denoyelle Switzerland
Prof Mariella Dentini Italy
Mr Colin Deransart France
Mr Andrea D'ercole Switzerland
Dr Maria D'erme Italy
Dr Anna D'errico Germany
Dr Marc Descatoire France
Dr Jacqueline Deschamps Netherlands
Dr Jacqueline Deschamps Netherlands
Mr William Deschamps Belgium
Mr Prasannakumar Deshpande Finland
Dr Gianni Desiato Italy
Mrs Jade Desjardins Canada
Dr Gianluigi Desogus Italy
Prof Joseph Desouza Canada
Dr Christophe Dessimoz United Kingdom
Mr Stefano Destefanis Italy
Dr Cyril Desvignes France
Mr Philip Dettinger United States
Paul Devenney United Kingdom
Mr Miles Dewar United States
E. Dewey United States
Mr Svenn D'hert Belgium
Mr Thijs Dhollander Belgium
Prof Rudi D'hooge Belgium
Dr Neel Dhruv United Kingdom
Dr Vincenzo Di Bartolo France
Dr Barbara Di Benedetto Germany
Dr Giulietta Di Benedetto Italy
Dr Alberto Di Consiglio Switzerland
Patrizia Di Crescenzio Italy
Prof Ferdinando Di Cunto Italy
Dr Valeria Di Dato Italy
Mr Pietro Di Francesco Italy
Dr Eros Di Giorgio Italy
Prof Anna Maria Di Giulio Italy
Mr Silvio Di Guglielmo Italy
Prof Patrizia Di Iorio Italy
Dr Luana Di Leandro Italy
Mr Lorenzo Di Maggio Italy
Dr Nunzia Di Maggio Switzerland
Ms Alessia Di Manno Italy
Dr Cesare Di Mauro Italy
Dr Eleonora Di Paolo Italy
Dr Virginia Di Paolo Italy
Prof Guido Di Prisco Italy
Dr Simone Di Rubbo Belgium
Dr Elia Di Schiavi Italy
Ms Laura Diaco Italy
Prof Kathy Dial United States
Dr Jose Dias Sweden
Mr Adriano Diaz Italy
Mr Francisco Diaz Spain
Dr Silvina Diaz Argentina
Dr Javier Diaz-Nido Spain
Dr Kelly Diederen United Kingdom
Dr Susanne Diederich Germany
Ms Natalia Díez-Revuelta Spain
Dr Francesco Difato Italy
Mrs Marie Diffily Ireland
Ms J Digiuseppe Australia
Mr Arjan Dijke France
Mr George Dimitrakopoulos Greece
Dr Anna Dimitrova Bulgaria
Ms Milena Dimori United States
Prof Andras Dinnyes Hungary
Ms Assunta Diodato France
Dr Claudia Distler Germany
Dr Lars Dittrich Germany
Ms Elizabeth Ann Ditz United States
Dr Richard Dix United States
Dr Anais Djodari-Irani Germany
Mr Vitomir Djokic Serbia
Prof Kim Do Switzerland
Dr Juliana Do Valle Brazil
Prof Paul Dobranic Korea, Republic Of
Mr Nikolay Dobrev Italy
Mr Brendan Doe United Kingdom
Ms Hannah Doepper Germany
Dr Lynn Doglio United States
Dr Eugenia Dogliotti Italy
Erin Doherty United States
Ms Kim Dohlich Germany
Dr Eizaburo Doi United States
Ms Katharine Dokken United States
Dr Dirk Dolle Germany
Mrs Ksenia Dombrovskaya Russian Federation
Mr Evgeny Dombrovskiy Russian Federation
Dr Maria Rosaria Domenici Italy
Mrs Verónica Domínguez Spain
Ms Elba Marina Dominguez Castellanos Guatemala
Ms Elba Marina Domínguez Castellanos Guatemala
Ms Elba Lorena Domínguez Vargas Mexico
Mr Adan-Ulises Dominguez-Vargas Germany
Prof Bellet Dominique France
Mr Kinane Domloje Spain
Ms Erika Dona Italy
Dr Erika Donadonibus Italy
Mr John Donaho United States
Dr Benedetta Donati Italy
Dr Chiara Donati Italy
Mr Stefano Donati Italy
Dr Flavio Donato Switzerland
Mr Mirko Doni Italy
Nicole Donlan United States
Mr Clemens Donner Austria
Mr Roberto Donno United Kingdom
Dr Mariapina D'onofrio Italy
Dr Jorge Dorado Spain
Ms Marta Dorgnach Italy
Dr Ashley Dorning Hungary
Dr Marta Dossena Italy
Mrs Anna Dotsenko Russian Federation
Prof J Crawford Downs United States
Dr Maria Teresa Draghetti Italy
Fulvia Draicchio United Kingdom
Ms Rosek-Marie Drake United States
Dr Olga Dravolina Russian Federation
Dr Anne Druilhe France
Ms Linsay Drysdale Canada
Dr Karel Du Pre Australia
Dr Sandra Duarte United States
Mr Andrew Dubetsky United States
Ms Anne-Laure Duchemin Germany
Ms Frankie Duchesne Canada
Ms Serena Duchi Italy
Ms Judith Duckett United States
Dr Irina Dudanova Germany
Mr Alexey Dudnik Switzerland
Dr Laura Dugo Italy
Dr Jean-René Duhamel France
Mr Ionut Dumitru Germany
Mr Kostadin Dumkov Italy
Dr Gary Dunbar United States
Prof John Duncan United Kingdom
Prof Dirk J. Duncker Netherlands
Denis Dunoyer De Segonzac France
Ms Josefine Dunst Germany
Dr Valerie Dupe France
Dr Arnaud Duquet Switzerland
Dr Jacques Durand France
Dr Veronique Duranthon France
Ms Cristina Duranti Italy
Sevi Durdu Germany
Ms Selvi Durmus Netherlands
Dr Giulia D'urso Italy
Ms Giulia D'urso Italy
Anna Duszczyk Netherlands
Dr Malgorzata Duszczyk Switzerland
Dr Julie Dwyer Australia
Mr Peter Dwyer
Ms Victoria Dyer Germany
Dr Robert Dysko United States
Dr Kevin, Eade United States
Mr Daniel Earle United Kingdom
Julie Ebersole United States
Prof Miriam Echevarría Spain
Mr Paul Eckerstorfer Austria
Dr Fabien Ectors Belgium
Mr Inan Edes Germany
Ralph Edington United States
Prof Helena Edlund Sweden
Mr Guitton Édouard France
Mr Michael Edson United Kingdom
Claire Edwards United States
Dr Gaylen Edwards United States
Ms Laura Edwards United States
Dr Anna Efstathiou Greece
Dr Joaquim Egea Spain
Dr Shahin Eghbalsaied Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Dr Sergey Egorov Russian Federation
Dr Jan Ehlert Germany
Mr Manuel Ehling Germany
Mr Ludwig Ehrenreich Germany
Mr Andrej Eigenmann Switzerland
Prof Haim Einat Israel
Dr Christian Eisen Germany
Dr Bachir El Debs Germany
Mr Khalid El Khalfaoui Germany
Prof Christo El Morr Canada
Dr Bruce Elder United States
Dr Florent Elefteriou United States
Prof Gine Elena Spain
Dr Jean Eleouet France
Mr Salah Elias France
Dr Zueva Elina France
Dr Maximilianos Elkouris Greece
Mr Jens Ellegaard Denmark
Dr Fabrizio Ellena Italy
Dr Lorenzo Elli Italy
Dr Ulrich Elling Austria
Mr Kevin Elliott United Kingdom
Mr Sean Ellis United Kingdom
Dr Michael Elser France
Orlando Elso Argentina
Ms Lynn Elton Belgium
Mr Gaudiello Emanuele Switzerland
Mr Andrea Emanuelli Italy
Mr Pascal Emery France
Ms Henry Emilie France
Prof Carbone Emilio Italy
Dr Lukas Endler Austria
Dr Birgit Engeland Germany
Mr Leonard Engels Spain
Mr Hoellinger Enri France
Ms Mary Ensor United States
Dr Anne Ephrussi Germany
Matt Erb United States
Mr Efe Erde? Turkey
Mr Yi?It Erdemgil Turkey
Dr Julija Erhardt Croatia
Mr Neil Erickson Canada
Dr Aaron Ericsson United States
Mr Aleksei Erin Russian Federation
Ms Daria Erkhova Switzerland
Dr Isabelle Ernens Belgium
Ms Andrea Erni Switzerland
Dr Marco Erreni Italy
Dr Francesco Errico Italy
Prof Lynda Erskine United Kingdom
Prof Dr.Elias Ervin Israel
Prof Frank Ervin Canada
Dr Nicolas Escriou France
Mr Adriano G. V. Esposito Italy
Mr Vincenzo Esposito Italy
Dr Federico Esposti Switzerland
Dr Hermann Esselmann Germany
François Estève France
Weber Esther Switzerland
Dr Beatriz Estrada Spain
Dr Laura Eurell United States
Dr Brendan Evano France
Sam Evans United States
Ms Nicole Eveland United States
Prof Stefan Everling Canada
Hope Evey United States
Prof Zohar Eviatar Israel
Varela Evita Switzerland
Dr Obaro Evuarherhe United Kingdom
Dr Lars Ewaldsson Sweden
Prof Paolo Fabene Italy
Mr Zach Fabey United States
Mr Nevo Fabien France
Mr Darbellay Fabrice Switzerland
Prof Laura Fabris United States
Mr Damiano Faccini Italy
Nur Aiman Fadel Italy
Dr Andrea Faedo Italy
Dr Stefania Faedo Italy
Prof Giuseppe Faggian Italy
Dr Marco Faini Germany
Prof Alan Fairlamb United Kingdom
Dr Catherine Faivre-Sarrailh France
Mr Rahiman Faiyaz Ireland
Prof Francis Fakoya Grenada
Dr Samreen Falak Germany
Dr Marta Falanga Italy
Dr Rita Falcioni Italy
Dr Sebastian Falk Germany
Prof Werner Falk Germany
Mr Lorenzo Fanchini Italy
Francesca Fanelli Italy
Mr Liang Fang Germany
Mr Marco Fantuz Italy
Ms Erminia Fardone France
Mr Gerard Farell United States
Mr Giordano Farina Italy
Ms Valeria Farinella Italy
Mr Sarfaraz Farooqui Germany
Prof Mauro Fasano Italy
Dr Cristina Fasolato Italy
Mr Giobi Fasoli Italy
Dr Angelika Fath-Goodin United States
Mrs Regina Faubel Germany
Dr Melania Favaro Italy
Dr Morgana Favero Italy
Mr Giovanni Favino Italy
Ms Rocío Fdez-Palacios Spain
Dr Mandy Fechner Germany
Mr Mambriani Federico Italy
Prof Deborah Fein United States
Dr Michael Feldgarden United States
Mr Paolo Fele Italy
Ms Bernadette Félix France
Mr Andy Fell United States
Dr Lyne Fellmann France
Dr Annika Fendler Germany
Dr Natalia Feofanova Sweden
Ms Francesca Ferlatti Italy
Mr Larry Ferleger United States
Dr Luis Fernandez United States
Dr Helena Fernández Spain
Mr Francisco Fernández Klett Germany
Dr Rafael Fernandez-Chacon Spain
Prof Pedro Fernández-Llebrez Spain
Mr Sebastian Fernando Italy
Dr Alessia Ferrara Italy
Mattia Ferrarese Italy
Dr Alessia Ferraresi Italy
Mr Adalberto Ferrari Italy
Dr Alberto Ferrari Italy
Francesca Ferrari Italy
Ms Ilaria Ferrari Italy
Dr Laura Ferrari Italy
Dr Livia Ferrari Italy
Ms Costanza Ferrari Bardile Italy
Dr Luca Ferrarini Italy
Dr Marco Ferrario Italy
Dr Sergio Ferraris Argentina
Mr Davide Ferraro France
Mr Giuseppe Ferraro Italy
Mr Andrea Ferrazza Italy
Mrs Ana Cristina Ferreira Portugal
Prof Jorge Ferreira Portugal
Prof Alexandrina Ferreira Mendes Portugal
Dr Carlo Ferretti Italy
Mr Federico Ferretti Italy
Maria Teresa Ferretti Switzerland
Mr Andrea Ferri Italy
Mr Lorenzo Ferrone Italy
Dr Francesca Ficara Italy
Mr Marco Fichera Italy
Ms Judith Fiedler Germany
Dr Szymon Fiedorowicz Poland
Mr Thomas Fielder United States
Ms Ana Leonor Figueiredo France
Ms Margarida Figueiredo Portugal
Ms Beatrice Filanti Italy
Mr Mario Filion Canada
Prof Amelia Filippelli Italy
Mr Dario Filippi Italy
Dr Cristina Fillat Spain
Dr Simon Fillatreau Germany
Dr Luigi Filocamo Italy
Dr Nicoletta Finato Italy
Mr Alessandro Finezzo Italy
Mr Stanton Fink United States
Dr Andreas Finkelmeyer United Kingdom
Dr Christine Finnie Denmark
Dr Knut Finstermeier Germany
Prof Alessandro Fioretti Italy
Dr Erika Fiorino Italy
Dr Elisa Fiorito Norway
Prof Bonnie Firestein United States
Mr Alexei Fischer Switzerland
Dr Antje Fischer United States
Dr Gregor Fischer Switzerland
Mr James Fish United Kingdom
Dr Richard Fish United States
Dr Elizabeth Fisher United Kingdom
Mr Michael Fisher United Kingdom
Mr Newell Fisher United Kingdom
Dr Roert Fitzgerald United States
Mr Gianmarco Fiumalbi Italy
Mr Per Arne Flaesen Norway
Ms Hannah Flasskamp Germany
Mr Christian Fleckenstein Switzerland
Prof Paul Flecknell United Kingdom
Ms Theda Fleisch Germany
Prof Bernhard Fleischer Germany
Sabine Fleischer Germany
Ms Nicole Fleming United States
Dr Ronan Fleming Luxembourg
Dr Celeste Fleta Spain
Prof Steven Fliesler United States
Dr Benjamín Florán Mexico
Mr Daniel Flores Tafur Spain
Dr Elisa Floriddia Germany
Dr Marta Florio Germany
Dr Joachim Fluhr Germany
Dr Raluca Flükiger Switzerland
Prof Irmgard Foerster Germany
Dr Guglielmo Foffani Italy
Dr Maurizio Fois Italy
Mr Torea Foissotte French Polynesia
Mr Christian Foletto Italy
Mr Ernesto Fontana Italy
Ms Francesca Fontana Italy
Dr Jason Fontana Italy
Mr Lorenzo Fontanella Italy
Mr Philippe Fonteyne Belgium
Mr Bruno Formicola Italy
Mr Marco Forna Italy
Dr Stephen Forrow Spain
Dr Kristoffer Forslund Germany
Dr Alfredo G. Fort Switzerland
Mr Valerio Foscoli Italy
Dr Gianluca Fossati Italy
Dr Rossana Foti Italy
Ms Diane Fournier Canada
Ms Diane Fournier Canada
Mr Kevin Fowler Canada
Dr Sandrine Fraboulet France
Dr Federico Fracassi Italy
Ms Giulia Fracassi Italy
Mr João Frade Spain
Mr Matheus Fragas Brazil
Ms Giulia Fragola Italy
Dr Silke Frahm Germany
Dr Alexandre Fraichard France
Dr Alexandre Fraichard France
Mr Clément Frainay France
Dr Alin Fraitor Romania
Prof Marc Francaux Belgium
Dr Malcolm France Australia
Dr Farina Francesca France
Mr Antonio Franchini Italy
Ms Erica Francia Italy
Ms Valentina Francia Italy
Mr Christian Franco Italy
Dr Nuno Henrique Franco Portugal
Mr Baudon François France
Mrs Raynaud Françoise France
Mr Stefan Frank Germany
Prof Stephan Frank Switzerland
Dr Thomas Frank Switzerland
Dr Kristin Franke Germany
Dr Craig Franklin United States
Dr Tamara Franklin Italy
Dr Pasquale Franzese Italy
Mr Brian Fraser Argentina
Dr Elisa Frasnelli Italy
Ms Giulia Frasson Italy
Mr Ivan Fratta Italy
Ms Chantal Frattini Italy
Dr Simone Frau Italy
Dr Silvia Fre France
Mr Matteo Freddi Italy
Prof Piero Frediani Italy
Mr Asher Freese United States
Michael Freissmuth Austria
Mr Roman Freitag Switzerland
Dr Winrich Freiwald United States
Prof Jeffrey Frelinger United States
Dr Hans-Peter Frey United States
Dr Katharina Frey Germany
Prof Pascal Fries Germany
Mr Mauro Frigerio Italy
Mr Piercarlo Frigero Italy
Ms Elena Frigo Italy
Mr Marco Frigo Italy
Dr Monika Frings Germany
Dr Monika Frings Germany
Mr Christoph Fritschi Switzerland
Prof Jean-Marc Fritschy Switzerland
Ms Aura Frizzati Italy
Dr Leopold Froehlich Austria
Mr Stefano Frontori Italy
Dr Guido Frosina Italy
Mr Alan Frost United States
Mrs Chelsea Frost United States
Dr Antje Fuchs Germany
Mr Armin Fuchs Austria
Prof Hendrik Fuchs Germany
Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer Denmark
Prof Lorena Fuentes Spain
Dr Christophe Fuerer Switzerland
Ms Fiorella Fugaroli Italy
Prof Amodio Fuggi Italy
Mr Andrew Fuller United States
Guido Fumagalli Italy
Dr Marzia Fumagalli Italy
Ms Tiziana Fumagalli Italy
Dr Ursula Fünfschilling Germany
Dr Roberto Furlan Italy
Dr Raoul Furlano Switzerland
Ms Silvia Fusaro Italy
Ms Bianca Fusetti Italy
Ms Giulia Fusetti Italy
Prof Silvano Fuso Italy
Prof Dana Gaddy United States
Dr Sancia Gaetani Italy
Dr Miriam Gaggianesi Italy
Dr Enrico Gagliostro Italy
Mr Bernard Gagne Canada
Amy Gagnon Canada
Prof Margherita Gaiardi Italy
Prof Alexander Gail Germany
Prof Raul Gainetdinov Italy
Alba Gainotti
Prof Guido Gainotti Italy
Ms Margherita Gainotti Italy
Dr Pawe? Gajdanowicz Poland
Dr Marta Gajewska Poland
Marta Gajowa Poland
Prof Beatriz Gal Spain
Mrs Eva Galan Spain
Ms Catalina Galeano France
Mr Pablo Galeano Argentina
Ms Simonetta Galimberti Italy
Ms Allistair Galindo United States
Mr Spencer Gall Canada
Dr Miguel Gallach Austria
Mr Jeroen Galle Belgium
Ms Marisa Gallego United States
Dr Antonella Galli United Kingdom
Prof Cesare Galli Italy
Mr Edoardo Galli Italy
Dr Thierry Galli France
Dr Viola Galligioni Italy
Ms Julia Gallino Argentina
Dr Daniele Gallinotti Poland
Mr Bob Gallo Italy
Mrs Claudia Gallo Italy
Dr Andrea Galmozzi United States
Mr Rafael Galupa France
Dr Bruno Galy Germany
Ms Anna Galyamina Russian Federation
Dr Alessandra Gamberucci Italy
Dr Rina Gamboni Switzerland
Dr Elena Gammella Italy
Mr Niels-Christian Ganderup Denmark
Marina Gandolfi Italy
Marina Gandolfi Italy
Mrs Pasqua Gandolfi Italy
Mr Anindya Ganguly United States
Prof Xiao-Bing Gao United States
Ms Katharina Gapp Switzerland
Dr Urtzi Garaigorta United States
Prof Marcia Garcia Brazil
Dr Yolanda Garcia Ireland
Ms Angélica García Pérez Spain
Ms Carolina Garcia Sabate Spain
Dr Mariano García-Arranz
