Animal Research 2020 and Beyond


November 13, 2020

Digital Conference

Snapshot from a previous conference.

On the 13th of November 2020 we go digital to present to you Animal Research Tomorrow, the new Basel Declaration Society, and initiate the development of a vision for the future of animal experimentation in collaboration with stakeholders from academia and industry. We will discuss with you improving science, research practice and ethics of animal experimentation, as well its relation to society and medicine. To download the conference program, please scroll down.

The interest in our conference has been overwhelming. We have already exceeded by far the planed number of participants and have to close the registration.

We will record the conference and are planning to make the talks available to the interested public upon obtaining consent from the speakers. Register for our newsletter to stay informed.



Prof. Dr. Rolf Zeller
Department of Biomedicine
University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Giuliano Grignaschi
Vice President
Animal Welfare Officer
University of Milan
Milan, Italy
PD Dr. Aimée Zuniga
Board Member
Department of Biomedicine
University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Nuno Franco
Board Member
Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
Laboratory Animal Science Group
University of Porto, Portugal
Servan Grüninger
Board Member
Biostatistician & Computational Scientist
Applied Statistics Group
Department of Mathematics
University of Zurich
Dr. Iana Buch
Managing Director
Animal Research Tomorrow