Dr Mariano García-Arranz Spain
Dr Miguel Angel Garcia-Cabezas United States
Dr Dolores C. García-Olmo Spain
Prof Jose Javier Garcia-Ramirez Spain
Dr Noemie Gardiol Switzerland
Dr Anna Gargiulo Italy
Dr Gaetano Gargiulo Netherlands
Ms Marcela Garnica Brazil
Mr Michael Garrison United States
Mr Alessio Garrone Germany
Alessia Gasparini Italy
Mr Giancarlo Gasparini Italy
Dr Laura Gasparini Italy
Ms Valeria Gasparini Italy
Mr Marco Gasperini Italy
Prof Peter Gass Germany
Ms Chiara Gattazzo Italy
Dr Lorenzo Gatti Italy
Dr Anne-Claude Gavin Germany
Prof María Del Carmen Gayol Argentina
Dr Alessandro Gazzera Italy
Dr Stefania Gazzera Italy
Mr Marco Gazzini Italy
Mr Enrico Gazzola Italy
Ms Charlene Geater United Kingdom
Ms Evelien Gebruers Belgium
Dr Astrid Geldmacher Germany
Dr Joerg Geller Germany
Mr Fabio Gellin Italy
Ms Giana Gelsey United States
Dr Torcuato Gemini United States
Mr Ralph Gentile United States
Mr Matteo Gentili France
Ms Consuelo Geoffroy Chile
Dr Eric George United States
Ms Petya Georgieva Germany
Mr Jorgelina Ger Argentina
Dr Philippe Gerard France
Mrs Verena Gerber Switzerland
Prof Anthony Gerdes United States
Mr Cristian Gerding Norway
Prof Raffaele Geremia Italy
Mr Piotr Gerlach France
Mr Michael Gerloff Germany
Mr Stéphane Germain Switzerland
Ms Lisa Gerner Norway
Joe Gerrity United States
Dr Thomas Gerster Switzerland
Marina Gertsenstein Canada
Dr Montip Gettayacamin Thailand
Mr Tom Gevers Belgium
Mrs Inge Geysen Belgium
Dr Henrik Gezelius Spain
Mr Luca Gheda Italy
Prof Giulio Ghersi Italy
Dr Diego Ghezzi Italy
Dr Sofia Ghiandoni Italy
Mr Claudio Ghilardi Italy
Mr Francesco Ghini Italy
Dr Chiara Ghiron Italy
Ms Rondot Ghislaine France
Mrs Sarieh Ghorbani Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Dr Sanjay Ghosh Canada
Dr Surajit Ghosh India
Ms Giovanna Giacalone France
Dr Claudio Giachino Italy
Mr Paolo Giacobazzi Italy
Ms Chiara Giacomelli Italy
Dr Emiliana Giacomello Italy
Dr Federica Giacometti Italy
Mr Nicolo' Giacometti Italy
Ms Greta Giacomini Italy
Mr Fortunato Giancontieri Italy
Dr Luigi Giancotti Italy
Prof Vincenzo Giancotti Italy
Dr Alice Maria Giani Italy
Dr Alice Maria Giani Italy
Mrs Sara Giani Tagliabue Italy
Ms Alexia Giannakopoulou Greece
Dr Sergio Giannattasio Italy
Dr Carolin Giannini Germany
Dr Elena Giannotti Italy
Dr Mario Giardini United Kingdom
Ms Michele Giardiniere United States
Dr Ekaterina Gibiansky United States
Patrick Gibier France
Dr Sinead Gibney Netherlands
Dr L V Giddings United States
Prof Stan Gielen Netherlands
Mr Jason Giesler United States
Ms Valentina Gigliucci Italy
Mr Stefan Gijssels Belgium
Dr José Gil Spain
Dr Nis Giladi Israel
Mr Andrea Gilli Italy
Ms Caitlin Gillis Australia
Mr Ray Gillis Australia
Dr Jonathan Gilthorpe Sweden
Mr Paul Gimenez France
Dr Jessica Gimpel Chile
Ms Daisy Ginneberge Belgium
Dr Barbara Giordani Italy
Mr Francesco Giordano Italy
Dr Valentina Giorgis Italy
Prof Alfonso Giovane Italy
Dr Montagnani Giovanni Italy
Marco Giovannini Italy
Ms Daria Giovannoni Italy
Dr Roberto Giovannoni Italy
Mr Gabriele Girelli Italy
Dr Nicolas Giret Switzerland
Dr Teri Girtsman United States
Mr Marco Gisellu Italy
Ms Francesca Giudici Australia
Dr Marco Giudici Italy
Dr Andrea Giuffrida United States
Mr Federico Giuliani Italy
Mr Fabrizio Giunta Italy
Mr Michele Giunta Canada
Dr Maurizio Giustetto Italy
Ms Valentina Giusti Italy
Dr Alessio Gizzi Italy
Ms Lucinda Gledhill United Kingdom
Mr Christopher Gleeson Canada
Mr Nelson Glennie United States
Dr Beat Glogger Switzerland
Mr Stefano Gnan Italy
Mrs Paola Gnocchi Italy
Ms Dorota Go??Biowska Poland
Ms Gaia Gobbo Italy
Dr Yukiko Goda Japan
Ms Swetha Godavarthi India
Ms Martina Godel Italy
Dr Cristina Godio Italy
Ms Camilla Godlee Germany
Ms Marlene Godoy Argentina
John Goetzinger United States
Dr Laurent Goffart France
Ms Kadriye Gokkan Turkey
Prof Michael Goldberg United States
Prof Michel Goldberg France
Dr Arnold L. Goldman United States
Mr Jakob Goldmann Germany
Dr Anna Golebiewska Luxembourg
Ms Barbara Golia Germany
Mr Edgar Gomes France
Dr Joao Gomes Portugal
Mr Gibran Gomez Mexico
Prof Maria F Gomez Sweden
Dr Rosa Gomez Colombia
Ximena Gomez Argentina
Dr Camille Gomez-Laberge United States
Dr Elise Gomez-Sanchez United States
Ms Alexandra Gomis Spain
Dr Ana Gomis Spain
Dr Adriana Goncalves Portugal
Dr Alexandre Goncalves Switzerland
Dr Isabelle Goncalves France
Dr Sara Goncalves Portugal
Mr Rithiele Gonçalves Brazil
Dr Patrick Gonin France
Dr Mariela Gonzalez Argentina
Mr Fernando González Mexico
Dr David González-Forero Spain
Ms Iris Gonzalez-Leal Germany
Prof Lorenza Gonzalez-Mariscal Mexico
Dr Jeroen Goossens Netherlands
Ms Jane Gorbunova Russian Federation
Ms Fiona Gordon Canada
Dr Thomas Gorr Switzerland
Jolanta Gorska-Andrzejak Poland
Dr Marcin Gorski Italy
Dr Sylvie Gory France
Dr Claudia Gösele Germany
Mr Joel Goshulak Canada
Dr Yvan Gosmain
Prof Achim Gossler Germany
Ms Debashree Goswami Germany
Prof Michael Gotthardt Germany
Mr Bernard Gotti Italy
Ms Elisa Gotti Italy
Dr Stefano Gotti Italy
Ms Gaby Gotzmann Germany
Dr Ghylene Goudet France
Dr Genevieve Gourdon France
Dr Shannon Gourley United States
Mrs Noelle Gourrege Mauritius
Mr Epameinondas Gousopoulos Switzerland
Prof Marcelo Fabio Gouveia Nogueira Brazil
Umeshree Govender South Africa
Prof Neil Gow United Kingdom
Stephanie Goya Argentina
Ms Beatrice Grabner Austria
Mr Ryon Graf United States
Dr Sian Gramates United States
Ms Valentina Grampa France
Mr Diego Granados Mexico
Mr David Grand United States
Dr Clément Grandin France
Mr Joanes Grandjean Switzerland
Dr Lotta Granholm United States
Laura Grasa Spain
Mr Esteban Grasso Argentina
Francesco Grasso Italy
Prof Alois Gratwohl Switzerland
Mr Andrea Graziadei Italy
Dr Sara Graziadio United Kingdom
Prof Andrea Graziani Italy
Prof Grazia Graziani Italy
Djordje Grbic Switzerland
Dr Thomas Greb Austria
Dr Florian Grebien Austria
Dr David Green South Africa
Norm Green United States
Ms Ana Gregório Portugal
Prof Martin Gregory United States
Dr Francesca Grespi Italy
Prof Jonathan Gressel Israel
Mr Paul Gresser Australia
Dr Melanie Greter Switzerland
Mr Kallan Greybe United Kingdom
Dr Delphine Grezel France
Dr Delphine Grézel France
Dr Giorgia Gri Italy
Mr Michael Griego United States
Ms Kara Griffith United States
Mr Owen Griffiths Mauritius
Mr Luca Grifi Italy
Mr Joscha Griger Germany
Mr Alex Grigg United States
Dr Giuliano Grignaschi Italy
Mrs Katia Grillone Italy
Dr David Robert Grimes Ireland
Ms Brigitte Grimm Austria
Dr Jean Grisouard Switzerland
Dr Marion Gröger Austria
Dr Maik Grohmann Germany
Mr Wolfgang Groll Germany
Dr Kira Gromova Russian Federation
Mr Sasker Grootjans Belgium
Ms Elizabeth Gross United States
Ms Brigitte Gross Scherf Switzerland
Dr Juri Grossi Italy
Dr Matthew Groves United Kingdom
Mr Aaron Grow United States
Dr Michaela Gruber Austria
Mr Thomas Gruber Austria
Prof Wilhelm Gruissem Switzerland
Mr Servan Grüninger Switzerland
Prof Heinz Grunze United Kingdom
Ms Erika Grzebisz United Kingdom
Prof Karl-Heinz Grzeschik Germany
Mrs Noemi Antonella Guadagno Italy
Dr Ana Guadaño Ferraz Spain
Prof Lenira Guaraldo De Andrade Brazil
Mrs Barbara Guarino Switzerland
Dr Francesca Guarino Italy
Francesco Guatieri Italy
Mr Christian Gübeli Switzerland
Dr Marie-Claire Gubler France
Mr Ricardo Gudino Austria
Dr Ilonka Guenther Singapore
Dr Christopher Guérin Belgium
Mr Filippo Guerra Italy
Mr Giuseppe Guerra Italy
Dr Lorenzo Guerrasio Italy
Mr Michele Guerrini Italy
Prof Maria Guerrisi Italy
Ms Nadezhda Guevara Bolivia
Ms Tatiana Guevara Bolivia
Dr Fabio Guggeri Switzerland
Ms Giorgia Guglielmi Germany
Mrs Gabrielle Guichard Chile
Mr Patrick Guidato Germany
Ms Alessia Guidi Italy
Dr Ettore Guidi Italy
Mr Marco Guidi Italy
Ms Micol Guidi France
Mr Riccardo Guidi Sweden
Mr Cazaux Guillaume France
Mr Javier Guillen Spain
Mr Dominique Guiraud France
Ms Emanuela Guizzo
Mr Dexter Gulick Germany
Mr Harry Gulliver United Kingdom
Prof Eckart Gundelfinger Germany
Dr Anja Gundlfinger Germany
Ms Ceren Gunes Turkey
Prof Onur Güntürkün Germany
Dr Caiying Guo United States
Ishaan Gupta Germany
Mr Vishal Gupta India
Dr Dennis Gürgen Germany
Dr Daria Guseva Germany
Ms Karin Gustafsson Sweden
Mr Fernando Gutierrez United States
Mr Santiago Gutierrez Argentina
Dr Hugo Gutierrez De Teran Spain
Dr Ruben Gutzat Austria
Mr Jakob Gutzmann Germany
Ms Elizabeth Guy Canada
Patricia Guyda Canada
Mr Nicolas Guyon France
Ms Anna Guzik-Kornacka Switzerland
Prof Khalil Guzman Mexico
Dr Rita Guzun France
Dr Giulia Guzzo Italy
Mr Vinicius Guzzoni Brazil
Mr Christopher Gwyn United States
Dr Marcel Gyger Switzerland
Dr János Györgyey Hungary
Mr Luc Gys Belgium
Dr Selma H United States
Prof Friedrich Haag Germany
Mr Marc Haber Lebanon
Mr Matthias Haberl France
Dr Gunnar Habermann Gambia
Mr René Hack Netherlands
Dr Claudia Hackenberg Germany
Prof Nadia Haddad France
Ms Karen Haenraets
Mr Bill Hager United States
Prof Richard Hahnloser
Ms Katharina Haigh Belgium
Dr Karolina Hain United Kingdom
Ms Mush Hal Belgium
Prof Thanos Halazonetis Switzerland
Prof Philippe Halban Switzerland
Ms Babet Halberstadt Netherlands
Mr Priyabrata Halder India
Dr Taben Hale United States
Claire Hales United Kingdom
Hadewych Halewyck Belgium
Dr Michael Hall Switzerland
Prof Thomas Hall United States
Dr Lisa Halliday United States
Dr Troy Hallman United States
M Hallsworth United Kingdom
Dr Hewa Hama Ameen United Kingdom
Mr Mikkel Hammer Denmark
Mr Quirin Hammer Germany
Dr Swantje Hammerschmidt Belgium
Mr James Hammond United States
Dr Cheol Han Korea, Republic Of
Mr Eric Hanczyc United States
Ms Max Hannan United Kingdom
Mr Shanan Hannan Germany
Dr Arno Hänninen Finland
Mr Bobby Hannum United States
Dr Jesper Juhl Hansen Denmark
Dr Anita C Hansson Germany
Dr Jenny Hansson Germany
Dr Cecilia Hanzel Canada
Dr Barbara Hänzi Switzerland
Prof Rudolf Happle Germany
Dr Thomas Hardcastle United Kingdom
Mr Sam Hardman United Kingdom
Prof Christian Hardtke Switzerland
Prof Wm David Hardy United States
Dr Brian Harfe United States
Mr Jim Harkness United States
Mr Richard Harris Canada
Dr Patricia Hart United Kingdom
Dr Ludger Hartmann Germany
Dr Till Hartmann United States
Dr Jeffrey Hartnell United Kingdom
Dr Ashot Harutyunyan Austria
Richard Harvey Australia
Dr Stephen Harvey United States
Ms Eva Hasel Germany
Ms Karin Haselbach Germany
Ms Marie Hasenstein United States
Dr Udo Hasler Switzerland
Dr Bassem Hassan Belgium
Dr Kenji Hata Japan
Mr Regan Hauschen United States
Mr Charles Hawkins United States
Mr Charles Hawkins United States
Prof Max Headley United Kingdom
Mr Phillip Hector United States
Dr Fukuyo Hedlund Sweden
Prof Hans Hedrich Germany
Dr Jakob Heidbrink Sweden
Dr Richard Heideman Switzerland
Mr Paul Heikkila United States
Dr Xavier Heiligenstein France
Prof Markus Heim Switzerland
Mr Philippe Heim Switzerland
Dr Maike Heimann Switzerland
Dr Guido Heine Germany
Prof Uwe Heinemann Germany
Mr André Heinen Germany
Ms Olga Heinichen Paraguay
Dr Sophie Heinrich France
Prof Gerhard Heldmaier Germany
Prof Combrisson Helene France
Mr Christian Helker Germany
Dr Lars Hellgren Denmark
Prof Fritjof Helmchen Switzerland
Ms Charlee Helms United States
Mrs Caroline Helmstetter Germany
Mr Jussi Helppi Germany
Dr Martin Hemberg United States
Dr Fiona Hemming France
Prof Andrew Hemphill Switzerland
Mr Jeroen Hendrikx Netherlands
Prof Michael Hengartner Switzerland
Mr Bastian Henkel Germany
Rebecca Henry United States
Prof Matthias Hentze Germany
Dr Helene Heon Canada
Prof Klaus Hepp Switzerland
Dr Jacki Heraud Austria
Yann Herault France
Dr Martin Herber Germany
Dr Jean-Paul Herman
Mr Mario Hermann Switzerland
Prof Katleen Hermans Belgium
Dr Irm Hermans-Borgmeyer Germany
Ms Paula Daniela Hermida Argentina
Dr Agustin Hernandez Spain
Dr Ana Lucia Herrera Mexico
Ms Carmen Lucia Herrera Guatemala
Dr Sandra Herrero Gonzalez United Kingdom
Prof Richard Herrmann Switzerland
Mrs Karolin Herrmanns Switzerland
Mr Daniel Herschel United States
Ms Sarah Hertz United States
Dr Sébastien Herzig Switzerland
Dr Etienne Herzog France
Ms Veronika Herzog Austria
Prof Wiebke Herzog Germany
Dr Michael Hesse Germany
Mr James Hester United States
Dr Robert Hester United States
Mrs Sina Heydrich Germany
Prof Juan Hidalgo Spain
Dr Takashi Hiiragi Germany
Ms Ellen Hilgenberg Germany
Mr Michael Hill United Kingdom
Mr Peter Hinchliffe Ireland
Dr Robert Hindges United Kingdom
Mrs Isabelle Hininger-Favier France
Mr Robert Hinrichsen Canada
Fred Hintze United States
Mr Michael Hinz Germany
Dr Helene Hirbec France
Dr Sibylle Hirsch Switzerland
Ms Antje Hirsekorn Germany
Dr Warren Hirst United States
Ms Susanne Hobbach South Africa
Dr Harald Hoeger Austria
Dr Maja Hoegg-Beiler Germany
Dr Christian Hoerner Germany
Ms Rebecca Hoffman United States
Prof Ingrid Hoffmann Germany
Ms Claudia Hoge Germany
Mr David Hogg Canada
Dr Peter Hohenstein United Kingdom
Mr Denis Hökenek Switzerland
Mr Tom Holder United Kingdom
Prof Matthew Holley United Kingdom
Mrs Helen Holmes United Kingdom
Jeannine Holschbach Germany
Sebastian Holst Denmark
Dr Thomas Holthausen France
Mr Christopher Holzer United States
Ms Katharina Holzinger Switzerland
Prof Gregg Homanics United States
Dr Judith Homberg Netherlands
Dr Johanna Hoog Germany
Dr Tycho Hoogland Netherlands
Mr Stefan Hopf Austria
Ms Katrin Hörmann Austria
Mr Rastislav Horos Slovakia
Mr Brecht Hortensius Belgium
Ms Ladina Hösli Switzerland
Dr Fabian Hosp Germany
Ms Isabelle Houberdon France
Mr Louis Houdebine France
Prof Lindsay Hough United States
Mrs Isabelle Houle Canada
Dr Herod Howard United States
Ms Laura Howe United Kingdom
Dr Pam Howell United States
Mr Richard Howland-Bolton United States
Dr Nai-Hua Hsiao Taiwan, Province Of China
Dr Yuhui Hu Germany
Mr Ziqiang Huang China
Mr Yosef Huberman Argentina
Dr Jojanneke Huck Germany
Mrs Janina Hueer Germany
Dr Andrew Hufton United Kingdom
Dr Stefanie Hügel Germany
Dr Marc Hulin United States
Dr Jens Humrich Germany
Dana Hunter United States
Dr Gyorgy Hutvagner Australia
Ms Annemarijn Huygens Canada
Ms Mathilde Huyghe France
Mrs Lynda Hynes Australia
Prof Nancy Hynes Switzerland
Ms Deborah Hynx Switzerland
Ms Deborah Hynx Switzerland
Dr Maria C Iapalucci Italy
Prof Derlis A. Ibarrola Paraguay
Prof Dagmar Iber Switzerland
Mr Stanislaw Iber Australia
Dr Laura Icardi Belgium
Mr Jaroslav Icha Germany
Mr Daniele Ielo Germany
Dr Raffaele Iennaco Italy
Prof Cornel Igna Romania
Dr Tomasz Ignac Luxembourg
Ms Valentina Ignatova Austria
Dr Fumiyo Ikeda Austria
Mr Sasho Ikonomovski Austria
Mr Vinodh Ilangovan Germany
Prof Subburaj Ilangumaran Canada
Mr Placido Illiano Italy
Ms Amy Illingworth United Kingdom
Mr Martino Impemba Italy
Mr Rijk In T Veld Germany
Dr Tania Incitti Italy
Camilla Ingvorsen Denmark
Dr Daigo Inoue Japan
Dr Salvatore Intravaia Italy
Mr Fabrizio Introini Italy
Dr William Invernizzi Italy
Dr Giulia Inverso Sweden
Ms Maritza Inza United States
Dr Sorana Ionescu Romania
Dr Ilaria Iosue Italy
Dr Vita Maria Ippolito Italy
Ms Begum Irkdas Turkey
Ms Katharina Irl Germany
Dr Joy Irobi Belgium
Mr Thomas Irving United Kingdom
Dr Hue Isabelle France
Dr Murat Iskar Germany
Dr Renat Islamov Kazakhstan
Mr Hesham Ismail Switzerland
Dr Arcangela Iuso Germany
Mr Yaroslav Ivanov Russian Federation
Daniela Ivanova Germany
Mr Davor Ivanus Croatia
Prof Fredrik Ivars Sweden
Prof Isabel Ivorra Spain
Keerthana Iyer France
Mr Alessandro Izzo Italy
Dr Sabrina Jabs Germany
Dr Cathy Jackson France
Ms Nicole Jackson United Kingdom
Ms Daria Jacob France
Dr Simon Jacob Germany
Mr Nicholas Jacobs Germany
Dr Marisa Jaconi Switzerland
Mr Frédéric Jacquot France
Dr Amol Jadhav United States
Dr Amol Jadhav United States
Prof Andre Jaecklin Switzerland
Dr Graciela Jahn Argentina
Ms Ipsa Jain India
Dr Som Akshay Jain India
Mrs Varsha Jain India
Mr Sumit Jaiswal Switzerland
Mrs Catherine Jamard France
Prof Richard James Switzerland
Dr Sue James Australia
Mr Sumitash Jana India
Dr Dumont Janine France
Dr Carsten Janke France
Ms Eva Janse Netherlands
Dr Bernd Janssen United States
Prof Peter Janssen Belgium
Mr Thomas Janssens Belgium
Ms Natalie Jaran United States
Mr Michael Jardine Australia
Dr Ernst Jarosch Germany
Ms Wendy Jarrett United Kingdom
Dr Anne Järve Germany
Dr Alison Jarvis United States
Dr Jean Jaubert France
Dr Jonathan Javitch United States
Dr Cecile Jeanpierre France
Mr De Cavel Jean-Pierre France
Dr Paulina Jedynak Spain
Mr Brian Jeffries United States
Stefano Jeitziner Switzerland
Dr Domhnall Jennings United Kingdom
Mr Fabian Jenny Switzerland
Prof J David Jentsch United States
Mrs Suekyoung Jeon Korea, Republic Of
Mr Miha Jerala Slovenia
Dr Boris Jerchow Germany
Dr Manuel Jimenez Diaz Netherlands
Dr Ewa Joachimiak Poland
Mrs Camila Jobim Brazil
Mrs David Johnson United States
Mr Neil Johnson Canada
Mr Nicholas Johnson United Kingdom
Ms Penny Johnson United Kingdom
Mr Shem Johnson Switzerland
Ms Stephanie Johnson United States
Ms April Johnston United States
Genevieve Jolivet France
Ms Julie Jonckheere France
Ms Ashley Jones Canada
Mr G. Lucy Jones United States
Ms Hannah Jones United States
Prof Theresa Jones United States
Walt Jones United States
Prof Marcel Joniau Belgium
Ms Kia Jordan United States
Dr Rositsa Jordanova Germany
Prof Sven Jordt United States
Dr Balazs Jori Netherlands
Mr Sansen Joris France
Ms Nicola Joseph United Kingdom
Mr Christophe Joubert France
Ms Josephine Juettner Switzerland
Dr Florian Jug Germany
Mr Igor Jukic Bosnia And Herzegovina
Dr Nicolas Jullien France
Dr Natalia Juncosa United States
Ms Manisha Juneja Germany
Dr Marie-Louise Jung France
Dr Ulrike Jung United States
Mr Marc Junker Germany
Dr Bianca Jupp United Kingdom
Dr Nathalie Jurisch Belgium
Dr Giorgia Jurisic Switzerland
Mr Ilja Jurkovic Italy
Mr Christopher Jury United States
Dr Armin Just Germany
Dr Grzegorz Juszczak Poland
Ms Sharika K M India
Mr Ozan K?L?Çkaya Turkey
Prof Leszek Kaczmarek Poland
Ms Sema Kaderli Switzerland
Eric Kadikowski Germany
Prof Bill Kaemmerer United States
Dr Igor Kagan Germany
Dr Marcus Kaiser United Kingdom
Ms Tahere Kalantary Germany
Dr Roland Kälin Germany
Mr Dzmitry Kaliukhovich Belgium
Kamal Kallab Lebanon
Dr Marzuk Kamal France
Mr Mohammad Azhar Kamal Italy
Mr Kautuk Kamboj India
Mr Andrew Kamerosky United States
Thomas Kammertoens Germany
Dr Judith Kandemir Germany
Dr Benoît Kanzler France
Katerina Kaouri Cyprus
Mr Alexey Kaplan United States
Mr Harris Kaplan Austria
Valeria Kaplan United Kingdom
Dr Shankar Kapnoor India
Mr Piyushkumar Kapopara Germany
Mr Viktor Kapp Switzerland
Ms Nirit Kara Israel
Mr An?L Karabulut Turkey
Ms Ismene Karakasilioti Greece
Dr Ioannis Karakasiliotis Greece
Dr Georgios Kararigas Germany
Ms Pavlína Karásková Czech Republic
Rezaul Karim Austria
Ms Sophia Karok Ireland
Manikandan Karuppasamy France
Dr Nachiket Kashikar
Prof Alexander Kasumyan Russian Federation
Prof Martin Kater Italy
Ms Aggeliki Katsifa Greece
Dr Thomas Kaufmann
Mr Christoph Kaun Austria
Ms Sanna Kauppinen Finland
Ms Amanpreet Kaur Finland
Mr Deepak Kaushik India
Mr Dmitriy Kavyazin United States
Ms Berna Kaya Turkey
Mr Mike Kaye United States
Ms Yasemin Kaygusuz Turkey
Mr Sean Keane United States
Dr J Keays
Mr Girish Kedar Netherlands
Mr Alan Keenleside Australia
Mr Aaron Kehl United States
Dr Colin Kelcey United Kingdom
Prof Beat Keller Switzerland
Dr Claudia Keller Switzerland
Dr Georg Keller Switzerland
Dr Matthieu Keller France
Mr Andrew Kelly United Kingdom
Ms Ilana Kelsey United States
Dr Stephen Kempf United States
Ms Jacqueline Kensler United States
Dr Sybille Kenzel Germany
Ms Agnes Kepa United Kingdom
Dr Ronald Kephart United States
Mr Roger Kern United States
Ms Maria Kesa Estonia
Ms Isil Keskin Sweden
Mr Tero Keski-Valkama Finland
Mr Marcus Kessler Germany
Ms Karissa Ketelhut United States
Mr Olivier Keunen Luxembourg
Ms Elvira Khachatryan Belgium
Kseniya Khamina Austria
Mr Mirali Khatibi Tabatabaei Canada
Dr Oksana Khokhlova Russian Federation
Mr K Khoo Australia
Dr Budhachandra Khundrakpam Canada
Dr Emma Kidd United Kingdom
Dr Elisa Kieback Germany
Ms Maria Kiersgaard Denmark
Mr Adam Kijowski Switzerland
Ms Khrievono Kikhi Germany
Prof Stavros Kiliaridis Switzerland
Prof Ben Kilminster Switzerland
Dr Sarah Kimmina Germany
Ms Kristy Kinchen United States
Mr Geoffery King United States
Dr Daniel Kiper Switzerland
Thomas Kirby United States
Mr Laurens Kirkels Netherlands
Ms Emma Kirkpatrick United Kingdom
Dr Joanna Kirkpatrick Germany
Dr John Kirkpatrick United Kingdom
Mr Paul Kirkpatrick Ireland
Dr Peter Kirkwood United Kingdom
Dr Marie Kirsten Germany
Ms Ekaterina Kiryukhina Russian Federation
Mr Maxim Kiryushin Russian Federation
Prof Andreas Kispert Germany
Christine Kivork United States
Mr Flip Klatter Netherlands
Mr Carsten Klein Germany
Dr Kerstin Kleinschmidt Germany
Dr Jan Klohs Switzerland
Mr Alex Klomp Netherlands
Mr Ulrich Kloz Germany
Dr Isabel Klusman Switzerland
Mr Max Knickmeyer Germany
Mr Raphael Knoepfel Switzerland
Prof Bernard Knoops Belgium
Dr Lisa Knowles United States
Dr Paul Knowles Switzerland
Dr Wendy Knowlton United States
Dr Irene Knuesel Switzerland
Dr Per Knutsen Norway
Mr Hikaru Kobayashi García Spain
Dr Michael Koch United States
Ms Natalia Kochanova Russian Federation
Miriam Koeberl Austria
Prof Gottfried Koehler Austria
Dr Uwe Koelsch Germany
Mr Ulrich Koestner Germany
Mr Daniel Kofink Germany
Anett Köhler Germany
Mr Gregory Kohn United States
Patrícia Kok Marinho Da Silva Portugal
Dr Thomas Kolbe Austria
Prof George Kollias Greece
Dr Heike Kollmus Germany
Ms Ena Kolundzic Croatia
Steffi Könen-Waisman Germany
Ms Kristine Kongsbak Denmark
Dr Taco Kooij Germany
Dr Maksym Kopanitsa United Kingdom
Ms Neha Koratamaddi United Kingdom
Mr Lovro Koren? Slovenia
Mr Andrew Kornilov Russian Federation
Mrs Anna Koskinen Finland
Dr Ann Kosobud United States
Ms Sabine Kossmann Germany
Christina Köster Switzerland
Dr Vassiliki Kostourou Greece
Ms Michelle Kothe Australia
Dr Alexandra Koumoutsi Germany
Ms Kleopatra Kouroupaki Greece
Mr Aleksandar Kova?Evi? Croatia
Mr Marcin Kowrygo Poland
Prof Karen Koy United States
Ms Yana Koycheva Bulgaria
Ms Paulina Koza Poland
Ms Luise Kraas Germany
Dr Alexandre Kraev Canada
Mr Rudolf Kraftsik Switzerland
Mr Ivan Kraljevi? Croatia
Dr Robert Kralovics Austria
Ms Sabine Kranz Germany
Dr Marina Krasilshchikova Russian Federation
Dr Alexander Kraskov United Kingdom
Dr Simon Krattinger Switzerland
Mr Dominik Kraus Switzerland
Mr Henning Krause Germany
Terri Krause United States
Mr Eric Kravetz United States
Mrs Marja Kreike Belgium
Prof Andreas Kreiter Germany
Dr Anneke Kremer Belgium
Dr Johanna Kremer Hovinga Switzerland
Dr Olympia Kremmyda Greece
Mr Fabian Kriegel Germany
Dr Jeroen Krijgsveld Germany
Dr Suresh Krishna Germany
Mr Kashyap Narayan Krishnasamy Germany
Ms Ana Krolo Austria
Mr Michiel Krols Belgium
Mr Christian Kropf Switzerland
Dr Dimitrije Krstic Switzerland
Dr Roland Krueppel Switzerland
Mr Rolf Kruesi Switzerland
Dr Kristine Krug United Kingdom
Ms Eileen Kruger Chile
Dr Janna Krüger Germany
Prof Egbert Kruithof Switzerland
Mr Jan Krupi?Ka Czech Republic
Dr Konstantin Krychtiuk Austria
Dr Uros Krzic Germany
Ms Marine Krzisch Switzerland
Dr Min-Chi Ku Germany
Ms Blanka Kubesova Czech Republic
Dr Annette Kuehn Luxembourg
Dr Andrea Kuemmerle Luxembourg
Ms Astrid Kugler
Mr Nicholas Kuhn Germany
Dr Arun Kumar India
Dr Rashmi Kumar Italy
Mr Susheel Kumar India
Mr Krishna Kumar S. India
Ms Vandana Kumari Germany
Mr Stefan Kunert Germany
Ms Séverine Kunz Germany
Mr Maniselvan Kuppusamy Italy
Ms Barbara Kupr Switzerland
Mr Pradeep Kuravi Belgium
Ms Ekaterina Kushnir Russian Federation
Mr Lukasz Kutner Poland
Matthew Kuzinski United States
Mr Armin L United Kingdom
Lauren L United States
Ms Francesca La Cava Italy
Dr Veronica La Padula Germany
Mrs Rosanna La Rocca Italy
Dr Catherine Labbaye Italy
Prof Andrew Lackner United States
Dr Joseph Ladapo United States
Dr Ellen Ladenheim United States
Ms Alicia Lagarto Cuba
Dr Natalia Lago Uruguay
Mr Michael Laing United Kingdom
Mr Daniel Laird Australia
Dr Naima Lajud Mexico
Mr Daniel Lakatos Hungary
Dr Vibor Laketa Germany
Dr Eve Laloy France
Ms Ling Ning Lam Singapore
Dr Magda Lam Australia
Mr Silvio Lamberti Italy
Prof Bernhard Lämmle Switzerland
Dr Tina Lampe Germany
Ms Elena Lamperti Italy
Ms Giulia Lamperti Italy
Dr Bjoern Lamprecht Germany
Dr A. Lanca Canada
Dr Carlisle Landel United States
Matteo Landi Italy
Mrs Margaret Landis United States
Mr Gregory Landkamer United States
Prof Lukas Landmann Switzerland
Dr Jose Landron Puerto Rico
Prof Domenico Lanfranchi Italy
Dr Christian Lange Belgium
Mr Urs Langen Germany
Ms Hanna Langhorst Germany
Mr Robert Langley United Kingdom
Dr Alessio Lanna United Kingdom
Dr Guillermo Lanuza Argentina
Romano Lanzani Italy
Marco Lanzilotto Italy
Dr Kfir Lapid Germany
Dr Marie-Eve Laramée Canada
Mr Adán Lara-Mejía Mexico
Dr Lionel Larue France
Dr Maria Jesus Latasa Spain
Andrew Latham United States
Dr Louis Latrasse France
Dr Richard Latt Canada
Mr Josh Lauber United States
Mr Alfredo Laudani Italy
Mr Balazs Laurenczy Switzerland
Dr Brault Laurent Switzerland
Mr Frederic Laurent Switzerland
Mr Levallois Laurent Mauritius
Patrick Laurent United Kingdom
Mr Potier Laurent France
Ms Ploquin Laurie France
Mr Ivano Lauriola Italy
Dr Filomena Lauro Italy
Mr Kasper Laursen Denmark
Pilar Lauzurica
Dr Benoit Laventie Switzerland
Mr Mathew Lavery United States
Dr Patrizia Lavia Italy
Mr Brian Lavin United States
Mr David Lawrence Switzerland
Ms Christine Lawrie Australia
Mr Leslee Lazar India
Mr Stefano Lazzari Italy
Dr Isabelle Le Brun France
Dr Anne Le Faou France
Mr Frederic Le Gac France
Dr Clementine Le Magnen United States
Dr Nicolas Le Novere United Kingdom
Dr Maelle Le Pottier Switzerland
Prof Paul Leblanc Canada
Arthur Leblois France
Dr Loris Leboffe Italy
Dr Salvatore Lecca France
Dr Laure Lecoin France
Dr Lukas Leder Switzerland
Dr Birgit Ledermann Switzerland
Dr Chris Lee Netherlands
Mr Gerick Lee United States
Dr H. Sean Lee Germany
Prof Tosso Leeb Switzerland
Dr Sylvie Lefebvre Belgium
Ms Coralie Lefevre France
Mr Philippe Lege France
Ms Hanna Lehmann Germany
Ms Janet Lei Germany
Prof Salomé Leibundgut Switzerland
Dr Orsolya Leidecker Hungary
Dr Andrea Leisewitz Chile
Dr Vladimir Leksa Austria
Monique Lemieux United States
Prof Roger Lemon United Kingdom
Dr Megan Lenardon United Kingdom
Jordana Lenon United States
Dr Tiziano Lenzi Italy
Dr Tiziano Lenzi Italy
Dr Damiana Leo Italy
Mr Pietro Leo Italy
Ms Sonia Leonardelli Italy
Mr Tommaso Leonardi United Kingdom
Mr Dario Leone Italy
Prof Roberto Leone Italy
Ms Silvia L. Lepore Italy
Ms Arja Leppaenen Finland
Ms Arja Leppanen Finland
Dr Flora Leptourgidou Greece
Dr Véronique Leray France
Prof Francesco Lescai Denmark
Ms Lauriane Lescalier France
Prof Laurent Lescaudron France
Mr Markus Lesch Germany
Prof Micah Leshem Israel
Dr Jori Leszczynski United States
Joaquin Letelier Chile
Prof Francis Levi France
Prof Sonia Levi Italy
Prof Marian Lewandowski Poland
Mr Christopher Lewis United States
Mr Galen Lewis Australia
Dr Bingsi Li United States
Mr Chenghan Li China
Ms Diana Li United States
Dr Jin Li Austria
Mr Ting Li United Kingdom
Ms Maddalena Libardi
Ms Sarah Libbrecht Belgium
Mr Carlo Liberati Italy
Mr James Librizzi United States
Mr Nicola Licheri Italy
Prof Walter Lichtensteiger Switzerland
Dr Rosette Lidereau France
Mr Falk Lieder Switzerland
Dr Stefan Lienenklaus Germany
Mr John Liesch Canada
Dr Matteo Ligabue Italy
Dr Thomas Lilin France
Heidi Liljenbäck Finland
Prof Roland Lill Germany
Ms Sol Lim Korea, Republic Of
Prof Thereza Lima Brazil
Mr Gen Lin Germany
Dr Daniele Linaro Italy
Mr David Lind United States
Dr Stinus Lindgreen New Zealand
Mr Gondichatnahalli Manjappa Lingaraju Switzerland
Dr Cilene Lino De Oliveira Brazil
Prof Thomas Lion Austria
Dr Geraldine Liot France
Dr Tatiana Lipina Canada
Ms Federica Lippolis Italy
Dr Bertoluzza Lisa France
Ms Valeria Listorti Italy
Dr Qing Liu United States
Rui-Feng Liu China
Dr Tianxiao Liu Austria
Dr Michela Lizier Italy
Dr Pietro Lo Riso Italy
Dr Valentina Lo Sardo United States
Dr Giuseppe Locatelli Germany
Massimo Locati Italy
Dr Michela Locci United States
Paolo Loddo
Mr Markus Loeven Netherlands
Prof Nicola Elio Lofrumento Italy
Dr Darren Logan United Kingdom
Ms Jane Logan Australia
Mrs Paula Logue United Kingdom
Prof Ingrid Lohmann Germany
Prof Martin Lohse Germany
Dr Joanna Loizou Austria
Dr Laurent Lol France
Mr Stefano Lombardi Italy
Mr Davide Lombardo Italy
Mr Daniele Lonati Italy
Mr Taurus Londono United States
Mr Shahnaz Lone India
Dr Tapio Lonnberg United Kingdom
Dr Maarten Loos Netherlands
Dr Jan Lopatar Switzerland
Dr Jose Lopes United States
Ms Claudia Lopez Chile
Dr Francisco Lopez Finland
Prof Asuncion Lopez-Calderon Spain
Dr Guillermoç Lopez-Lluch Spain
Prof Jose Antonio Lopez-Moreno Spain
Dr Javier Lopez-Rios Switzerland
Ms Kirsi Loponen Finland
Carolin Lorber Switzerland
Prof Fabrizio Loreni Italy
Mrs Helle Lorentsen Denmark
Mr Pascal Lorentz Switzerland
Mr Felix Lorenz Germany
Ms Fabbri Lorenza Iris Italy
Mr Francesco Lorenzin Italy
Dr Antonello Lorenzini Italy
Mr Rossi Lorenzo Italy
Mr Cristian Lorenzutti Italy
Dr Andrea Loro Italy
Mr Marc Loths New Zealand
Dr Stefano Lottini Italy
Mr Maxim Lovat Russian Federation
Dr Heather Lpk De S United States
Dr Traini Luca Italy
Caterina Lucano Italy
Dr Fabio Lucca Italy
Dr Cristina Lucchetti Italy
Ms Anne Luchtenbirg Switzerland
Mrs Fabrizi Lucia Italy
Dr Alessandro Luciani Switzerland
Mr Tiziano Luciani Italy
Mr Carlo Lugnan Italy
Mr Enoch Luis Mexico
Paolina Lumino Italy
Prof Andrew Lumsden United Kingdom
Dr Rebecca Lumsden United Kingdom
Jerry Lundergaard United States
Prof Ove Lundgren Sweden
Dr Richard Lundmark Sweden
Dr Christian Lupinek Austria
Terri Lupo United States
Mr Giorgio Luppi Italy
Prof Giuseppe Luppino Italy
Mrs Eleonora Lusito Italy
Dr Henry Lütcke Switzerland
Mr Joel Lüthi Switzerland
Mr Jörg Lütkemeier Germany
Mr Marco Luttazzi Italy
Samy Lyes Germany
Dr Wendy Lynch United States
Danielle Lyons United States
Mrs Déb M France
Dr Biao Ma United Kingdom
Dr Fei Ma United States
Dr Nan Ma Germany
Ms Maestro Mª Teresa Spain
Prof Caroline Maake Switzerland
Dr Philipp Maass Germany
Ms Sandra Maass Germany
Dr Cristina Maccallini Italy
Mr Jack Macdonagh Ireland
Dr Gwen Macdonald Switzerland
Dr Marcia Macdonald Canada
Ms Ana Maceiras Oliveira Portugal
Prof Benedito Machado Brazil
Prof Halina Machelska Germany
Dr Matylda Macias Poland
Mr João Macías Portugal
Mr Marco Maciga Italy
Dr Pompeo Macioce Italy
Mr Carlo Macis Italy
Mr John Maclean Australia
Dr Aidan Macnamara United Kingdom
Mr Sai Maddala United Kingdom
Prof Marco Madella
Dr Claire Mader France
Ms Sherrie Mader Australia
Dr Michele Madonna Italy
Juan Madoz Spain
Dr Noelia Madroñal Italy
Dr Britta Maecker-Kolhoff Germany
Mr Jan Maes Belgium
Ms Langouet Maéva France
Ms Claudia Maffeo Italy
Dr Fulvio Magara Switzerland
Dr Andrea Maggiore Italy
Dr Elena Magnani Italy
Prof Mauro Magnani Italy
Dr Maria Grazia Magro Germany
Dr Sean Maguire United States
Dr Nancy Mah Germany
Mr Gilles Mahe France
Dr Robert Mahen Germany
Mrs Jasmin Mahler Germany
Mr Paulo Maia Portugal
Mr Alexander Maier United States
Ms Julia Maier Austria
Mrs Luisa Maier Germany
Dr Patrick Maier Switzerland
Dr Flavio Maina France
Dr Marco Mainardi Italy
Dr Marco Mainardi Italy
Mr Davide Mainero Italy
Mrs Giulia Mainetti Italy
Dr Davide Mainieri Italy
Dr Domenico Maione Italy
Dr Francesco Maione Italy
Prof Stefano Maiorana Italy
Mr Florian Mair Switzerland
Mr David Mairhofer Austria
Dr Jean-Léon Maître Germany
Prof Joel Majerowicz Brazil
Ms Maureen Maker United States
Jen Makowsky Canada
Mr Michael Malaman Italy
Dr Daniela Malan Germany
Dr Fiorella Malchiodi-Albedi Italy
Dr Carolina Maldonado
Mr Gary Male Germany
Dr Gabriele Malengo Germany
Dr Edoardo Malfatti France
Dr Moritz Mall Germany
Dr Jacques Mallah United States
Prof Massimo Mallardo Italy
Ms Anna Malliri Greece
Dr Cinzia Mallozzi Italy
Dr Walter Malorni Italy
Dr Maria Maltzeva Russian Federation
Dr Matteo Malvezzi Italy
Ms Padma Malyala United States
Mr Andrey Malyshkin Russian Federation
Dr Manuel Mameli France
Dr Mykola Mamenko United States
Mr Rashad Mammadov Turkey
Dr Marina Manara Italy
Dr Laura Mancinelli Italy
Ms Marzia Mancini Israel
Ms Paulina Mancini Argentina
Mr Riccardo Mancuso Switzerland
Dr Sanja Mandaric Switzerland
Mr Vinay Mandati France
Dr Manuela Mander Italy
Ms Nicoletta Mander Italy
Mr Jan-Albert Manenschijn Spain
Dr Barbara Manfredi Italy
Prof Fredric Manfredsson United States
Prof Shyamala Mani India
Ms Elisa Manieri Spain
Dr Ivana Manini Italy
Ms Katharine Mankelow United Kingdom
Prof Daniela Männel Germany
Prof Christine Mannhalter Austria
Elena Mannino Italy
Dr Valerio Mante Switzerland
Dr Renato Mantegazza Italy
Mr Silvio Manti Australia
Ms Martina Mantovan Italy
Andrea Mantovani
Dr Susanna Mantovani Australia
Mr Simonutti Manuel France
Dr Oliverio Manuela Italy
Markus Manz Switzerland
Mr John Manzi France
Ms Francesca Mapleston Italy
Dr Francesco Marangoni United States
Mr Saccomani Marc France
Prof Enrico Marcantoni Italy
Dr Paolo Marcarino Switzerland
Dr Paolo Marcarino Switzerland
Giancarlo Marchese Italy
Mr Vittorio Marchioni Italy
Caterina Marchioretti Italy
Prof Pier Carlo Marchisio Italy
Dr Danilo Marcodoppido Italy
Prof Fernanda Marcondes Brazil
Mr Gabriele Marconi Italy
Dr Edoardo Marcora United States
Dr Alessandro Marelli Italy
Ms Ambra Giulia Marelli Italy
Ms Sara Marelli United Kingdom
Pol Margalef Spain
Mr Tommaso Mari Italy
Rios Mariana Argentina
Ms Alessia Mariani Italy
Ms Gabriella Mariani Italy
Ms Pauline Marichy France
Prof Valeria Marigo Italy
Ms Vesna Marijanovi? Croatia
Prof Oscar Marin Spain
Mr Michal Marin?Ák Czech Republic
Mr Stefano Marina Italy
Prof Daniele Marinazzo Belgium
Dr Stephane Marinesco France
Dr Massimo Marini Italy
Ms Monica Marini Italy
Dr Stephen Marino Germany
Mr Francesco Mariotti Italy
Laura Mariuzzi Italy
David Marjanovi? Germany
Dr Florian Markowetz United Kingdom
Ms Vera Marks Germany
Dr Anastasios Marmaras Switzerland
Dr Franca Marongiu Italy
Mr Marco Marongiu Italy
Prof Peter Maroy Hungary
Ms Andreia Marques Germany
Dr Veronica Marrella Italy
Ms Elena Marroni Italy
Ms Brigitte Marshallsay Germany
Mr Yan Martel-Kennes Canada
Mr Gianluca Martena Italy
Mr Bruce Martin United States
Prof Bruce Martin United States
Ms Eliana Martin Italy
Dr Emmanuel Martin France
Prof Ivan Martin Switzerland
Prof Kevan Martin Switzerland
Dr Mary Martin United States
Mr Nicolas Martin France
Dr Zane Martin United States
Dr Gabriele Martina Italy
Dr Sabina Martinenghi Italy
Dr Juan Martinez Spain
Ms Amalia Martínez Spain
Mr Miguel Martínez Spain
Dr Cristina Martinez Gonzalez Switzerland
Dr Ana Martinez H. Germany
Mr Hernando Martinez Vergara Germany
Elisa Martini Italy
Mr Alessio Martino Italy
Dr Anna Martino Italy
Mr Christian Martinoli Italy
Dr Manuel Martin-Ortiz Mexico
Prof Jean.Claude Martinou Switzerland
Ms Letizia Martorana Italy
Dr Juan Carlos Marvizon United States
Ms Mila Marvizon United States
Dr Sabine Masanetz Germany
Mrs Michela Masetti Italy
Antonio Masi Italy
Mr Owen Mason United States
Dr Federico Massa France
Dr Filippo Massa France
Prof Renato Ignazio Massa Italy
Mr Nicola Massaiu Italy
Mr Rodolfo Massara Italy
Prof Andre Massensini Brazil
Ms Diana Massi Italy
Ms Diana Massi Italy
Mr Fabio Massidda Italy
Mrs Giulia Massolino Italy
Dr Roohollah Massoudi Netherlands
Mr Davide Mastrorilli Italy
Ms Paola Masuzzo Belgium
Prof Hana Matejovska Kubesova Czech Republic
Dr Lajos Mates Hungary
Ms Trisha Mathers Australia
Ms Anu Mathew Switzerland
Dr Rajamma Mathew United States
Chantal Mathis France
Mr Mikolaj Matloka Poland
Stacey Matsuoka United States
Prof Toshiya Matsushima Japan
Ailsa Mattaj Germany
Prof Iain Mattaj Germany
Mr Alessandro Mattedi Italy
Mr Daniele Mattei Germany
Dr Elisabetta Mattei Italy
Dr Gianluca Matteoli Italy
Michela Matteoli Italy
Ms Katharina Mattes Austria
Mr Giulio Matteucci Italy
Ms Mie Mattheijssens Belgium
Mrs Susann Matthes Germany
Prof Patrick Matthias Switzerland
Mr Romano Matthys Switzerland
Ms Irene Mattiola Italy
Dr Simone Mattiola Italy
Dr Benedetta Mattioli Italy
Ms Camilla Mattucci Italy
Dr Maria Matveenko Austria
Dr Campitelli Maura France
Prof Marcus Maurer Germany
Dr Federico Mauri Belgium
Dr Elisa Maurizio Italy
Prof Alex Mauron Switzerland
Mrs Charlotte Mauron Switzerland
Ms Daniela Mayer Austria
Ms Teresa Mayer Austria
Dr Uwe Mayer Italy
Mr Wolfgang Mayer Germany
Mr Stephen Mayhugh United States
Mr Tom Mayo United Kingdom
Dr Jean-Xavier Mazoit France
Prof Joseph Mazurkiewicz United States
Dr Daniela Mazzà Italy
Mr Francesco Mazzaferro Italy
Dr Pierluigi Mazzei Italy
Ms Denise Mazzella Italy
Prof Robin Mcallen Australia
Dr Brian Mccabe United Kingdom
Ms Teresa Mccabe United Kingdom
Prof Peter Mccaffery United Kingdom
Melissa Mccarthy Canada
Mr Noah Mccarty United States
Helen Mccormick Australia
Prof Iain Mcewan United Kingdom
Dr J D Mcfarland United States
Dr Jill Mcgaughy United States
Dr Sabrina Mcilwrath United States
Ms G. Rowan Mcintyre United States
James Mckaskle United States
Dr Leanne Mckay United Kingdom
Mr Terry Mckay Canada
Mr Brendan Mckinney United States
Mr Joshua Mckinnon Australia
Prof Andrew Mcmahon United States
Ms Janine Mcmillan Canada
Ms Kaitlin Mcnally Switzerland
Mr Daniel Mcnaught Mexico
Dr Bruce Mcneely Canada
Mr Dan Mcpeek United States
Mr Edward Mealy Ireland
Manuela Medelin Italy
Prof Pieter Medendorp Netherlands
Dr Laura Mediani Italy
Dr Satish Medicetty United States
Dr Merlijn Meens Switzerland
Cathleen Meerheim Germany
Ms Silvia Mega Italy
Mr Aram Meguerian Brazil
Mr Muneshwar Mehra India
Dr Maryam Mehrpour France
Ms Courtney Meilleur Canada
Prof Peter Meister Switzerland
Mrs Rebeca Mejias Spain
Mr Durga Praveen Meka India
Ms Alessia Melani Italy
Dr Valentina Mele Switzerland
Mr Dario Melgari United Kingdom
Prof Rosa Marina Melillo Italy
Dr Miriam Melis Italy
Dr Pâmela Mello-Carpes Brazil
Mr Matthew Melnick United States
Mr Luca Meloni Italy
Dr Marco Meloni United Kingdom
Dr Ulrike Meltzer Germany
Ms Marie Menard France
Dr Niccolo Mencacci Italy
Ms Laura Mendoza Mexico
Prof Pablo Menendez Spain
Mr Josef Menghele Germany
Dr Paola Menichini Italy
Mr Demis Menolfi Italy
Mr Anuj Menon India
Dr Manoj Menon Germany
Dr Denis Menshykau Switzerland
Ms Katharina Menz Germany
Ms Daniela Mercatelli Italy
Mr Agustine Mercau Argentina
Dr Daphne Merkus Netherlands
Mr Alberto Merli Italy
Prof Giorgio Roberto Merlo Italy
Prof Nic Mermod Switzerland
Dr Marcello Merola Italy
Mrs Alice Meroni Italy
Dr Víctor Meseguer Spain
Dr Angela Messina Italy
Mr Sanjeev Metikala Germany
Mr Mario Metzler Switzerland
Dr Leander Meuris Belgium
Dr Frank Meye France
Mr Adrian Meyer Switzerland
Ms Elisabeth Meyer Switzerland
Charlotte Meylan Switzerland
Dr Hamid Meziane France
Mr Marcelo Mezzano Chile
Dr Laura Mezzanotte Italy
Mr Fabio Miazzi Italy
Mrs Stefanie Michael Germany
Mr Jonathan Michaels Germany
Ms Gabriela Michel Mexico
Prof Martin Michel Germany
Mr Pascal Michel France
Mr Giordano Bruno Michela Italy
Ms Sara Michelazzi Italy
Dr Pauchard Michele France
Prof Bernard Micheli Mexico
Prof Vanna Micheli Italy
Mr Davide Michelini Italy
Dr Alphée Michelot France
Dr Odysse Michos United Kingdom
Mr Emanuele Middonti Italy
Ms Jenifer Miehlbradt Switzerland
Prof Adriana Erica Miele Italy
Ms Ewa Miendlarzewska Switzerland
Mr Edoardo Migliori Italy
Mr Enrico Migliorini Italy
Mr Massimo Migliorini Italy
Dr Melina Mignani Italy
Dr Cristina Miguelez Spain
Ms Eva Mihailovska Austria
Mr Enric Mila Vilalta Spain
Mr Tin Miladinovi? Croatia
Mr Niccolò Milanesi Italy
Mr Pedro Milanez-Almeida Germany
Ms Giulia Milazzo Italy
Ms Cécile Milet France
Prof Michel Milinkovitch Switzerland
Dr Kathleen Millen United States
Dr Cassandra Miller United States
Mr Eric Miller United States
Ms Katharine Miller Germany
Prof Kenneth Miller United States
Prof Steven Miller United States
Dr Michael Milsom Germany
Ms Lisa Milton Canada
Ms Barbara Mindt Canada
Mr Roberto Minelli Italy
Dr Laurens Minerva Belgium
Dr Giulia Claudia Minetti Switzerland
Dr Manuela Minguzzi Italy
Ms Laura Minnich Germany
Elisabeth Minthorn United States
Ms Silvia Miorelli Italy
Dr Marta Miquel Spain
Dr Hegias Mira Netherlands
Ms Carmen Mirabelli Italy
Mr Kevin Miracle
Ms Yolanda Miralles Spain
Prof Francisco J Miranda Spain
Dr Maria Elena Miranda Banos Italy
Ms Anja Mirenska Germany
Mr Kirill Mischenko Russian Federation
Dr Archana Mishra Germany
Mr Micha? Misiowiec Poland
Mr Michal Misiowiec Poland
Ms Tvisha Misra Switzerland
Dr Caterina Missero Italy
Dr Donald Mitchell Canada
Mr Antonio Mitrano Italy
Dr Nicholas Mitsios Sweden
Dr Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid Austria
Dr Hans-Willi Mittrücker Germany
Mr Sergio Mocci Italy
Dr Kazufumi Mochizuki Austria
Mr Agostino Modarelli Italy
Mr David Moddrelle United States
Mr Martin Moder Austria
Dr Mike Modo United States
Dr Sebastian Moeller Germany
Mr Benjamien Moeyaert Belgium
Mr Hasan Mohammad Finland
Dr Shabaz Mohammed United Kingdom
Dr Fabio Mohn Austria
Dr Timothy Mohun United Kingdom
Dr Nagaraj Moily India
Mr Marco Angelo Molgora Italy
Mr Claudia Molina Chile
Ms María Jesús Molina Spain
Dr Matteo Molinari Italy
Dr Roberto Molinaro Italy
Mr Mauro Moliterni Italy
Mr Gergo Mark Molnar Italy
Mr Matteo Molteni Sweden
Mr Marc Moltó Spain
Ms Alessandra Monaco Italy
Mr Keith Monaghan Ireland
Dr Marco Monciardini Italy
Dr Paolo Monciardini Italy
Mrs Beatrice Mongili Italy
Duval Monique France
Ms Thea Monks Australia
Prof Vincent Monnier United States
Dr Anna Montagnini France
Dr Xavier Montagutelli France
Prof Yenny Montalbetti Paraguay
Sonia Montanari Canada
Dr Jacqueline Montanaro Austria
Ms Maura Montani Italy
Mr Vincenzo Montano Italy
Mr Francesca Montarolo Italy
Mr César Monteiro Portugal
Dr Fernando Montero Spain
Giovanni Montesano Italy
Dr Corinne Montes-Rodriguez Mexico
Mr James Montgomery Australia
Ms Karen Montijo United States
Dr Lluis Montoliu Spain
Prof Lorella Montrasio Italy
Mr Alessio Montuoro Austria
Elizabeth Moody United States
Dr Penny Moody-Corbett Canada
Prof Lieve Moons Belgium
Dr Matthias Moor Switzerland
Dr Darcie Moore Switzerland
Dr Rodrigo Moore Chile
Felipe Mora
Ms Daiana Morales Brazil
Dr Daniele Morandini Italy
Dr Marco Morandotti Portugal
Prof Michele Morari Italy
Ms Marta Morawska Switzerland
Dr Christophe Moreau France
Dr Jacqueline Moreau Belgium
Dr Pierre Morel France
Mr Giovanni Morelli Italy
Dr Roy Morello United States
Dr Bernardo Moreno Spain
Alessandro Moretta Italy
Mr Claudio Moretti Italy
Dr Massimo Moretti Italy
Ms Corinne Morettini Italy
Prof Carla Morgado Portugal
Prof David Morgan United States
Mr Matteo Mori Italy
Mr Raffaele Mori Belgium
Tiziana Moriconi Italy
Dr Rosie Morland United Kingdom
Dr Elisabetta Moro Italy
Sara Morosini Italy
Ms Laura Morra Italy
Prof Kendall Morris United States
Mrs Myra Morrison United States
Dr Brooke Morriswood Austria
Dr Martina Morrone Italy
Prof A Leslie Morrow United States
Mr Nicolò Morselli Italy
Mr Norman Mortell United Kingdom
Mr Chris Morton United States
Mr James Morton United States
Mr Renato Moruzzi Italy
Prof Janusz Mory? Poland
Mr Nicola Moscato Italy
Dr Anna Moser Austria
Mr David Moser Austria
Ms Mirjam Moser Austria
Valentina Mosienko Germany
Matthew Moskal United States
Dr Maria Cristina Mostallino Italy
Mr David Mota Portugal
Jean-Pierre Mothet France
Mr Patrick Mott Canada
Dr Paola Motta Italy
Prof Vassilis Mougios Greece
Mr Vincent Mouly France
Prof Daniel Moura Portugal
Mrs Larissa Mourao France
Prof Carolina Mourelle Argentina
Dr Philippos Mourikis France
Nabor Moya Bolivia
Chengetai Mpamhanga Belgium
Prof Adele Mucci Italy
Dr Domenico Mucedola Italy
Dr Elisabetta Mucedola Italy
Mr Alasdair Muckart New Zealand
Ms Irene Mudarra Spain
Mr Kiran Kumar Mudnakudu Nagaraju Germany
Mr Jens R. Mueller
Mr Joel Mueller United States
Ms Kristina Mueller Austria
Dr Markus Mueller Austria
Dr Markus Mueller Austria
Clarissa Muere United States
Dr Manolo Mugnaini Italy
Ms Christine Muheim Switzerland
Prof Oliver Mühlemann Switzerland
Dr Dominique Mühlematter Switzerland
Narendra Mukherjee United States
Mrs Sofiya Mukhina Russian Federation
Ms Tanzila Mukhtar Switzerland
Mr Ben Mulcahy United Kingdom
Dr Christophe Mulle France
Dr Christina Muller Germany
Mr Andreas Müller Switzerland
Dr Christoph W. Müller Germany
Ms Lena Müller Switzerland
Dr Matthias Müller Switzerland
Dr Michaela Müller France
Dianne Mullikin United States
Mr James Mullin United States
Ms Eva Munarriz Spain
Dr Pedro Muniesa Spain
Mr Gianfranco Munizza Italy
Dr Alba Muñoz Spain
Mr Felipe Muñoz Chile
Mr Fernando Muñoz Spain
Dr Luis Muñoz Spain
Dr Mªcarmen Muñoz Spain
Dr Alberto Mura Italy
Dr Manuele Muraro Switzerland
Mr Mosè Muraro Italy
Ms Laurent Muriel Belgium
Pavel Murin Russian Federation
Dr Anne Murphy United States
Dr Mary Murphy Ireland
Mr Tytus Murphy United Kingdom
Dr Rabih Murr Switzerland
Dr Jennifer Murray United Kingdom
Mr Patrick Murray United Kingdom
Mrs Liudmila Mus Russian Federation
Mrs Francesca Musacchio Italy
Mr Simon Musall Switzerland
Ms Melanie Muschalla Germany
Dr Carolina Muscoli Italy
Dr Ian Musgrave Australia
Dr Anna Musto Italy
Mr Liam Musto United Kingdom
Mr Jean-Denis Muys France
Mr Oleg Mykhailenko Ukraine
Ms Ellen Na Germany
Dr André Nadler Germany
Prof Sophie Nadot France
Prof Janice Naegele United States
Mr Maarten Naeyaert
Mr Daniel Nagel Germany
Kristina Nagy Canada
Dr Karen Nahmod United States
Ms Wiebke Nahrendorf United Kingdom
Prof Yasushi Nakagawa United States
Prof Irena Nalepa Poland
Ms Maddalena Nano Italy
Dr Francesco Napoletano France
Mr Goran Narancic Croatia
Ms Ana Naranjo Spain
Mr Ramanathan Narayanan Germany
Dr Carmela Nardelli Italy
Dr Denise Nardelli-Haefliger Switzerland
Dr Giacomo Nardi Spain
Ms Valentina Nardone Italy
Dr Heather Narver United States
Dr Marco Natangelo Italy
Mr Andrew Natenshon United States
Ms Duret Nathalie France
Ms Heike Naumann Germany
Dr M. Paz Nava Spain
Dr Porfirio Nava Mexico
Dr Angelica Navarra Italy
Dr Manuel Navarro Spain
Prof Xavier Navarro Spain
Francesca Navone Italy
Mr Arshed Nazmi India
Ms Gabriele Ndiaye Germany
Mr Thomas Neal New Zealand
Mr Felix Neate United Kingdom
Prof Lucia Negri Italy
Dr Maria Victoria Neguembor Italy
Mr Roel Neijts Netherlands
Dr Gerfried Nell Austria
Brenda Nelson United States
Dr Sergio Nemirovsky Argentina
Ms Sara Nencini Italy
Mr Giovanni Nergro Italy
Mrs Maria Teresa Neri Italy
Mr Nikola Neskovic Austria
Ms Anna Nestorova Swaziland
Annette Neubueser Germany
Prof Jean-Marc Neuhaus Switzerland
Prof Stephan Neuhauss Switzerland
Mr Dennis Neukirch Germany
Dr Beate Neumann Germany
Dr Frank Neumann Switzerland
Dr Claudia Neunaber Germany
Dr Martha Neuringer United States
Prof Delminda Neves Portugal
Dr Christian Newcomer United States
Dr Emily Newman France
Mr Gilbert Ng United Kingdom
Ms Mai Chi Nguyen Canada
Mr Jianguang Ni China
Dr Francesco Nicassio Italy
Mr Michele Nicastro Italy
Mr Todd Nichols United States
Dr Daniel Nicholson United Kingdom
Dr Simone Niclou Luxembourg
Mr Baumann Nicolas Switzerland
Ms Livia Nicolini Italy
Dr Dana Niculae Romania
Dr Yan Nie France
Mr Carlos Niebla Mexico
Prof Andreas Nieder Germany
Dr Henrik Nielsen Denmark
Dr Peter Nielsen Germany
Prof Heiner Niemann Germany
Dr Edyta Niemczyk Poland
Prof Angela Nieto Spain
Dr Marta Nieto Spain
Thierry Nieus Italy
Prof Paul Nieuwenhuis Netherlands
Mr Raymond Nieves United States
Prof Erich Nigg Switzerland
Dr Sebastian Nijman Austria
Dr Ivana Nikic Germany
Mr Alexandros Nikolaou Belgium
Dr Enzo Nisoli Italy
Prof Cordula Nitsch Switzerland
Prof Lucio Nitsch Italy
Dr Roberto Nitsch Austria
Dr Harini Nivarthi Austria
Dr Monica Nizzardo Italy
Dr Gianfranco Nizzero Italy
Marta Nizzero Italy
Ms Sara Nizzero Italy
Prof Rainer Nobiling Germany
Mr Testa Noé France
Mr Jonah Nolf Belgium
Dr Christiane Nolte Germany
Dr Daan Noordermeer Switzerland
Raymond Noriega United States
Ms Rada Norinsky United States
Ms Lenea Norskov-Lauritsen Denmark
Mr Oscar Nossan Italy
Dr Patricia Nossov United States
Dr Samuele Notarbartolo Switzerland
Ms Myriam Noto Italy
Dr Tomoko Noto Austria
Mr Mattia Nova Italy
Mr Lukas Novak Czech Republic
Mrs Julie Nover-Horn United States
Polina Novikova Austria
Dr Clara Novo Portugal
Ms Terry Nugent United States
Dr Thomas Nühse United Kingdom
Mrs Heather Null United States
Mr Antti Numminen Finland
Dr Queralt-Rosinach Núria Spain
Dr Gretel Nusspaumer Switzerland
Dr Mario Nuvolone Switzerland
Ms Benedicte Nuyttens Belgium
Dr Andrea Nuzzo Italy
Ms Floriana Nuzzo Italy
Dr Seth Nydam United States
Mrs Julie Nys Belgium
Mr Darragh O Toole Ireland
Ms Ana Obaya United Kingdom
Ms Julia Obenauer Netherlands
Dr Michael Oberdorfer United States
Ms Karina Oberheide Germany
Mr Oreste Oberto Tarena Italy
Ms Macarena Ocaña Chile
Mr Kevin O'connell Ireland
Dr Eoin Oconnor Switzerland
Dr Robert O'connor Australia
Mr Russu Octav Romania
Dr Gianenrico Odazzi Switzerland
Dr Sergio Oddi Italy
Prof Frank Odds United Kingdom
Mr Felix Oden Germany
Prof Alex Odermatt Switzerland
Mr Corrado Odescalchi Italy
Prof Bryan Ogden Singapore
Dr Delphine Oguey Switzerland
Dr Kevin O'hair United States
Mrs Irina Okkelman Russian Federation
Dr Kai Õkva Estonia
Dr Sally Old United Kingdom
Mr Sebastian Olényi Germany
Dr Andrzej Oles Germany
Mr Serge Oleynik Russian Federation
Dr Baldo Oliva Spain
Dr Davide Olivari Italy
Mr António Oliveira Portugal
Dr Taiana Oliveira Brazil
Dr Orazio Oliverio Italy
Dr Luca Olivi Italy
Dr Daniel Olivieri Netherlands
Nadine Olk Germany
Dario Olly Italy
Ms Rune Olwen Germany
Dr Maggie O'meara United States
Mr Gerard Ompad Philippines
Dr Martin O'neill United Kingdom
Silvia Onesti Italy
Dr Jozef Ongena Belgium
Dr Lieve Ongena Belgium
Ms Isabel Onofre Portugal
Dr Marco Onorati Italy
Dr Robert Oostenveld Netherlands
Dr Tony Oosterveen United Kingdom
Mr Tobias Opialla Germany
Prof Bastian Opitz Germany
Prof Mark Opp United States
Mr David Oprandi Italy
Ioan Opris United States
Prof Guy Orban Italy
Anders Örbom Sweden
Dr Iris Oren United Kingdom
Ms Johanna Orlik Germany
Dr Gayle Orner United States
Dr Francesca Orsini Italy
Dr Anna Osiak Germany
Dr Daniel Osorio France
Ms Anja Osterbrink Germany
Dr Marianne Ostermayer Switzerland
Dr Marco Osterwalder Switzerland
Mr Stefano Osti Italy
Jelena Ostojic Serbia
Dr Adam Ostrowski United Kingdom
Dr Pedro Otaegui Spain
Dr Shotaro Otsuka Germany
Mr Domingo Ottati Italy
Mr Ethan Otteson United States
Mrs Eleonora Ottina Austria
Dr Matthias Ottinger Germany
Mr Marco Ottino Italy
Mrs Nicole Otto Germany
Ms Renate Otto Austria
Dr Dominique Ouellet United States
Mr Steve Owen United Kingdom
Dr Devon Owens United States
Mr Michel Owusu Austria
Prof Annette Oxenius Switzerland
Mr Ahmet Tugrul Ozdemir Turkey
Dr Sevim Ozgur Germany
Mrs Gul Ozturk Turkey
Ms Anna Pacelli United Kingdom
Dr Martin Pacher Germany
Mr Andrea Pacini Italy
Mr Stefano Padelli Italy
Dr Dario Padovan Italy
Dr Jerome Pagani United States
Dr Leda Paganini Italy
Dr Angustias Page Spain
Dr Michael Page Germany
Ms Nicole Pagella Italy
Ms Aurelie Pager France
Dr Giulia Pagliarani
Ms Sarah Pagliaro Brazil
Mr Frank Paino United States
Dr Simona Paladino Italy
Dr Marco Palandri Italy
Ms Caterina Palange Italy
Ms Teri Palangio Canada
Pietro Palatini Italy
Dr Andrés Palencia Spain
Prof Alvisa Palese Italy
Dr Mark Palfreyman Austria
Prof Sarah Pallas United States
Ms Elena Pallone Italy
Prof Ed Palmer Switzerland
Prof Carlo A. Palmerini Italy
Ms Michela Palmieri United States
Mr Umberto Palmieri Italy
Mr Emilio Palumbo Italy
Prof Giuseppe Palumbo Italy
Mr Claudio Palvarini Italy
Dr Daniela Panakova Germany
Mr Davide Panciera Italy
Laura Pancrazi Italy
Dawn Panda United States
Ms Concetta Panebianco Italy
Prof Alberto Panerai Italy
Dr Terence Pang Australia
Dr Luca Pangrazzi Italy
Dr Lia Panman United Kingdom
Maria Pannell Germany
Mr Evangelos Panpoulos Switzerland
Dr Giacomo Pantalone Italy
Dr Minerva Panteli Romania
Dr Rosa Chiara Paolicelli Switzerland
Alessio Paolini Italy
Dr Magdalena Paolino Austria
Ms Silvia Paolucci Netherlands
Ms Laura Paone Italy
Mr Francesco Paonessa Italy
Ms Letizia Papa Italy
Dr Piyi Papadaki Greece
Dr Marietta Papadatou-Pastou Greece
Prof Virginia Papaioannou United States
Dr Andrea Papait Italy
Dr Francesco Papaleo Italy
Dr Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis France
Ms Maria Papanikolaou United Kingdom
Mr Christoforos Papasavvas United Kingdom
Dr Irene Papatheodorou United Kingdom
Prof Mariusz Papp Poland
Mr Omar Antonio Pappalardo Italy
Mr Dario Parazzoli Italy
Prof Ruggero Pardi Italy
Prof Luis Pardo Germany
Prof Jose Antonio Pariente Spain
Dr Silvia Parisi Italy
Ms Su-Jin Park Germany
Mr Alan Parker United Kingdom
Prof Andrew Parker United Kingdom
Joseph Parker United States
Laura Parker United Kingdom
Dr Jan Parker-Thornburg United States
Dr Valerio Parma Italy
Dr Elena Parmigiani Italy
Ms Cristina Parola Italy
Prof Vladimir Parpura United States
Dr Edoardo Pasca Italy
Dr Bastian Pasche Germany
Mr Arabib Pascucci Italy
Debora Pasquali Italy
Ms Eva Passalacqua Italy
Ms Diana Passaro Italy
Roberto Passatore Italy
Ms Tiziana Passigato Italy
Dr Eden Paster United States
Mr Alberto Pastor Spain
Prof Manuel Pastor Spain
Dr Giada Pastore Italy
Prof Lucio Pastore Italy
Pablo Pastore Argentina
Dr Anitha Pasupathy United States
Prof Patrizia Paterlini Brechot France
Dr Silvano Paternoster Italy
Vincenzo Patruno Italy
Dr Piero Patteri Italy
Mrs Kathy Patterson United States
Dr Lucy Patterson Germany
Ms Diane Patzer United States
Mr Alex Paul Germany
Ms Federica Paulesu Italy
Dr Björg Pauling Germany
Ms Sara Pautasso Italy
Dr Kris Pauwels Belgium
Mr Jean Paviot France
Mr Daniel Pavlinovic Croatia
Dr Guillaume Pavlovic France
Dr Marat Pavlyukov Russian Federation
Mr Vinay Pawar Germany
Mrs Karen Peak United States
Dr Tommaso Pecchia Italy
Ms Maria Pecoraro Italy
Dr Michela Pecoraro Italy
Mr Thomas Lin Pedersen Denmark
Ms Caterina Pedersini Italy
Ms Elizabeth Peek United States
Dr Caterina Pegoraro Italy
Philippe Peigneux Belgium
Dr Cynthia Pekow United States
Dr Vicent Pelechano Germany
Dr Paola Pellanda Italy
Dr Michela Pellizzoni Italy
Mr John Peloquin United States
Mr Arturo Penco Italy
Vera Pendino Italy
Jane Pennifold United Kingdom
Prof Josef Penninger Austria
Dr Carlos Penno Switzerland
Dr Maria Pennuto Italy
Mr Christopher Penny United Kingdom
Ms Astrid Pentz Switzerland
Mr Richard Pentz Austria
Mr David Penzel United States
Dr Maja Peraica Croatia
Dr Luis Peraza United Kingdom
Dr Carlo Perego Italy
Dr Jorge Pereira Switzerland
Luis Pereira Portugal
Ms Elena Perenthaler Italy
Dr Maria Peres Brazil
Dr Paloma Perez Spain
Miriam Pérez Spain
Mr Rodrigo Pérez Ortega Mexico
Prof Ana Perez-Castillo Spain
Dr José Pérez-Castiñeira Spain
Dr Jesús Pérez-Losada Spain
Dr Damian Perez-Mazliah Argentina
Dr Paolo Perfetti Italy
Mr Claudio Peri Italy
Mr Giorgio Perich Italy
Ms Martina Perin Switzerland
Mr Giovanni Perini Italy
Mr Thomas Perli Italy
Dr Laura Perlini Italy
Ms Valentina Perrera Italy
Dr Daniel Perrien United States
Ms Catherine Perrodin Germany
Prof Isabelle Perroteau Italy
Dr Cristiana Perrotta Italy
Ms Sara Persico Italy
Ms Irene Personeni Italy
Magnus Persson Sweden
Dr Antti Pertovaara Finland
Prof Olivier Pertz Switzerland
Ms Adelaide Peruzzi Italy
Dr Alessandro Peruzzi Italy
Dr Paolo Peruzzo Italy
Prof Roberto Pesce Italy
Dr Enrico Pesenti Italy
Prof Augusto Pessina Italy
João Pessoa Portugal
Mrs Alina Peter Germany
Prof Antoine Peters Switzerland
Ms Lien Peters Belgium
Dr Robert Peters United States
Dr Bent Petersen Denmark
Dr Tim Petersen United States
Lindy Peterson United States
Dr Robert Peterson United States
Mr Massimo Petretich Germany
Dr Marco Peviani Italy
Dr Philippe Pfeifer Switzerland
Ms Karin Pfisterer Austria
Ms Anne-Laure Pham-Hung France
Mr David Philip Italy
Ms Regina Philipp Germany
Dr Roland Philipp United Kingdom
Dr Aurélie Philippe Germany
Dr Chavrier Philippe France
Prof Jacques Philippe Switzerland
Susanne Philippi France
Dr Marjolaine Philit Switzerland
Mrs Nancy Phillips United Kingdom
Mr Neil Phillips United Kingdom
Dr Giulia Piaggio Italy
Dr Elisa Piaia Italy
Dr Annalisa Pianta Italy
Mr Luca Piazza Switzerland
Ms Antonia Piazzesi Italy
Ms Francesca Pibiri Italy
Prof Didier Picard Switzerland
Dr Gaelle Picarda France
Dr Elia Piccinini Switzerland
Ms Flavia Piccioni Argentina
Dr Laura Piccoli Italy
Dr Laura Piccoli Italy
Mr Giordano Pico Italy
Ms Theresia Pieler Austria
Mr Antonio Piemontese Italy
Mr Alessio Pieraccioni Italy
Mr Alessandro Pierazzo Italy
Mr Gaham Pierce United Kingdom
Mr Jacopo Pieri Italy
Ms Francesca Pieropan Italy
Dr Regnard Pierrick France
Dr Grazia Pietrini Italy
Ms France Pietri-Rouxel France
Prof Daniela Pietrobon Italy
Prof Telmo Pievani Italy
Mr Andrea Piga Italy
Mr Sébastien Pigeot Switzerland
Dr Antonella Pignatari Italy
Mr Emanuele Pignatti Switzerland
Mr Artur Pilacinski Germany
Mr Luca Pilia Italy
Dr Maria Pilla Italy
Dr Ramesh Pillai India
Mr Valerio Pilo Italy
Fanny Pilot-Storck France
Dr Roxana Pincheira Christmas Island
Dr Alessandra Pincini France
Ms Vera Pinheiro France
Dr Pedro Pinheiro De Almeida France
Dora Pinho Portugal
Dr David Pinson United States
Dr Belen Pintado Spain
Dr Milena Pinto United States
Mr Sérgio Pinto Switzerland
Roberta Pintus Italy
Diana Piol Italy
Georges Piriou Italy
Ms Paola Pisacane Italy
Francesca Pischiutta Italy
Dr Marta Piscitelli Italy
Mr Valentino Pisegna Italy
Ms Joanna Piskorowska Poland
Prof Anna Pistocchi Italy
Ms Agnieszka Piszczek
Ms Adriana Pitino Italy
Ms Marky Pitts United States
Ms Roberta Piuca Italy
Ms Francesca Pivari Italy
Mr Antonio Pizzo Italy
Mrs Maria Placentino Italy
Dr Susann Placzko Germany
Dr Jasper Plaisier Netherlands
Dr Veronique Planchamp Switzerland
Dr Daniela Platano Italy
Mr Rene Platzer Austria
Paolo Plevani Italy
Prof Vladimir Pliska Switzerland
Dr Anne Plück Germany
Prof Ryszard Pluta Poland
Dr Paola Pocar Italy
Prof Roland Pochet Belgium
Ms Anna Podczaska Poland
Prof Delia Marina Podea Romania
Dr Lucia Poggi Germany
Ms Mariagrazia Pogliani Italy
Mr Herve Pointu France
Dr Remy Poirey France
Dr Colline Poirier United Kingdom
Dr Rita Polati Italy
Dr Inga Poletaeva Russian Federation
Dr Valentina Poli Italy
Prof Valeria Poli Italy
Mr Kenneth Polit United States
Mr Carlo Politi Italy
Mr Steve Pollard United Kingdom
Ms Lisa Pollaro Italy
Prof Franck Polleux United States
Simona Polo Italy
Dr Mircea Polosan France
Prof Giuseppe Pompucci Italy
Dr Federico Ponchio Italy
Mr Igor Pongrac Germany
Ms Olga Ponomarova Germany
Mr Sebastiano Pontalti Italy
Mr Enrico Pontello Italy
Dr Giovanna Ponti Italy
Dr Luisa Ponzoni Italy
Ms Mihaela Popa Norway
Prof Mircea Ioan Popa Romania
Ms Anna Popek Poland
Mr Ivo Popivanov Belgium
Prof Laura Popolo Italy
Ms Elena Porcelli Italy
Dr Susanna Porcu Italy
Dr Esteban Porrini Spain
Prof Hartmut Porzig Switzerland
Dr Maria Silvia Possas Brazil
Britten Postma United States
Ms Laura Postolache Germany
Ms Sheetal Potdar India
Prof Ingo Potrykus Switzerland
Prof Steven Potter United States
Dr Catharina Poulet Germany
Mrs Julie Poulin France
Mr Joel Pouliot United States
Prof Michael Poulter Canada
Dr Florent Poyer France
Dr Samantha Pozzi Italy
Mr Federico Pozzoni Italy
Dr Antonio Prado Spain
Mr Bharat Prajapati India
Mr Siva Praksam India
Ms Blanka Pranjic Austria
Prof Maria Prat Italy
Dr Diana Prata United Kingdom
Ms Patricia Pratt United States
Mr Matteo Precerutti Italy
Dr Valentina Predazzi Italy
Prof Thomas Preiss Australia
Ms Silvia Preite Italy
Ms Nina Prengemann Austria
Mr Thomas Prentis Czech Republic
Mr Roberto Previtera Italy
Mr Matteo Priamo Italy
Mr Ivan Priano Italy
Dr Lawrence Price United States
Dr Clare Pridans United Kingdom
Ms Laura Prina Cerai Switzerland
Ms Laura Prina Cerai Switzerland
Dr Antonio Privitera Italy
Dr Giuseppe Procaccianti Italy
Mr Paul-Luuk Profijt Netherlands
Dr Chris Proudfoot United Kingdom
Dr Michel Provence Canada
Dr Sarah Pruett United States
Ms Solenn Pruvost France
Mr Lukasz Przybyl Germany
Dr Andrea Pucci Italy
Luca Pucci Switzerland
Prof Carlo Pucillo Italy
Mrs Viola Puddinu Italy
Mr Pino Puddu Italy
Mr Miro Puggioni Italy
Mr Matteo Puglisi Italy
Mr Josh Pultorak United States
Dr Emanuela Pupo Italy
Dr Bettina Purfürst Germany
Dr Keith Purpura United States
Ms Alicja Puscian Poland
Mrs Sylvia Putak France
Mr Pavel Puzerey United States
Mr Laurie Pycroft United Kingdom
Dr Pawel Pyk Switzerland
Mr Taimoor Hasan Qazi Pakistan
Mr Tianwu Qiao China
Dr Giorgia Quadrato Italy
Dr Luca Quagliata Switzerland
Carolina Quaranta Italy
Dr Maria Teresa Quaranta Italy
Dr Roberto Quaranta Italy
Ms Aude Queixalos France
Dr Roberta Queliti Italy
Ms Irma Querques Italy
Dr Cliodhna Quigley Germany
Prof Miguel Quintanilla Spain
Dr Cesar Quintero Marmol Ivan Mexico
Dr V R United States
Dr Tatiana Rabachini Switzerland
Prof Luiza Rabelo Brazil
Dr Eugenii Rabiner United Kingdom
Dr Sylvie Rabot France
Dr Alexander Rack Germany
Ms Katharina Radakovics Austria
Mr Gligor Rade?I? Croatia
Ms Branka Radic Austria
Ms Egle Radice Switzerland
Ms Inja Radman United Kingdom
Prof Freddy Radtke Switzerland
Mr Bogdan Radu Romania
Mr Žarko Radulovi? Croatia
Dr Lorenzo Raeli Italy
Mr Eric Raemdonck Canada
Mrs Katarzyna Rafa Poland
Dr Daniela Ragancokova Germany
Ms Sara Raggi Italy
Ms Chiara Ragni France
Maurizio Ragni Italy
Maurizio Ragni Italy
Ms Aliénor Ragot France
Ms Susann Rahmig Germany
Dr Reinout Raijmakers Netherlands
Dr Francesco Raimondi Italy
Dr Paola Raimondi Italy
Dr Giulia Rainato Italy
Dr Charlis Raineki Canada
Prof Gregor Rainer Switzerland
Ms Bushra Rais Germany
Dr Michal Rajski Switzerland
Ms Sabine Rakotobe France
Mr Alan Ralph United Kingdom
Mr William Ralvenius Switzerland
Dr Tamara Ramadan United Kingdom
Ms Nirupama Ramanathan Germany
Dr Sheela Ramanathan Canada
Dr Damiano Rami Italy
Mr Michael Rammerstorfer Austria
Dr Pedro Ramos Switzerland
Dr Luca Rampoldi Italy
Dr Ede Rancz United Kingdom
Dr Wayne Randall United States
Mr Martin Rao Germany
Dr Sudheendra Rao India
Dr Iuksel Rasit Romania
Mr Alessandro Rastelli Italy
Mr Rinstinkt Rat Albania
Mrs Elena Ratcliff United Kingdom
Dr Birgit Rathkolb Germany
Mr Dirk Rathlev Germany
Dariusz Ratman Poland
Dr Marion Ratterree United States
Mrs Felicita Ratti Austria
Dr Silvia Ratti Argentina
Dr Isabella Rauch Austria
Dr Stefan Rauschen Germany
Mrs Sonia Ravanelli Italy
Mr Alberto Ravarino Italy
Dr Nicoletta Ravasio Italy
Dr Sergio Ravasio Italy
Dr Silvia Ravera Italy
Prof Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath India
Ms Alice Ravizza Italy
Ajit Ray India
Mr Forest Ray United States
Ms Melanie Rayl Sweden
Mrs Françoise Raynaud France
Mr Peste Razor Italy
Ms Domenica Rea Italy
Dr Laura Read United Kingdom
Dr Stuart Read Australia
Ms Katia Real United Kingdom
Mr Carmine Recar Italy
Dr Chiara Recchi United Kingdom
Prof Antonio Recchiuti Italy
Prof Donald Redmond United States
Prof Martin Rees United Kingdom
Dr Gersina Rega-Kaun Austria
Mr Claudia Rege Cambrin Italy
Mr Doron Regev United States
Mr Alessandro Reginato Italy
Dr Silvia Reginato Italy
Dr Pierrick Regnard France
Ms Maria Rei Portugal
Christian Reichhold Germany
Dr Kurt Reifenberg Germany
Louise Reilly United Kingdom
Prof Kerstin Reimers Germany
Ms Katrin Rein Spain
Dr Gregor Reither Germany
Antonella Rella United States
Dana Relph United States
Prof Han Remaut Belgium
Prof Xavier Remesar Spain
Dr Chantal Rémy France
Mr Jorge Renard Spain
Dr Jaime Renart Spain
Mr Renaud Renault France
Mr Simon Renders Germany
Dr Oliver Renner Spain
Ms Susanne Rensing Germany
Dr Daniele Repetto Germany
Dr Rizzieri Repetto Italy
Anna Repic Austria
Dr Marko Repic Austria
Dr Michael Repucci United States
Dr Herwig Requardt France
Ms Claudia Reschke Germany
Dr Barbara Ressel Italy
Ms Lisa Michelle Restelli Switzerland
Dr Ralf Rethmeier Germany
Prof Crameri Reto Switzerland
Dr Jon Reuter United States
Mr Alejandro Reyes Mexico
Dr Claude-Agnès Reynaud France
Mr David Reynolds United Kingdom
Mrs Olga Reznikova Russian Federation
Mr Jon Rhodes United Kingdom
Mr Manuel Ribbeck Germany
Dr Paolo Ribeca Spain
Ms Ana Ribeiro Portugal
Ms Rita Ribeiro Portugal
Mr Carlos Ribeiro Da Fonseca Portugal
Dr Mariana Ricca Switzerland
Ms Micaela Ricca Chile
Ms Karen Riccardi United States
Dr Miria Ricchetti France
Dr Francesca Ricci Italy
Ms Liviana Ricci Italy
Ms Sara Ricci Italy
Mr Daniele Riccio Italy
Dr Elena Riccitelli Italy
Dr Frank Rice United States
Barbara Rich United States
Ms Barbara Rich United States
Mr Serge Richard France
Beverly Richards-Smith United States
Ms Sarah Richaud France
Dr Juliet Richetto Italy
Dr Cristina Richichi Italy
Dr Cornelia Richter Germany
Mr Stefan Riebel Germany
Dr Gabriele Rieder Austria
Mr Jan Rieger Germany
Dr Alexa Riehle France
Dr Frederic Rieux-Laucat France
Dr Andrea Riganti Italy
Dr Marco Righi Italy
Mr Massimo Rigo Italy
Dr Filippo Rijli Switzerland
Mr Brendan Riley United States
Mr Samy Rima France
Mr Andrea Rinaudo Italy
Prof Dario Ringach United States
Dr Leonie Ringrose Austria
Dr Joerg Rings United States
Mr Alessandro Ripamonti Italy
Daisy Riquelme United States
Dr Raquel Riquelme Spain
Mr Roberto Riquelme Chile
Dr Sara Rita Italy
Ms Rebecca Ritchie United States
Dr Casto Rivadulla Spain
Dr César Rivera Chile
Claudia Rivera Mexico
Andrea Riveros Chile
Nicole Rivette United States
Mr Marco Rivi Italy
Mr Abrar Rizvi India
Mr Davide Rizzardi Italy
Giorgia Rizzi Italy
Mr Gareth Roach United Kingdom
Dr Benoit Robert France
Dr Clifford Roberts United States
Dr Jeffrey Roberts United States
Dr Thomas Roberts United States
Mr Robert Robertson United States
Dr Sylvie Robine France
Dr Mary Robinson United States
Prof Marc Robinson-Rechavi Switzerland
Ms Bernhard Robl Switzerland
Ms Catherine Robles France
Dr Ana Luisa Robles-Piedras Mexico
Mr Giulio Robol Italy
Dr Marco Rocca Italy
Ms Francesca Rocchetti France
Prof Jean-David Rochaix Switzerland
Dr Michelle Roche Ireland
Ms Tricia Roche Canada
Mrs Veronica Rodilla Spain
Prof Isabel Roditi Switzerland
Dr Sophie Rodius France
Mr Nicolas Rodriguez United Kingdom
Dr Rafael Rodriguez Spain
Ms Vanina Rodriguez Spain
Ms Yara Rodriguez Zabala Bolivia
Ms Sanne Roes Netherlands
Ms Sanne Roes Netherlands
Dr Stephan Roeskam Germany
Ms Ivana Rogli? Relac Croatia
Mr Max Rogozin Russian Federation
Ms Anke Rohlfs Switzerland
Mr Frank Rohrer United States
Mr Fabio Rojas Germany
Dr Chiara Rolando Switzerland
Ms Nicky Rollings Australia
Nuno Rolo Portugal
Dr Chiara Romagnani Germany
Dr Arianna Romani Italy
Dr Edoardo Romano Italy
Dr Nicola Romanò France
Mrs Dannielle Romeo United States
Marcos Romero Spain
Dr Maria C Romero Spain
Ms Silvina Romero Germany
Dr Sergio Romero Medel Chile
Prof Sergio Romero Medel Chile
Dr Eddy Rommel Belgium
Mr Benedetto Romoli Italy
Dr Santiago Rompani Switzerland
Dr Francesca Ronchi Switzerland
Dr Paolo Ronchi Germany
Dr Lorenza Ronfani Italy
Mr Adam Ronk United States
Dr Natalia Ronkina Germany
Dr Ronny Ronny Saudi Arabia
Prof Marian Ros Spain
Dr Marcelo Rosato Siri Italy
Dr Tobias Rose Germany
M. Roseland United States
Prof Daniele Rosellini Italy
Sara Rosi Italy
Dr Christoph Rösli Germany
Mr Patrik Roslund Sweden
Ms Michaela Rosner-Lapid Israel
Ms Chiara Rossetti Italy
Ms Cristina Rossetti Italy
Dr Maura Rossetti United States
Dr Daniele Rossetto Italy
Ms Iebe Rossey Belgium
Mr Andrea Rossi Italy
Ms Camilla Rossi Italy
Mr Federico Maria Rossi Italy
Dr Filippo Rossi Italy
Mr Giacomo Rossi Italy
Mr Mauro Rossi
Mr Michele Rossi Italy
Dr Pier Luigi Rossi Italy
Mr Stefano Rossi Italy
Dr Giuseppe Rossoni Italy
Dr Sabine Rosta Switzerland
Dr Chiara Rostello Italy
Dr Marialaura Rota Italy
Dr Daniel Roth Switzerland
Prof Rodney Rothstein United States
Prof Domenicantonio Rotiroti Italy
Dr Andrea Rotondi Italy
Dr Alessandra Rotondo Italy
Dr Bart Roucourt Belgium
Ms Claire Roudot France
Dr Geniève Rougon France
Prof Eric Rouiller Switzerland
Mr Gilles Roussel New Caledonia
Ms Liza Roux France
Dr Stefano Rovati Switzerland
Mr Marius Rowell United States
Mr Philip Rowlands Ireland
Ms Rebecca Rowntree United Kingdom
Mr Troy Rubert United States
Dr Tommaso Ruberto Italy
Mr Andrea Rubinetto Italy
Dr Christina Ruby United States
Ms Vasilisa Rudneva Germany
Mrs Christine Rudolph Germany
Mr Konrad Rudolph United Kingdom
Mr André Rueda Brazil
Prof Markus Ruegg Switzerland
Dr Marc-David Ruepp Switzerland
Mr Michael Ruepp Austria
Ms Jess Ruffner United States
Dr Maria Valeria Ruggiero Italy
Mr Nunzio Ruggiero Italy
Mr Andrea Ruggiu Italy
Dr Roberto Ruiu Italy
Dr Teresa Ruiz Spain
Dr Miguel Ruiz-Albarrán Chile
Prof Thomas Rülicke Austria
Dr Andreas Rummel Germany
Ms Christin Ruoff Germany
Mr Maximilian Rüppell
Mr R.L. Russ United States
Dr Anna Russo Italy
Prof Diego Russo Italy
Erica Russo Switzerland
Prof Tommaso Russo Italy
Dr Alessandra Rustighi Italy
Dr Isabella Rustighi Italy
Mrs Marleen Ruytjens France
Jan Ruzicka Ukraine
Erik Ryfa United States
Dr Bechara Saab Switzerland
Dr Lucila Saavedra Argentina
Dr Gherardo Sabaini Italy
Dr Victor Sabanov Belgium
Mr Alessandro Sabatino United Kingdom
Dr Ada Sacchi Italy
Ms Veronica Sacchi Switzerland
Federica Sacco Italy
Mr Massimo Sacco Italy
Dr Lucila Sackmann Sala France
Mr Alberto Sada Japp Germany
Prof Rémy Sadoul France
Dr Suzanne Saenko Switzerland
Dr Mir Shahram Safari Japan
Dr Evelyne Sage France
Mr Nirnath Sah India
Mr Avinash Sahu United States
Dr María Matilde Said Argentina
Mr Massimo Saini Italy
Ms Mirian Saiz Spain
Dr Shuzo Sakata United Kingdom
Arturo Sala United Kingdom
Dr Carlo Sala Italy
Dr Gabriele Sala Italy
Dr Mariaelvina Sala Italy
Dr Monica Sala France
Dr Valentina Sala Italy
Ms Paula Salahoru Italy
Dr Joseph Salame Germany
Prof Leslie Salas United States
Dr Sergio Salazar France
Dr Alda Saldan Italy
Prof Enrique Saldaña Spain
Ms Gabriela Beatriz Saldaña Cabrera Uruguay
Dr Dario Salerno Italy
Prof Walter Salinger United States
Mr Alessandro Salis Italy
Dr Helene Salmon France
Dr Emilianne Miguel Salomão Brazil
Mr Federico Saltarin Italy
Mr Francesco Salton Italy
Prof Antonietta Salustri Italy
Dr Barbara Salvaro Italy
Dr Roberta Salvatori Italy
Mr Tommaso Salvatori Italy
Dr Ramkumar Sambasivan India
Mr Stefano Sambusiti Italy
Mr Jerzy Samolej United Kingdom
Mr Miro Samsa Croatia
Ms Maryna Samus Germany
Dr Arturo Sanchez Italy
Mr Camilo Sanchez Colombia
Dr Maria Jose Sanchez Spain
Mr Rodolfo Sanchez Mexico
Mr Gerardo Sánchez
Dr Ruth Sánchez Spain
Dr Antonio Sánchez Herranz Spain
Dr Manuel Sanchez Martin Spain
Dr Ricardo Sanchez Prieto Spain
Ms Gwen Sanderson Germany
Prof Carmen Sandi Switzerland
Dr Ilaria Sani Italy
Mr Nilo Sani Italy
Ms Eugenia Marta Sanna Italy
Ms Marta Sanna Italy
Mr Piermario Sanna Italy
Prof Rita Santamaria Italy
Dr Elisa Santandrea Italy
Mr Andrè Santapaola Italy
Mr Francis Santens Belgium
Ms Chiara Santi Italy
Dr Giuseppe Santo Italy
Angela Santoro Italy
Federica Santoro Italy
Mr Alexandre Santos Portugal
Prof Angel Santos Spain
Dr Daniel Santos Brazil
Mr Jose Santos Cuba
Rita Santos Portugal
Mr James Santry Canada
Dr Daniele Santurbano Italy
Mr Alessandro Santuz Italy
Ms Serena Sanulli France
Prof Maria-Jesus Sanz Spain
Ms Enrica Saponara Switzerland
Dr Andrei Sarbu Romania
Dr Davdi Sargent Switzerland
Evelyn Sargent United States
Dr Srdjan Sarikas Germany
Ms Jana Sarkander Germany
Dr Ugis Sarkans United Kingdom
Dr Johannes Sarnthein Switzerland
Dr Sarnthein Sarnthein Switzerland
Prof Paolo Sarti Italy
Dr Matteo Sartori Italy
Dr David Sassoon France
Mr Venkata Satagopam Luxembourg
Prof Monica Sato Brazil
Prof Jorgina Satrustegui Spain
Dr Evelyn Sauer Switzerland
Prof Norman Saunders Australia
Dr Catherine Sautes-Fridman France
Dr Christof Sautter Switzerland
Mr Michael Savage United Kingdom
Mr Israel Saviolli Brazil
Mr Conrad Sawyer United States
Dr Michael Saxe Switzerland
Mr Qayam Sayani United Kingdom
Mr Alex Sbaraglia Italy
Mrs Annalisa Sberna Italy
Dr Rodolfo Sbrojavacca Italy
Dr Manuela Scali Italy
Prof Roberto Scandurra Italy
Prof Andrea Scarantino United States
Ms Elena Scarpa Italy
Mr William Schaal United States
Prof Beat Schäfer Switzerland
Prof Thomas Schalch Switzerland
Dr Stephan Schann France
Dr Gina Schatteman United States
Ms Alexandra Schauerte Switzerland
Mr Guido Schemken Germany
Prof Hansjörg Scherberger Germany
Dr Arnaud Scherberich Switzerland
Dr Eduard Scherer Switzerland
Dr Johanna Scheuermann United States
Mr Alessandro Schiavone United Kingdom
Dr Davide Schiavone Italy
Dr Francesco Paolo Schiavone
Mr David Schilling United States
Dr Alfred Schinkel Netherlands
Ms Anne Schirmer United States
Dr Benjamin Schlager Austria
Ms Joelle Schläpfer Switzerland
Mrs Geraldine Schlapp Uruguay
Prof Uwe Schlattner France
Mr Felix Schlegel Switzerland
Dr Valfredo Schlemper Brazil
Dr Barthel Schmelting Germany
Dr Oliver Schmetzer Germany
Dr Anita Schmid United States
Dr Michael Schmid Germany
Ms Klaudyna Schmidt United Kingdom
Dr Matthias Schmidt Germany
Mr Sebastian Schmidt Switzerland
Dr Vanessa Schmidt Germany
Prof Kai Schmidt-Ott Germany
Dr Ruth Schmidt-Ullrich Germany
Mr Joscha Schmiedt Germany
Dr Georg Schmitt Germany
Dr Remy Schmitz Hong Kong
Dr Jan Schmoranzer Germany
Prof Dietmar Schmucker Belgium
Dr Caroline Schmutz United Kingdom
Prof Erich Schneider Germany
Mr Kevin Schneider Austria
Mr Michael Schneider Germany
Dr Thomas Schneider Germany
Ms Sabine Schneider Nash Switzerland
Dr Jessica Schnell United States
Ms Laura Schnettger United Kingdom
Dr Hanspeter Schoeb Switzerland
Dr Kai Schoenig Germany
Dr Sandra Schorderet Switzerland
Dr Stephanie Schorge United Kingdom
Mr Erik Schrader Switzerland
Prof Hans-Peter Schreiber Switzerland
Mrs Lisa Schreiber Germany
Ms An Schreurs Belgium
Prof Renee Schroeder Austria
Dr Christian Schudoma Germany
Dr Markus Schueler Germany
Prof Klaus Schughart Germany
Dr Ulrich Schüller Germany
Prof Gerhard Schultheiß Germany
Ms Cornelia Schultz Austria
Prof Wolfram Schultz United Kingdom
Prof Thomas Schulz Germany
Ms Simone Schumacher Switzerland
Prof Daniel Schümperli Switzerland
Prof Detlef Schuppan United States
Mr Tyler Schuster United States
Dr Mierk Schwabe United States
Dr Denise Schwahn United States
Prof Juerg Schwaller Switzerland
Prof Frank Schwarz Germany
Ms Monika Schwarzbach Germany
Mr Philipp Schwedhelm Germany
Mr Manuel Schweighauser Germany
Dr Rebecca Schwiebert United States
Mr Jimmy Scionti Italy
Mr Francesco Sciusco Italy
Mr Paolo Scodino Italy
Mr Pietro Scolorato Italy
Prof Antonio Scopa Italy
Dr Ricardo Scott Spain
Mr Thomas Scott United States
Dr Celeste Scotti Italy
Dr Andre Seale United States
Prof Camillo Secchi Italy
Mr Ian Seckington United Kingdom
Maria Secrier Germany
Mr Koen Sedeyn Belgium
Prof Jörg Seebach Switzerland
Dr Jan Seebacher Germany
Dr Adele Seelke United States
Dr Alice Segnali Italy
Dr Giuliano Segnali Italy
Ms Marlene Seitz Germany
Mrs Nadezda Selivanova Russian Federation
Dr Licia Selleri United States
Mr Anthony Sellick United Kingdom
Mr Matteo Selmo Italy
Mr Gianpaolo Selva Italy
Dr Maurizio Selva Italy
Dr Gopinath Selvaraj
Prof Catherine Semal France
Prof Giorgio Semenza Switzerland
Prof Giorgio Semenza Switzerland
Prof Alaattin Sen Turkey
Ms Shankhamala Sen India
Prof Rosa Señaris Spain
Ms Anna Senesi Italy
Dr Christian Sengstag Switzerland
Dr Oleg Senkov Germany
Prof Leonardo Sepiurka Argentina
Mr Mauro Serafini Italy
Dr Marco Serale Italy
Dr Özen Sercan Turkey
Dr Dmitrieff Serge Germany
Ms Naz Serifoglu Turkey
Dr Lutgarde Serneels Belgium
Dr Miquel-Angel Serra Spain
Prof Luis Serrano Spain
Dr Manuel Serrano Spain
Ms Melissa Serrano Italy
Mr Daniel Serwas Austria
Prof Nenad Sestan United States
Prof Piero Sestili Italy
Mr Alberto Sette Italy
Mr Matteo Setti Italy
Prof Vincent Seutin Belgium
Veronika Sexl Austria
Mr Jacopo Sgualdino Italy
Mr Paolo Sguazzotti Italy
Prof Kathy Shan United States
Dr Nagesh Shanbhag Germany
Ms Katharine Shapcott Germany
Mr Humayun Sharif Germany
Mr Kaushik Sharma India
Dr Matt Sharp United Kingdom
Dr Yury Shebzukhov Germany
Maria Sheean Germany
Dr Elena Shekunova Russian Federation
Dr Pankaj Shende Switzerland
Mr Patrick Sheridan Ireland
Mr Aaron Sherwood United States
Dr Maxim Shevtsov Russian Federation
Evelyn Shieh United States
Aleksandra Shirman United States
Dr Alena Shkumatava France
Dr Alexey Shmonin Russian Federation
Mr Tzahi Shner Israel
Dr Huan Shu Switzerland
Dr Charlotte Shupert United States
Dr Katherine Shuster United States
Mr Fernando Sialana Philippines
Mr Alessandro Siani United Kingdom
Mr Andrea Siani Italy
Prof Maria Sibilia Austria
Mr Filippo Sicari Italy
Mr Danny Sichel Canada
Mr Ahmed Siddiqui Canada
Mr Imran Siddiqui Italy
Carolin Sieber Germany
Dr Gabriele Siegel Switzerland
Dr Martin Siegert Germany
Maria Siegling Germany
Mr Henning Sievert Germany
Dr Hans Sigg Switzerland
Dr Sara Sigismund Italy
Dr Nicolas Signolle France
Dr Gabin Sihn Germany
Ms Andres Silva Chile
Mr Jean Silva Brazil
Ms Luciana Silva Brazil
Prof Pedro Silva Portugal
Dr Alessandro Silvani Italy
Ms Maxine Sil'vestrov Germany
Dr Massimo Silvetti Belgium
Ms Cecilia Silvi Italy
Mr Mark Sim Canada
Dr Nicholas Simon United States
Prof Manuela Simoni Italy
Mr Giacomo Simonin Italy
Ms Cristina Simón-Martínez Spain
Mr Matthew Sims United Kingdom
Ms Preeti Singh United Kingdom
Mr Robbie Singh United States
Ms Rebecca Sinn Germany
Dr Patrick Sinnett-Smith United Kingdom
Ms V.E.M Sinniger France
Austen Sitko United States
Mr Marcin Siwiec Poland
Melanie Six Austria
Ms Agnieszka Ska?Ecka Poland
Prof Jolanta Skangiel-Kramska Poland
Dr Bill Skarnes United Kingdom
Dr Loren Skow United States
Mr Goran Skvorc Croatia
Mr Roman Skybin Canada
Prof Clarke Slater United Kingdom
Mr Igor Slavnikov Russian Federation
Dr Anna Sledzinska Switzerland
Prof Jonathan Sleeman Germany
Mrs Astrid Slizewski Germany
Mr Greg Slodkowicz United Kingdom
Ms Karolina Slowicka Belgium
Sandy Small United States
Ms Anouk Smet Belgium
Dr Bart Smets Belgium
Dr David Smith United Kingdom
Mr Erik Smith United Kingdom
Ms Janice Smith Germany
Mr Erwin Smulders Netherlands
Dr Tom Smulders United Kingdom
Dr Tora Smulders-Srinivasan United Kingdom
Andrea Snaidero Italy
Ms Elaine Snell United Kingdom
Dr Berend Snijder Austria
Dr Marina Snitcofsky Argentina
Mr Ricardo Soares Dos Reis Portugal
Mr Martin Sobey Australia
Dr Peter Sobieszczuk New Zealand
Dr Sonya Sobrian United States
Prof Beate Sodeik Germany
Mr Yves Soerensen France
Mr Andrea Soggia France
Dr Ewa Sokolowska Finland
Tatiana Soldà Switzerland
Ms Joana Soldado Magraner Spain
Ms Saray Soldado Magraner Switzerland
Ms Ana Soler-Cardona Austria
Ms Silvia Soleto Italy
Mr Sandra Soligo Italy
Prof Michele Solimena Germany
Dr Ruth Solomon United States
Dr Matteo Sommacal Italy
Dr Christoph Sommer Austria
Prof Lukas Sommer Switzerland
Kun Song Germany
Dr Katharina Sonnen Germany
Ms Pallavi Sontakke India
Dr Fouchécourt Sophie France
Dr Silvia Sorce Switzerland
Dr Tania Sorg France
Dr Edgar Soria France
Prof Irina Sorokina Russian Federation
Giovanni Sorrentino Italy
Prof Vincenzo Sorrentino Italy
Mr Francesco Sortino Italy
Prof Iliana Sosa Cuba
Dr Sol Sotillos Spain
Mr Fabio Sottani Italy
Ms Selene Sottile Italy
Dr Andrea Sottoriva United States
Dr Claire Soudais France
Dr Fernanda Sousa Italy
Dr Rimenez Souza Brazil
Dr Francesca Spagnoli Italy
Mr Lorenzo Spagnuolo Italy
Mrs Cristina Spalletti Italy
Mr Elena Spanou Germany
Mr Mauro Spanu Italy
Mr Luca Sparagino Italy
Prof Fabio Sparatore Italy
Dr Duncan Sparrow Australia
Daniel Speiser Switzerland
Ms Rebecca Sperotto Italy
Mr Jean-Francois Spetz Switzerland
Prof David Spiegelhalter United Kingdom
Prof Pierre Spierer Switzerland
Mr Robert Spies United States
Domenico Spinelli Italy
Mr Pietro Spinelli Italy
Dr Jonathan Spinoni
Dr Felix Spira Austria
Mr Jornt Spit Belgium
Mrs Joanna Spitkovskaya Germany
Dr Christian Spyr Switzerland
Prof Salvatore Squatrito Italy
Dr Lorenzo Squilloni Italy
Ms Tanushree Srivastava India
Ms Aimee Stablewski United States
Dr Francesco Staehli Switzerland
Prof Reuven Staein Israel
Ms Marieke Stammes Netherlands
Dr Serena Stanga Belgium
Ms Jennifer Stanic Italy
Mr Atanas Stankov Switzerland
Ms Amy Stanley Australia
Dr Stanislava Stanojevic Serbia
Ms Kalina Stantcheva Italy
Ms Amalia Stantzou Greece
Ms Regina Stark Germany
Prof Giorgio Stassi Italy
Dr William Stauffer United Kingdom
Dr Marco Stebel Italy
Dr Jennifer Steel United Kingdom
Mr Casper Steenbergen Netherlands
Mr Milo Stefani Italy
Mr Matteo Stefanini Italy
Mr Halldor Stefanssson
Ms Louise Stehr Denmark
Prof Christoph Stein Germany
Dr Paul Stein United States
Prof Herbert Steinbeisser Germany
Dr Laura Steinbusch Switzerland
Ms Victoria Steinmann Austria
Dr Patrick Steinmetz Austria
Dr Stefano Stella Spain
Dr Allison Stelling United States
Mrs Regine Stephan Germany
Ms Valeska Stephan Germany
Mr Sam Stephen Poland
Ms Barbara Stepien Austria
Mr Douglas Stewart United Kingdom
Ms Patricia Stiedl Austria
Prof Robert Stiefel United States
Ms Nathalie Stieger Switzerland
Dr Malte Stockebrand Germany
Prof Reinhard Stocker Switzerland
Prof Hannes Stockinger Austria
Prof Esther Stoeckli Switzerland
Ms Bilyana Stoilova Bulgaria
Mr Leonid Stolbov Russian Federation
Mr Allen Stoller United States
Dr Barbara Stone United States
Ms Elisa Storelli Italy
Dr Laura Storoni Italy
Dr Stefano Stragliotto Italy
Dr Irina Strambu Romania
Mr Martin Strazzacappa Italy
Dr Michael Strehle Germany
Prof Emanuel Strehler United States
Dr Sigmar Stricker Germany
Dr Magdalena Strobl Austria
Mr Tomas Strobl Czech Republic
Mr Daniel Struck Luxembourg
Dr Paolo Struffi Italy
Prof Gary Struhl United States
Ms Valentina Strusi Italy
Mr Mick Struthers Australia
Ms Adriana Strzalkowska Poland
Ms Katy Stubbs United Kingdom
Mr Jeremy Stuckwisch United States
Dr Katrin Stutz Switzerland
Mr Deni Subasic Switzerland
Ms Nidhi Subhashini Germany
Ms Aliya Sukaeva Russian Federation
Mr Ilya Sukhanov Italy
Dr Caecilia Sukowati Italy
Mr Brian Sullivan United States
Ms Maria Sullivan United Kingdom
Dr Fahad Sultan Germany
Ms Nasreen Sultana Austria
Ms Sarah Summerfield Germany
Mr Wei Sun China
Ms Mari Suominen Finland
Prof Giulio Superti-Furga Austria
Mr Vineeth Surendranath Germany
Dr Alexey Surov Russian Federation
Mr Duran Sürün Germany
Dr Jane Sutcliffe
Mr Roy Sutcliffe United Kingdom
Dr Christian Suter Switzerland
Prof Robert Sutherland Canada
Mrs Eliška Svobodová Czech Republic
Mr Peter Swanepoel South Africa
Mr Darcy Sweet Canada
Dr Ines Swoboda Austria
Dr Edward Sykes United Kingdom
Kornelia Szabo Hungary
Ms Viktoria Szabo Hungary
Ms Nicole Szczepanik United States
Ms Joanna Szczurkowska Italy
Dr Gabor Szebeni Italy
Dr Krisztina Szeker Hungary
Ms Maria Szlapczynska France
Dr Peter Szucs Portugal
Dr Hanna Szymanska Poland
Ms Anna Szymborska Poland
Ms Tiziana Tabone Italy
Ms Crystal Tabor United States
Prof Carlo Tacchetti Italy
Dr Christian Tackenberg Switzerland
Dr Adriano Taddeo Germany
Dr Michael Taffe United States
Ms Manuela Tafuro Italy
Alessandro Tagliamonte Italy
Dr Alessandra Taglioni Italy
Mr Thomas Tagoe United Kingdom
Ms Christine Tait United Kingdom
Dr Balazs Takacs Hungary
Dr Aya Takeoka Switzerland
Mr Teddy Talbot Brazil
Dr Cassandra Talerico United States
Mr Aaron Talsma United States
Prof Luca Tamagnone Italy
Mr Tiziano Tamarin Italy
Dr Andrea Tamellini Italy
Mr Ido Tamir Austria
Ms Sabina Tandari Austria
Dr Wen Tang
Mr Giel Tanghe Belgium
Dr Frederic Tangy France
Mr Davide Tansini Italy
Prof Francesco Tarantelli Italy
Dr Surayya Taranum France
Dr Olesya Taratina Russian Federation
Aubry Tardivel Switzerland
Ms Kasia Tarnawska Germany
Dr María Tartaglini Argentina
Dr Michael Taschner Germany
Mr Saren Tasciyan Austria
Ms Bianca Tassinari Italy
Prof Giancarlo Tassinari Italy
Mr Sudhir Gopal Tattikota Germany
Ms Stefania Tavano Germany
Dr Alessandro Tavecchia Italy
Mr Ivan Tavella Italy
Prof Daniela Taverna Italy
Dr Elena Taverna Germany
Dr Silvia Tavernelli Italy
Prof Jan Tavernier Belgium
Dr Jack Taylor United States
Dr Katrina Taylor United States
Mr Kevin Taylor Australia
Prof Verdon Taylor Switzerland
Dr Jean-Marc Taymans Belgium
Dr Henry Te Welscher Netherlands
Mr Lewis Tearle United Kingdom
Dr Vincenzo Tedesco Italy
Dr Lorenzo Tei Italy
Mr Miguel Teixeira Portugal
Ms Belen Tejada United Kingdom
Prof Saban Tekin Turkey
Prof Gianluca Tell Italy
Dr Ivo Telley Germany
Dr Federico Teloni Italy
Prof Filippo Tempia Italy
Mr John Templer United States
Dr Derk Ten Berge Netherlands
Dr Juan Tena Spain
Dr Lucio Tentori Italy
Dr Evangelina Terán Bolivia
Dr Anton Terasmaa Estonia
Prof Pietro Terna Italy
Dr Alexandre Ternianov Bulgaria
Mr Andrea Terranera Italy
Mr Mark Terzidis Greece
Ms Ma?Gorzata Teska-Kami?Ska Poland
Dr Michela Tessari Italy
Dr Kristin Tessmar Austria
Dr Andreas Teubner Germany
Mr Bisrat Tewhibe Woldemichael Switzerland
Dr Gemma Texido Italy
Mr Thomas Teyssier France
Dr Agnes Thalhammer Italy
Dr Michaela Thallmair Switzerland
Ms Tamara Theil Austria
Dr Daniel Theisen Luxembourg
Dr Ilda Theka Spain
Prof Marcus Thelen Switzerland
Ms Madeleine Themanns Austria
Dr Clotilde Thery France
Dr Hong Thi Tran Belgium
Dr Renate Thiel Germany
Prof Alexander Thiele United Kingdom
Dr Katja Thieltges Germany
Mr Christophe Thill France
Dr Cyril Thix Luxembourg
Dr Alexis Thomann France
Dr Ben Thomas United Kingdom
Mr David Thomas Ireland
Mr Templier Thomas Switzerland
Mr Jamie Thompson United Kingdom
Ms Karen Thompson United Kingdom
Mrs Katie Thompson United States
Ms Sarah Thompson United Kingdom
Mr Alexander Thomson United Kingdom
Prof Bernard Thorens Switzerland
Prof Janet Thornton United Kingdom
Mr Shivaraman Thyagarajan India
Dr Elisa Tibaldo Italy
Ms Jelena Tica Germany
Mrs Katja Tiemann Luxembourg
Mr Mikael Tilly Sweden
Dr Gregory Timberlake United States
Mr Sander Timmer United Kingdom
Mr Federico Tinarelli Italy
Mr Claudio Tinelli Italy
Dr Leonardo Tinti Italy
Ms Wara Tito Bolivia
Prof Seema Tiwari-Woodruff United States
Ms Marina Tkalenko Ukraine
Mr Joseph Toaff France
Mr Alex Tobin United Kingdom
Mr Maurizio Toccafondi Italy
Prof Glauco Tocchini-Valentini Italy
Prof Gabriella Tocco Italy
Mr Lorenzo Todaro Italy
Mihail Todiras Germany
Mr Mathias Tolotti Italy
Ms Gloria Tomai Italy
Ms Daniela Tomaiuolo Italy
Mr Konstantin Tomanov Bulgaria
Dr Laura Tomas Spain
Mr Giuseppe Tomasi Italy
Mr Federico Tomassetti Italy
Dr Federica Tomay Italy
Dr Andrea Angelo Tomè Italy
Mr Francesco Tommasi Italy
Mr Richard Tomsett United Kingdom
Mr Steven Tong Canada
Prof Enrico Tongiorgi Italy
Prof Ivan Toni Netherlands
Mr Luca Toninello Italy
Dr Raffaella Tonini Italy
Ms Giulia Toniutti Italy
Mrs Sara Tonizzo Italy
Dr Beatrice Tonnarelli Italy
Dr Andrea Tonolli Italy
Prof Amila Topalovic Norway
Thierry Tordjmann France
Prof Maria L Toribio Spain
Ms Elena Torlai Triglia Italy
Ms Florencia Torrá Argentina
Dr Valeria Torre Italy
Mrs Marta Torrente Switzerland
Ms Maria Torres-Castillo United States
Dr Stephanie Torrey Canada
Prof Giampaolo Tortora Italy
Dr Kalman Tory Hungary
Mr Jerry Toscano United States
Mr Leonardo Tosi Italy
Mr Andrea Tosini Italy
Dr Maria Grazia Totaro Italy
Dr Emma Toulmin Australia
Ms Milam Tourbez France
Mr Alain Toussaint Canada
Dr Sulay Tovar Spain
Dr Luis B Tovar-Y-Romo United States
Dr Matthew Towers United Kingdom
Dr Stephen Town United Kingdom
Catherine Townes United States
Ms Lauren Tracey Canada
Dr Roberta Traini United States
Dr Elisa Tramentozzi Italy
Ms Veronica Tramentozzi Italy
Dr Alessia Tramontini Italy
Dr Erin Tranfield Germany
Dr Marianna Trani Italy
Ms Maria Cristina Travaglio Venezuela
Sara Travaglione Italy
Mr Colin Travis Ireland
Mr Christophe Trefois Luxembourg
Dr Alessandro Trentini Italy
Mr Philipp Trepte Germany
Ms Alessandra Tresin Italy
Mr Gianluca Tresoldi Italy
Prof Stefan Treue Germany
Mr Giancarlo Tria Germany
Mr Fernando Trincado Spain
Mr Diego Trinciarelli Italy
Daniela Tripolini Italy
Mr Joachim Troester Austria
Mrs Roberta Trogu Italy
Mr Simone Tronconi Italy
Mr Massimo Trusel Italy
Mr Peter Trzeciak United States
Dr Siva Tsang Hong Kong
Mr Bin Tse Netherlands
Ms Erika Tsingos Germany
Mr Kirill Tsukanov Russian Federation
Mr Claudio Tucci Italy
Jill Tucker Canada
Ms Marcia Tucker United States
Mr Owen Tucker United Kingdom
Dr Johanna Tuomela Finland
Prof Loretta Tuosto Italy
Dr Romana Turk Croatia
Prof Kris Turlejski Poland
Prof Patricia Turner Canada
Ms Sheila Turner United States
Giuliano Turrini Italy
Mr Francesco Tuveri Italy
Dr Anita Tyl
Elizabeth Tysor
Dr Athanasia Tzika Switzerland
Mr Francesco Ucci Italy
Ms Ana Uceda Argentina
Mr Michele Ugolini Italy
Prof Bernt Eric Uhlin Sweden
Ms Stefanie Uhrig Germany
Ms Lauren Ullrich United States
Ms Simona Ultimo Italy
Prof Ernst Ulumbek Russian Federation
Mr Seth Underwood United Kingdom
Cristian Undurraga Chile
Mr Yves Unterfinger France
Dr Louise Upton United Kingdom
Iris Urban Germany
Dr Giorgia Urbinati France
Mr Eneko Urizar Belgium
Mr Uriel Urquiza Garica Mexico
Dr Olivier Urwyler Belgium
Mr Antonio Urzo Italy
Dr Alessia Usardi France
Mr Vural Uslu Turkey
Mr Jonathan Usmar Australia
Ms Lynn Utecht United States
Dr Rajesh Uthamanthil United States
Dr Secil Uyaniker United States
Ms Chiara Beatrice Vaccari Italy
Dr Caterina Vacchi Suzzi Switzerland
Dr Alessandro Vacchini Italy
Mr Dario Vagni Italy
Susanne Vainio Finland
Dr Ivan Valdes Chile
Dr Leonardo Valdivia United Kingdom
Mr Salvador Valencia Mexico
Ms Claudia Valente Italy
Mr Marcello Valente Italy
Prof Giovanna Valenti Italy
Mr Giovanni Valenti Italy
Dr Ana Valentim Portugal
Ms Erica Valentini Italy
Dr Andrea Valeri Italy
Dr Alessandra Valerio Italy
Mr Pedro Vallecillo Garcia Spain
Pablo Vallecorsa Argentina
Dr Gian Paolo Vallerini Italy
Ms Marie Vallier France
Prof Giorgio Vallortigara Italy
Mr Jeremy Valluy Germany
Dr Valeria Valsecchi Italy
Dr Renee Van Amerongen Netherlands
Mr Joris Van Asselberghs Belgium
Dr Miguel Van Bemmelen Switzerland
Mr Michiel Van Boxelaere Belgium
Dr Koen Van De Wetering Netherlands
Dr Marlies Van De Wouwer Belgium
Prof Koen Van Den Abeele Belgium
Ms Joke Van Den Berg Belgium
Mr Ruud Van Den Brink Netherlands
Ms Katrien Van Der Borght Belgium
Ms Véronique Van Der Elst Belgium
Prof Markus Van Der Giet Germany
Prof Gisou Van Der Goot Switzerland
Ms Nelly Van Der Jagt Netherlands
Mr Mischa Van Dinter Netherlands
Mr Wouter Van Doorn Netherlands
Ms Julia Van Drunen Netherlands
Mrs Camille Van Eupen Belgium
Mr Frits Van Heijster Netherlands
Ms Griet Van Imschoot Belgium
Mr Richard Van Krieken Canada
Prof Cees Van Leeuwen Belgium
Dr Sophie Van Linthout Germany
Dr Herwig Van Marck Belgium
Prof Gerrit Van Meer Netherlands
Prof Erik Van Nimwegen Switzerland
Dr Vera Van Noort Germany
Prof John Van Opstal Netherlands
Dr Ingrid Van Overbeke Belgium
Mr Remko Van Rhijn Netherlands
Dr Jason Van Rooyen France
Dr Gerard Van Westen Netherlands
Prof Richard Van Wezel Netherlands
Mr Dekker Van Wyk South Africa
Dr Willem-Jan Van Zeist Netherlands
Bernard Vanassche Belgium
Mrs Anna Vanclova Czech Republic
Mr Niels Vande Casteele Belgium
Mr Jonas Vandenbogaerde Belgium
Mr Benjamin Vandendriessche Belgium
Dr Tim Vandersmissen Belgium
Luca Vandin
Ms Jennifer Vandooren Belgium
Ms Ilse Vandrommen Belgium
Prof Jan Vanfleteren Belgium
Mrs Francesca Vanni Italy
Prof Maria A. Vanoni Italy
Dr Ivo Vanzetta France
Ms Ilaria Vanzulli United Kingdom
Mr Marco Varalda Ribero Italy
Dr Máté Varga Hungary
Dr Jacques Vargaftig France
Ms Fabiola Vargas Bolivia
Dr Mark Vargas Netherlands
Ingrid L. Vargas P Germany
Mr Geoffrey Vargish United States
Mr Tim Varkevisser Netherlands
Dr Aditi Varthaman France
Dr Carlo Vascotto Italy
Ms Alexandra Vasile Germany
Dr Valentina Vasina Italy
Mr Patricio Vásquez-Quitral Chile
Prof Jean-Dominique Vassalli Switzerland
Dr Lia Vassena Italy
Dr Delia Vazquez United States
Mr Domenico Vazzana Italy
Dr Annunciata Vecchi Italy
Dr Manuela Vecchi Italy
Dr Luca Vedovelli Italy
Mr Anupam Vedurmudi Germany
Gayathri Vegesna Germany
Dr Daniela Velati United Kingdom
Dr Daniela Velati United Kingdom
Mr Sergii Velychko Germany
Dr Shruthi Vembar France
Dr Carlos Venâncio Portugal
Prof Adriano Venditti Italy
Dr Bernardo Venegas Chile
Mr Prasanna Venkhatesh Venkataramani India
Prof Renza Vento Italy
Ms Silvana Venturella Italy
Mr Kannan Venugopal Greece
Dr Liesbeth Ver Cruyssen Belgium
Dr Paola Vera-Licona France
Rodrigo Véras Brazil
Elena Verbitskaya Russian Federation
Dr Elena Sofia Vercillo Italy
Claudia Verderio Italy
Mr Rik Verdonck Belgium
Prof Matthijs Verhage Netherlands
Ms Floor Verhoeven Netherlands
Mr Mattias Vermeersch Belgium
Dr Anne Vermeylen Belgium
Mr Nicolò Veronese Italy
Dr Mayeux Veronique France
Prof François Verrey Switzerland
Mr John Verrill Ireland
Dr Bruno Verschuere France
Ms Elena Veruggio Italy
Ms Julieta Vetere Argentina
Mr Annalisa Vettoretto Italy
Mr Riccardo Vezzali Italy
Paolo Vezzoni Italy
Dr Silvia Viaggi Italy
Silvia Viana Da Silva Portugal
Paola Viani Italy
Silvia Vicario Italy
Ms Kami Vickerman United States
Dr Laurence Vico France
Dr Anxo Vidal Spain
Mr Mario Vidal Argentina
Mr Samuel Vidal France
Ms Sonia Vidal Chile
Dr Pierre-Olivier Vidalain France
Prof Irma Vides El Salvador
Mr Darcy Vieira Brazil
Ms Sarah Vieten Germany
Ms Marina Vietri Norway
Mr Marco Viganò Italy
Dr Tiziana Vigliarolo Italy
Dr Enrico Vigna Italy
Mr Marco Vignati Italy
Ms Emilia Vigolo Italy
Dr Harikrishnan Vijayakumar Sreelatha India
Mr Bharath Vijayaragavan India
Mr Johan Viklund Sweden
Mr Charles Villa United States
Mr Elia Villa Italy
Ms Katherine Villa United States
Dr Pia Villa Italy
Ms Ana Villalba Spain
Carlos Villalobos Spain
Dr Jason Villano United States
Prof María Angeles Villanúa Spain
Dr Francois Villinger United States
Mr Roberto Vincis Switzerland
Mr Patrick Vinclair France
Prof Antonella Viola Italy
Mr Riccardo Viola Italy
Prof Ginés Viscor Spain
Dr Mari Carmen Viso Spain
Ms Pooja Viswanathan Germany
Dr Serena Vitale Italy
Dr Laura Vittoria Italy
Ms Cortes Vizcaino Spain
Ms Thalia Vlachou Italy
Ms Julia Vlasuk Ukraine
Laurenz Vock Austria
Dr Simone Vodret Italy
Ms Anne Vogel Germany
Dr Friedhelm Vogel Germany
Ms S. Vogel Germany
Prof Rufin Vogels Belgium
Dr Miriam Vogt Germany
Ms Miriam Vogt Switzerland
Ms Anita Voigt Germany
Mr Catalin Voinescu United Kingdom
Prof Barbara Vollmayr Germany
Aleksey Volokitin Russian Federation
Ms Monica Volpe Italy
Dr Silvia Volpe Italy
Ms Alice Volpi Italy
Mrs Sandra Vomstein Switzerland
Dr Heiner Von Buttlar Germany
Mr Max Von Delbrück Germany
Ms Lena Von Oertzen Germany
Ms Cynthia Voß Germany
Mr Robert Voss United States
Dr Hannes Vossfeldt Germany
Mr Samme Vreysen Belgium
Dr Eleonora Vullo Italy
Mr Laurens Wachsmuth Germany
Dr Andreas Wack United Kingdom
Ms Franziska Wagen Switzerland
Dr Margit Wagenblast Germany
Dr Birgit Wagner Austria
Prof Hermann Wagner Germany
Ms Roselyne Wagner France
Dr Anna-Sophia Wahl Switzerland
Ms Elizabeth Wahl Germany
Prof Ari Waisman Germany
James Walker United States
Prof Lary Walker United States
Mr Frank Wall United States
Mrs Helen Wallace United Kingdom
Ms Charlotte Walsh United Kingdom
Dr Dagmar Walter Germany
Prof Lutz Walter Germany
Ms Emma Walton France
Dr Mark Walton United Kingdom
Mr Guan Wang France
Dr Leo Wang Taiwan, Province Of China
Ms Valance Wang Switzerland
Mr Florian Wanke Germany
Ms Constance Ward United States
Dr Theresa Ward United Kingdom
Dr Michelle Ware France
Dr Tobias Warnecke Spain
Mr Keith Warnick United States
Ms Kimberly Warren United States
Dr Anni Warri United States
Mr Varun Warrier India
Ms Alice Wasney United States
Dr Marie Wattenhofer-Donzé France
Ms Kahra Wayland-Larty United Kingdom
Saiphone Webb United States
Dr Heinz Weber Switzerland
Dr Beth Wee United States
Mr Todd Weekley United States
Prof Christian Wegener Germany
Ms Anja Wegner Germany
Dr Thomas Weichhart Austria
Dr Carl Weidinger United States
Dr Magdalena Weidner-Glunde Germany
Barbara Weigel Austria
Eberhard Weihe Germany
Mr Ariel Weiland Israel
Alexandra Weimar Germany
Mr Daniel Weis Germany
Dr David Weismann Austria
Mr Michael Weiss Canada
Egbert Welker Switzerland
Dr Petrine Wellendorph Denmark
Mr Benjamin Wellner Germany
Prof Dominic Wells United Kingdom
Hannah Welsh United Kingdom
Mr Brad Wendt United States
Mr Yvan Wenger Switzerland
Mr Gijsbert Werner Netherlands
Dr Anne West United States
Mr Jake West United States
Ms Joy Westgate-Scherer United States
Dr Christina Westphal Germany
Mr Adrian Whatley Switzerland
Dr Gabriela Whelan Germany
Dr Micheal Whelehan Switzerland
Ms Gretchen White United States
Ms Jordana White United States
Mrs Lisa White United States
Prof Bruce Whitelaw United Kingdom
Mr Nathan Whitmore United States
Mrs Judy Wichmann Germany
Hynek Wichterle Czech Republic
Ms Teresa Wickersham United States
Prof Hans Widmer Switzerland
Dr Tim Wiegels Germany
Mr Paul Wiele United States
Mr Matthias Wielscher Austria
Dr Sidney Wiener France
Ms Theresa Wiesner Germany
Dr Tomasz Wilanowski Poland
Ms Siska Wilantri Germany
Prof Grzegorz Wilczynski Poland
Prof Britt Wildemann Germany
Dr Hendrik Wildner Switzerland
Dr Nicole Wildner Switzerland
Mr Alex Willems Belgium
Dr Anna Williams United Kingdom
Dr Ruth Williams United Kingdom
Dr Susannah Williams United Kingdom
Mr Mark Willington United Kingdom
Dr Katharina Willmann Austria
Angela Wilson United Kingdom
Prof Hugh Wilson Canada
Dr Mark Wilson United States
Dr Sara Wilson Sweden
Mr Christopher Wing Korea, Republic Of
Dr Michael Winnen United States
Dr Christina Winnicker United States
Dr Harald Winteler Switzerland
Ms Kimberly Winterrowd United States
Dr Gerald Wirnsberger Austria
Mr Albert Witt Switzerland
Dr Ellen Witte Germany
Dr Lars Wittler Germany
Mr Frederik Wittock Belgium
Prof Martin Witzenrath Germany
Mrs Anna Wlekli?Ska Poland
Ms Julia Wleklinska Poland
Prof Stefan Woehrer Austria
Prof Annelise Wohlwend Switzerland
Prof Johann Wojta Austria
Prof David Paul Wolfer Switzerland
Dr Mathieu Wolff France
Dr Michael Wolin United States
Dr Albert Wong Canada
Dr Eric Wong United States
Dr Lily Wong United States
Mr Joseph Wood United States
Ms Teresa Woodger Canada
Dr Stephen Woodhams Hungary
Connor Woodruff United States
Ms Caroline Woods Ireland
Scott Woodward Canada
Mrs Terese Worful United States
Ms N Wraight United Kingdom
John Wray United States
Dr Diane Wray-Cahen United States
Dr Gavin Wright United Kingdom
Ms Katherine Wright New Zealand
Mr Peter Wright United Kingdom
Ms Isabel Wurster Germany
Megan Wyeth United States
Prof Matthias Wymann Switzerland
Dr Lee Wymore United States
Dr Matthias Wyss Switzerland
Mr Cauchois Xavier France
Mr Dorland-Galliot Xavier France
Ms Wanqing Xiang Germany
Prof Luigi Xodo Italy
Ms Francesca Xompero Italy
Dr Wei Xu United Kingdom
Krista Yakub United States
Dr Sergey Yakushev Switzerland
Dr Dorothy Yamamoto United States
Mr Xianwen Yang Luxembourg
Mr Zhaolin Yang France
Dr Zhongzhou Yang China
Mr Tao Yao Germany
Ms Natasha Yar-Routh United States
Ozlem Yavas Switzerland
Dr Gennady Yegutkin Finland
Maaruthy Yelleswarapu Switzerland
Dr Sunil Yeruva Germany
Prof Tom Yin United States
Ms Soulie Yolande France
Mrs Sonia Youhanna Switzerland
Caryl And John Young United States
Dr Howard Young United States
Prof Lisandra Yoursel Brazil
Prof Petros Ypsilantis Greece
Klaus Yserentant Germany
Dr Dong Yu United States
Ms Lan Yu Finland
Dr Philipp Yu Germany
Dr Ping Yu Italy
Ms Xiulian Yu Germany
Prof Boris Yudin Russian Federation
Rahadian Yudo Indonesia
Karin Yurko-Mauro United States
Mr Crepy Yves France
Dr Lennart Zabeau Belgium
Dr Díaz Zaida Spain
Mr Jakub Zakrzewski Poland
Dr Juan Zalvide Spain
Dr Alberto Zambrano Spain
Ms Ralica Zamfirova United States
Dr Alberto Zamò Italy
Ms Abby Zamora United States
Dr Enrico Zampese United States
Mr Martin Zamykal Germany
Ms Marina Zanardo Italy
Prof Carlo Zancanaro Italy
Dr Giuliano Zanchetta Italy
Mr Matteo Zanella Italy
Dr Caterina Zanette Italy
Ilaria Zanetti Italy
Dr Elisa Zanier Italy
Mr Michele Zanon Italy
Prof Giuseppe Zanotti Italy
Dr Lucia Zanotti Italy
Mr Román Zapién-Campos Mexico
Mr Matteo Zara Italy
Dr Paola Zarattini Italy
Ms Daniela Zard Zardoni Gmail
Nina Zargarova Russian Federation
Christin Zasada Germany
Mr Mauro Zavattini Italy
Mr Stefano Zavattini Italy
Ms Justyna Zdrojewska Finland
Dietmar Zechner Germany
Mr Michael Zeidler United States
Mrs Anna Zelenskaya Russian Federation
Dr Aleksej Zelezniak Lithuania
Dr Mary Zelinski United States
Prof Rolf Zeller Switzerland
Mr Ken Zeman United States
Dr Ajmal Zemmar Switzerland
Dr Hong Zeng United States
Mr Sheng Zeng Switzerland
Mr Josef Zens Germany
Prof Aaron Zerhusen United States
Prof Marino Zerial Germany
Mr Guigen Zhang Germany
Dr Jing Zhang China
Dr Liping Zhang United States
Ms Yifan Zhang China
Ms Bingqing Zhao Germany
Dr Zhonghua Zhao Singapore
Dr Caihong Zhu Switzerland
Dr Elena Zhuravleva Switzerland
Dr Marek Ziaja Poland
Ms Esma Ziat France
Mr Mario Ziegler Switzerland
Dr Axel Ziesenis Germany
Dr Andea Zijno Italy
Mr Daniel Zimmer Germany
Dr Heather Zimmerman United States
Dr Tom Zimmerman United States
Andreas Zingg Switzerland
Mrs Rebecca Zini Italy
Mr Robert Zinke Germany
Mr Fabio Zintu Italy
Dr Robert Zinzen Germany
Dr Antonio Zippo Italy
Prof Noam Ziv Israel
Marija Zivojnovic France
Mr Berislav Zlokovic United States
Mr Denis Žoljom Croatia
Prof Massimo Zollo Italy
Dr Pierpaolo Zollo Italy
Mr Davide Zonca Italy
Dr Johannes Zuber Austria
Dr Mercedes Zubiaur Spain
Ms Alice Zuccaro Italy
Dr Marco Zuccolo Italy
Prof Irving Zucker United States
Dr Emilie Zuercher Switzerland
Dr Luca Zullo United States
Dr Aimée Zuniga Switzerland
Dr Raymond Zwartjes United States
Dr An Zwijsen Belgium

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